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April 26, 2021 - Pink Supermoon in Scorpio: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you during this Pink Supermoon on April 26, 2021

The Pink Supermoon will take place on April 26, 2021, an astronomical phenomenon that will have a great influence also on the zodiac. It will reach its fullness in the sign of Scorpio, and this implies the need to delve into emotions and seek to understand things.

The April 26 full moon in Scorpio brings a very special message for you. Discover the astrological significance of this Pink Supermoon, how it will affect you according to your zodiac sign, your special prediction, and its magical ritual.

The full moon will be closest to the Earth and reach its peak of illumination at 11:33 P.M. EDT.

Pink Supermoon in Scorpio: How does it affect you?

The Pink Supermoon is so called because it is the time when the moon is closest to the Earth and appears larger and brighter. It's the first full moon of spring and, therefore, it marks the beginning of a new cycle of growth and abundance. Since ancient times, this full moon is considered to have great power over flowering, the rebirth of life after the long winter.

The full moon of April 26, 2021 is preceded by a period of great energy due to the presence of the Sun and the New Moon in Aries. Aries is the intelligence of action and intuition and this will open an ideal period for making decisions and starting new projects until the arrival of the Full Moon in Scorpio, which introduces the era of reflection.

The rising of the Pink Supermoon in Scorpio heralds the beginning of a new understanding that connects consciousness with the spirit. Coinciding with the retrogradation of Pluto, the full moon offers the possibility to discover where our powers lie and to better identify our desires and needs. 

If the first half of April was marked by the momentum of Aries, always so full of energy, the conjunction of Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Taurus allows a pause to stop and enjoy. This is important because it will pave the way to meet the emotional challenge of the full moon in a better frame of mind.

The full moon is always a conflicting emotional overthrow, difficult to manage, but that is intensified when it's a Supermoon and it is also in a water sign like Scorpio. Find out how to manage your emotions and how the Pink Supermoon in Scorpio will affect you according to your zodiac sign.

What influence will the Supermoon in Scorpio have on each zodiac sign?

The full moon of April 26th arrives with great intensity and will have a great influence on your feelings. Find out below how it affects you according to your zodiac sign and how to get the best out of it.

Aries LogoAries

The astral conjunction around them has left Aries without energy, but this Supermoon in Scorpio will bring security and stability to Mars. Arians will feel comforted, more confident to regain the reins of their life and face new challenges with renewed hope. The influence of the Scorpio energy will allow Aries to have a greater understanding of their needs, but at the same time, it will alter their inner world and will make them susceptible to conflicts. 

Taurus LogoTaurus

The Pink Supermoon in Scorpio will take Taurus out of its comfort zone  and force them to make important decisions. But the natives of this sign will discover a great power within themselves that will fade the panic of risk and favor the right one. The full moon comes with important changes that can be a bit scary, but it also provides the necessary support from important people. The astral conjunction with this full moon also announces the revelation: some secrets will come out to light.

Gemini LogoGemini

Gemini has lived away from the fire of Aries that has marked the first part of April, but with the arrival of the Full Moon on April 26 some important events will happen that will force you to take action. Geminians will discover that there are many things in their lives that are as they should be, and they will feel the need to bring order. It will be a difficult process and will require sacrifices, but also full of rewards. The Supermoon will help you on this path with a lot of energy to clear your mind.

Cancer LogoCancer

The arrival of the Full Moon in Scorpio announces Cancerians a phase of emotional stability full of comfort and good vibrations. There will be intense emotions, but Cancers will regain control of their inner world and their ability to master excesses. These days will increase the wisdom and magical knowledge of Cancers, who will also feel how their love life is revolutionized in a good way. It is a good time to give free rein to pleasure and experience new things, to open the mind and also the heart.

Leo LogoLeo 

Leo receives this Full Moon with a little battered confidence, but the influence of Scorpio will help to heal wounds and make amends with a lot of patience and self-confidence. The Moon will open the channels for Leo to relate more easily with others, and this will allow them to say everything that until now remained hidden. It's an ideal time to release the bad energy and establish relationships based on love and trust.

Virgo LogoVirgo

The Pink Supermoon opens a new cycle for Virgo, which will be able to let go of ballast to be filled with projects and dreams. The full moon on April 26 will be especially intense for Virgos, but it can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it will help to strengthen the bonds of love and friendship with others, but on the other hand, it can also lead to friction and conflicts. The challenge to take better advantage of the full moon is to take control over oneself, avoid excesses and empathize with others.

Libra LogoLibra

The full moon on April 26 will connect Libra with the weight of memory, so forgotten memories will return and their world will be filled with nostalgia. It will be important to get your priorities and feelings in order to avoid emotional turmoil, but the full moon will help you understand things no matter how painful they may seem.  Libra can establish a very special relationship with the moon in this astral phase, a relationship based on honesty and sincerity. The full moon in Scorpio will strengthen Libra's self-esteem.

Scorpio LogoScorpio

Who better than Scorpio to navigate the roller coaster of emotions that this Full Moon in Pluto brings. Time to wipe the slate clean, to face the end of a cycle that will leave destruction but will also mark the beginning of something good. The keyword of the Pink Supermoon for Scorpio is hope, the vision of a new life that must be guided by love and kindness. Loneliness will be Scorpio's best companion these days, as there will be a lot of mistrust in relationships.

Sagittarius LogoSagittarius

For Sagittarius, the full moon in Scorpio is full of love and invites them to live relationships with great intensity. It's necessary to deepen the feelings. Sagittarius will know better what they want in life, and therefore, it's the ideal time to make important decisions. This lunar phase will make Sagittarius feel more emotional, something that they're not used to, but they should relax and give free rein to feelings. It's a time to grow inward, and not worry so much about the outside.

Capricorn LogoCapricorn

The full moon on April 26 for Capricorn is synonymous with inner strength, of ability to solve any problem. It will be an agitated period, with many joys and also with disappointments, but the natives of this sign are prepared to face it with maturity and common sense. The emotional instability that brings the Full Moon in Scorpio encourages the acceptance and recognition of one's own inner world. Living it naturally is the only thing that can help Capricorn understand the present moment.

Aquarius LogoAquarius

For Aquarius, the April full moon in Scorpio is very much related to work and projects. The Supermoon will provide you with a much-needed moment of reflection to take stock and set goals. You'll have to make important decisions in the work field, which will mark your long-term future. But there is no fear, only confidence. You will realize what you want and you'll learn to overcome your fears to get it. Emotionally, you'll clash with your partner, but instead, you'll connect with new friends.

Pisces LogoPisces

For Pisces,  the Pink Supermoon will be liberating, because it will help to resolve the issues in your life where you felt you were stuck. In addition, Pisces will get to connect with their most essential part and satisfy their emotional needs. The key is not to give too much importance to what is happening around you and live this lunar phase inside your bubble, opening your mind and spirit to reach a greater understanding of the things that happen to you.

Ritual for the Pink Supermoon on April 26, 2021

This Pink Supermoon comes with many positive things for you, but to take good advantage of its energy you have to create a special connection with it. You can achieve it thanks to rituals and spells, which connect you with the energies and the cosmos. This is a magical ritual for the Pink Supermoon of April 26, 2021.

For this full moon magic ritual, you can use a quartz or a moonstone, which you'll leave all night in the open air under the moonlight. The stone will be charged with energy and you can carry it with you all year long to open the paths of success and desires. 

At the peak of the full moon put three white candles in the shape of a triangle on a plate and light them. Place a piece of paper with your list of things you want to leave behind and wishes you want to fulfill in the center. Say a prayer to open the energetic channels to the moon and stay in meditation to attract its favors and blessings.