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May 26, 2021 - Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars hold for you during this Full Flower Moon that takes place on May 26, 2021

On May 26, 2021, will take place the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius. It's going to be at its peak at 7:14 A.M. (EDT). The «miracle moon» is in a very special astral conjunction characterised by the arrival of Jupiter in Pisces, the Saturn and Uranus square and the transit of lunar nodes by the axis Gemini-Sagittarius.

This is an important month to inaugurate long cycles, and the full moon and total lunar eclipse will reinforce these tendencies. Find out what the stars have in store for you on this May 26, 2021 full moon in Sagittarius.

Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius: How does it affect you?

The astral conjunction in May is defined by the of New Moon in Taurus on the 11th. This will enhance the transformation that comes with Saturn-Uranus square, that is to say, the clash between old and new, between conformity and change. This is going to be a conflicted time about safety and risk.

In this context, the flower full moon in Sagittarius arrives. Called full flower moon due to the spring blooming, it brings healing and abundance to your life. The great influence that the moon exerts is shown in the predominance of emotions over reason, so you might be in your feelings and find it difficult to overcome your mood. That's why it's fundamental to be aware of the astral moment we are going through and how the full flower moon affects you.

The change of the lunar nodes by the Gemini-Sagittarius axis  coincides with Jupiter, the planet of Sagittarius, in Pisces. This marks the beginning of a phase in which you might be worried about the future, have doubts and insecurities, and go through anxiety periods.

The full moon in Sagittarius will provide you with the clarity to put your thought in order and intuit your needs. This is the ideal moment to grab a piece of paper, write the things that you don't like and making resolutions to change. The full moon always indicates a change of cycle: discover how does the full flower moon in Sagittarius affect you according to your zodiac sign.

What influence will the Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius have on each zodiac sign?

The full flower moon in Sagittarius on May 26, 2021 will provide healing and abundance powers, in addition to many other surprises for each zodiac sign. Find out how will the full flower moon in Sagittarius affect you depending on your zodiac sign.

Aries LogoARIES

The full moon on May 26 will introduce Aries to a brief period of doubts and insecurities. In love matters, you'll have to assess if your relationship is worth all the effort you are putting into it, but don't rush: feelings are running high and you could be in the wrong. Regarding your current projects, you could make a miscalculation that would ruin everything. It's time to value what you have and hold on to it. Confidence will bring you stability, also when it comes to the emotional field.

Taurus LogoTAURUS

The new astral cycle will make you reconsider many things about your future, but you need to take stock of your past in order to move forward.  The full moon in Sagittarius on May 26 will help you understand some things that have happened in your life, and this special moment will bring qualities such as generosity, humility and forgiveness out of you. These are magical moments to express your love and say sorry. However, the astral influence will also draw to Taurus the ambition and fighting spirit required to undertake new challenges.

Gemini LogoGEMINI

The Gemini world is characterised by the influence of the Sun, that will be present most of May. The full moon in Sagittarius on May 26 will reinforce the activity for Gemini natives. You will want to go out, experiment and play, but you will also be more conscious of your responsibility and the risks you take. In this lunar cycle, you need to feel powerful, and you might have the urge to distance yourself from the people around you. It's important that you keep some bonds in order to feel supported if something goes wrong.

Cancer LogoCANCER 

The full moon in Sagittarius on May 26 will affect the stability that the stars were projecting onto the fragile world of Cancer. Arguments, fits and temptations will be common, but it's important that you keep a cool head. Romantic relationships are at risk, your projects will encounter difficulties, and you are going to need a check-up to make sure that everything is fine. Hold up, not everything is bad news. Cancer, you are going to experience growth that allows you to look to the future with hope. Besides, you might have a few pleasant surprises.

Leo LogoLEO 

The influence of the full flower moon on Leo will bring optimism about the possibilities in an immediate future. New relationships, job offers, dreams to fulfill... Everything seems possible. However, it would be appropriate to use the lucidity that Sagittarius provides you with, in order to avoid raising false hopes that lead to disappointment. In this process, you will be able to learn new abilities and discover some new things about yourself with a fresh look inwards that will enrich your connection with the exterior.

Virgo LogoVIRGO

Virgo is moving forward in their daily struggles with great tenacity, but the full flower moon in Sagittarius  could ruin everything. Your mood enters a stage of agitation, with feelings of nervousness and anxiety.  You're going to need action and risk, but that could lead to taking the wrong decisions. It is the moment to trust your closest circle, look for support and improve your self-confidence. An interesting period opens in order to consolidate your past achievements for the near future.

Libra LogoLIBRA 

Libra's mood will be influenced by this full moon and by the urge to put some feelings in order. The moon enhances your sixth sense to acknowledge needs. It's time to listen to your heart and trust your guts. Libra natives will have a hard time dealing with inconveniences, and they will be oversensitive. When it comes to love, they will go through a tough time, but their satisfaction regarding their professional projects helps them with their self-esteem.

Scorpio LogoSCORPIO

Natives in Scorpio receive the moonlight as a blessing because it brings them the gift of healing. They'll be able to heal the wounds of their heart, and also to improve their health status after some time of convalescence. In love matters, Scorpio natives who are in a relationship will be able to start a new phase full of hope, and the singles are ready to find love. Your projects will be interrupted. It's time for you to take a break and recover, in order to go further.

Sagittarius LogoSAGITTARIUS

Sagittarius, you are living a crucial moment of your life, in which you have to choose between the security of staying where you are and the risk of looking for new experiences. The light of this full moon will serve the purpose of inspiring and bringing light to the needs of your heart. Learn how to listen to your desires and wills, and you will discover your great inner power to achieve them. Someone around you intends to tell you something important. Stop obsessing over yourself in order to start focusing on others.

Capricorn LogoCAPRICORN

Natives of the Capricorn sign will snap out of the isolation they have been in so that they can receive the full flower moon in Sagittarius as a blessing. This full moon will clear up all doubts and fears, and make its way into love for you. In exchange, it will ask for more effort and concentration from you. Discipline and order will be an essential factor in this new cycle that opens up for Capricorn, with good intentions and optimism. The world of Capricorn will be presented to others in all its glory, making this moment the perfect time to move forward to success.

Aquarius LogoAQUARIUS

Aquarius natives will get to this full moon with their batteries fully charged. It is the perfect time to seize it and grow within yourselves in order to discover the power of your inner voice. Love, money and health issues will settle once you align your desires with your actions. Being able to distinguish between destructive criticism and constructive advice is fundamental. The full flower moon in Sagittarius makes its way towards success, and offers useful tools to heal old wounds.

Pisces LogoPISCES 

The full moon in Sagittarius comes with risks for Pisces, but it also brings opportunities. There are going to be mixed emotions that could end up being an explosive cocktail, with a tendency to dejection and concern. Anxiety will be a latent threat. Nonetheless, it will also be a way to free your soul that will result in exceptional creativity.  It is the right time to start materialising new projects and ideas. Past lovers and friends will come back. Welcome them.

Ritual for the Full Flower Moon on May 26, 2021

You can perform a ritual to attract the energy from the full flower moon on May 26. Full moon rituals help to channel the energy of the satellite and to achieve a better connection with its benefits. This is one of the full moon rituals that you can do for the next moon in Sagittarius on May 26.

To draw healing and abundance powers, you can perform a prayer and cleansing ritual for the moon. Take a depurative bath and prepare an altar with laurel, sage, a white candle and a yellow one. When the moon is at its peak, light the candles, and write on an envelope the things that you want to leave behind and your wishes for the future. Express your wishes and communicate with the moon through a prayer.