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June 10, 2021 - Annular Solar Eclipse: How will it affect you?

Find out what the stars hold for you in the first solar eclipse of the year, that will take place in June 10, 2021


The first solar eclipse of this 2021 will be annular, and it'll take place in the degree 19 of the Gemini sign. This means that the Moon won't fully cover the vision of the sun, but it'll appear a rim of sunlight around our satellite.

This Annular Solar Eclipse will be at 12:43 PM, and it will be at its peak during almost 4 minutes from Canada, Greenland and Russia. From other countries and regions in North America, Europe and North Asia, it could appear as a partial eclipse.

Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10, 2021

New moons indicate new paths, that is, a cycle ends so an other one can start.  In this case, this stage starts in Gemini, which represents our mind, our way of thinking, how we filter the information from the world, and what truth we decide to believe. 

This way and once we've processed an information, we share it with close people, expecting to obtain a stimulating exchange of ideas.

We can make the most of the eclipse energy by opening our minds and questioning why we believe what we believe, and why we think what we think.

In a society where fake news are too common, we can change our mentality and be more critical with the news that we get, because the tendency is to believe what we want to believe or what is more fitting for our discourse. This makes us be more radical with our beliefs and immovable with our ideas, which leads to a dangerous polarized sociaty. We think that we possess the absolute truth and we forget about something essential: Listen to others in order to learn, instead of answering back.

Don't forget to write your new moon's resolutions list. This time, you can ask the Universe to help you fulfill your aspirations regarding basic studies, short courses, reading, socializing with your close circle (especially siblings and neighbours), and your frame of mind.

For example, you could make a list of the books you want to read before the end of the year, set yourself the goal of taking a marketing course, give your sibling a call, or examine what newspapers you read and why.

How will the Annular Solar Eclipse affect each zodiac sign

Since we have already explained the general effect of the powerful energies for the Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021, it's time to see what influence it has on each zodiac sign.

Aries LogoARIES

A period begins for you in which  you'll get to be very perseverant. You'll be able to focus your attention on those things that will make you achieve your goals. You'll banish the indecision and you'll go straight to making your dreams come true, thus becoming interested in acquiring new skills and keen on intellectual challenges. Your most collaborative side will come to light and you'll be willing to lend a helping hand wherever you're needed. You'll meet a lot of different interesting people with whom you'll create bonds. In addition, you'll have a way with words and writing. This could be the moment to start writing a book if you had it in mind.

Taurus LogoTAURUS

It's a good time to think about your possessions, and in what you spend your money on and why. Is there any psychological issue that you're trying to cope with by going shopping, for example, clothes? Reflect on the value you give to material possessions and learn about minimalism, because it could change your relationship with things. You'll concern yourself with diverifying your sources of income and not depending on a single salary. Along these lines, you could go in for investing a part of your savings or starting a small business if you have a remarkable talent or skill. Your earnings are envisaged to be stable, as long as you don't lose track of your projects. 

Gemini LogoGEMINI

You'll be chattier that usual and will talk up a storm. You'll be able to catch a lot of information in a short time and make fast deductions, so this powerful energy fosters the start of a career as a writer or lecturer. However, you should work on your perseverance, because you'll tend to get distracted and lose focus. Reflect on how you present yourself to the world and other people and think about your own opinion and thoughts about yourself. This is an excellent occasion to improve your communication skills through books or courses about oral expression and body language.

Cancer LogoCANCER 

You'll tend to be too critical of yourself, reliving past conversations and actions over and over as a penance. In this period, you'll need to start practicing positive thinking. That'll help you take a step back, be more objective and contemplate things from a meditative point of view. The problems of your relatives will affect you in a very personal way, so you'll have to figure out how to stand back in order to protect your aura. It'll be easier for you to learn by listening to others than memorising a book. Your intuition will be enhanced, which is a huge benefit if your job is related to psychology or astrology.

Leo LogoLEO 

You'll achieve a great success  thanks to the help of some close people. Your social circle will expand and you'll get to know new people who will become new friendships. You'll have  everyone eating out of your hand during the following weeks due to your kindness, charm and good sense of humour. Therefore, you won't be angry for long because you'll want to look on the bright side, and so you will. It'd be interesting that you added your personal skills in a prominent position in your curriculum.

Virgo LogoVIRGO

You're in luck, Virgo, because you're going to achieve the professional success that you've been working hard for. However, you'll probably face new challenges on your way. You'll receive a pat on the back that will encourage you to continue pushing yourself. You'll think about your professional projects and you'll ask yourself why you chose them. Some natives will change their direction and their profession. Ask yourself how do you interact with people of your work environment, too. Are the conversations with your colleagues originated by pure self-interest, or do you really care about how's their family doing? If you are a teacher or a professor, you'll go for a new methodology in which your students can draw conclusions instead of memorising lessons.

Libra LogoLIBRA 

Natives in Libre will seriously question their religious beliefs. There'll be a mental conflict between reason and faith, unleashing long inner conversations about religion and philosophy. A big trip is approaching and, if you change your perspective from tourist to person interested in getting to know the culture and traditions of a foreign country, you'll open your mind to new knowledge and lifestyles.  It's the ideal moment to study a new language or university degree, and also to celebrate the academic success that could lead you to specialise in a certain area. Try to find time to read, because your mind will be like a sponge.

Scorpio LogoSCORPIO

Death will become the main topic of interest in your life, so you'll look for answers here and there, in documentaries, in forums, in books, in articles, in interviews and making awkward questions to your loved ones. You could even practise some occultist techniques in order to draw your own conclusions. You'll also be interested in sex from a scientific and social point of view, which benefits the investigators and journalists that address this topic with an educational approach. Furthermore, you'll have to work on your empathy and forgiveness, because your attitude will become too vengeful towards those who hurt you (on purpose or not). You'll cut any bond that isn't based on honesty and in which promises aren't fulfilled.

Sagittarius LogoSAGITTARIUS

You're overwhelmed with a startling urge to feel free that could put an end to your romantic relationship (if you're in one at the moment) if there isn't much intellectual exchange with your partner.  Stable relationships won't be your forte, but you won't try to fool anyone. If you believe that some rules need to change in order to rekindle the flame of love, you'll be able to discuss it with your significant other. Your philosophy will be to live and let live. You'll be willing to cooperate as long as you don't feel trapped or limited. You'll have to contemplate if you're afraid of commitment and if you tend to impose your ideas and beliefs on others.

Capricorn LogoCAPRICORN

Your health will be closely related to your state of mind. Be careful with the quality of your thoughts and apply yourself to introduce new healthy routines, this way your mental and physical health will significantly improve. It's a good time for you to create and put into practice new routines at work that allow you to be more productive, as well as more flexible. For example, you can create the habit of stretching your muscles every two hours if you spend the day sitting down. You'll climb the corporate ladder in your company or, if you're your own boss, you'll notice an increase in your level of income, allowing you to hire new employees.

Aquarius LogoAQUARIUS

You'll appreciate having conversations with your children (if you have them), but you have to be careful because you tend to impose them an intellectual personality (force them to study, watch documentaries and go to conferences about what you're interested in), thus restricting their freedom to choose what they want to do in the future. The displays of affection are fading away, but you'll figure out how to win a new heart through games of seduction. It's a period in which you'll quickly learn anything you want. Your creativity will boost and it'll have an effect on activities like literature, art, technology and innovation.

Pisces LogoPISCES 

It's very likely that you move house (yet again), because with this position in the chart it's not like you to stay in the same place for much time, and the eclipse will awaken your enthusiasm for moving. You'll love talking with your elderly relatives about family traditions. You'll intend to pass them on, but not without questioning and adapting them to your way of thinking first, if they're a bit too old-fashioned. Some changes are approaching when it comes to people living with you, perhaps a relative will ask you to stay with you for some time. Your duality could become a bit extreme. There'll be days in which you'll be very expressive and kind, and other days in which you'll opt to isolate yourself and have kind of a taciturn conduct.

Ritual for the Annular Solar Eclipse on June 10, 2021

New moons are perfect to channel energies and start up new objectives. With the solar eclipse, the energies get amplified and magnified, giving you an extra push in your drive and ambition to fulfill your dreams.

Do this ritual alone because it's a moment solely dedicated to introspection in order to connect with astral energies. The ideal moment would be during the minutes in which the eclipse occurs, or, at least, the closest moment to its peak that you can find. 

Light a white candle and another of the colour of what you want to attract  (red for passion and fertility, pink for romantic love, green for abundance in your life and helth, yellow for money, orange for personal projects, and violet for spirituality). This is mean to represent the air of Gemini (smoke) and its duality (the two candles). In front of the candles, write on a piece of paper what you want to achieve in the following six months as affirmations, just as if they had already happened.

Read aloud your list (words have a magical power that you need to use) and ask for the favour of the Sun and the Moon to help you realise your desires. Pour a drop of wax from each candle on the paper, making sure that it doesn't cover the letters. Let the candles safely consume in their containers, next to the paper. Finally, hang the list in your house where you can see it often. For instance, in front of your desk or next to the bathroom mirror. In six months you'll be able to see the results.