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February 27, 2021 - Full Snow Moon in Virgo: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you on this February 27, 2021 full moon

On February 27, 2021, the second full moon of the year will take place: the Full Snow Moon in Virgo. Its influence will be felt in the signs of the zodiac, in the month of February full of astrological phenomena. The Full Moon at its maximum position will be visible throughout the United States.

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021  coincides with the arrival of Venus in Aquarius which intensifies the desire for emotional independence. Find out what this full moon will be like and how it will affect you according to your zodiac sign.

Snow Moon in Virgo: How does it affect you?

The fullness of the Moon in Virgo, under the influence of Mercury, coincides with the astral transition of the great trine that puts in connection three planets of the same sign: Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. This alignment with the Moon in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus is a good sign that will bring the achievement of goals thanks to perseverance and realism.

The full moon in Virgo is an invitation to achieve a mental and emotional balance that offers greater stability in life. Thanks to this astral phenomenon you'll be able to be who you really are, discovering the essence that remained hidden within you and turning it into a new force on which to become aware of yourself.

In this new lunar cycle, you'll be able to let go of the ties that prevent you from fulfilling your desires. This will bring you closer to new experiences, new knowledge and new people that will introduce you to a new vital phase. By gaining confidence thanks to the personality of Virgo you'll discover in you a stronger and more powerful being, capable of everything.

It's also time to adopt a more realistic and pragmatic view of things, to put everything in order, and optimize your resources to achieve success. Satisfaction comes to be in the little things and at home: giving up big dreams can be an advantage. Find out how this full moon on February 27th affects you according to your zodiac sign.

What influence will the Snow Moon in Virgo have on you?   

This Full Snow Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021, comes with a less spiritual and more pragmatic outlook on life. Find out how you can take full advantage of it according to the influence it has on your zodiac sign.

Aries LogoARIES

For Aries, the full moon in Virgo on February 27th awakens a concern for the physical state that invites you to stay at home and devote time to yourself. Beauty treatments and diets to purify the body, combined with sports and physical activity, will renew your inner self to beautify your outer appearance. This will bring out new energy that will give you more self-esteem and attract others to you. You'll also discover a greater desire for freedom and independence, and your ambition in business will grow: learn to measure your strength.

Taurus LogoTAURUS

Taurus will experience a full moon in Virgo in full activation process that has been experiencing thanks to greater confidence in their abilities and the energy that the Sun gives Pisces. But the Full Snow Moon will remind you that it's useless to build castles in the air if you don't make them concrete. During this lunar phase, you'll learn to become aware of your desires in order to organize your tasks and put them into action; you'll have to harmonize this energy in order not to harm those around you: tenderness will help you to connect with others.

Gemini LogoGEMINI

After a period of much momentum, the full moon in Virgo calls Gemini to calm. Putting on the brakes is good to set in order what you have achieved these last weeks. This will help you to take the perspective of your current situation and gain power over your decisions. The astral transition introduces important changes around you that will require you to be more adaptable. The full moon will help you make these changes without losing your essence, but also to be more emotional with the people you love.

Cancer LogoCANCER 

This month of February is very good for Cancer natives, who will live a period of prosperity and exciting realization. The Full Snow Moon will bless you with the enlightenment to put everything in retrospect: look back to reflect on mistakes in order to improve. A phase of much-needed humility to keep growing on that path of perfection that makes you feel better about yourself. But don't be too hard: the Moon will show you the need for tenderness and benevolence towards yourself again.

Leo LogoLEO 

The order and discipline in which Leo lives installed lately won't take long to pay off: success is just around the corner and that translates into an irrepressible satisfaction. But Leo is on a pedestal that has distanced them from the people around them who have constructive criticism to contribute to their actions. The Full Moon in Virgo awakens in Leo a sense of unease because success doesn't go hand in hand with understanding and love. And this is its message for you at such a special time: get closer to people.

Virgo LogoVIRGO

The Full Snow Moon in Virgo reminds people of this sign that the achievements that only bring anxiety are not beneficial. You need to open a window to have fun, look at life in a more casual way, relativize problems and move away from bad thoughts. The Moon creates new scenarios of conflict resolution in the world of Virgo, moving rancor away to awaken feelings of generosity and empathy. In this lunar phase take the opportunity to change habits towards a healthier way of life.

Libra LogoLIBRA 

After a few weeks of bewilderment, Libra is gradually returning to its authentic essence. The full moon will accelerate that process of an inward journey with an inspiring new light. Revealing knowledge will help you answer questions that have so far resisted you. But most of all, it'll help you see the true side of others, and you may be in for more than one disappointment. For Libra, the Snow Moon will help you protect yourself from bad intentions without losing the sincere connection with people who are worthwhile.

Scorpio LogoSCORPIO

The Full Moon will reveal new needs in the realm of love for Scorpios. Singles are desperately looking for that lucky break, and those who are married or simply in a relationship are definitely stepping out of their comfort zone to revitalize the relationship. The lunar phase invites you to free yourself from pressures. Whether love appears or not, the important thing at this time is to enjoy the moment, increase perception and sensitivity. This will lead Scorpio to an exaltation of love and friendship that creates necessary transitory happiness.

Sagittarius LogoSAGITTARIUS

The full moon in Virgo opens a world of possibilities within reach of the voracious Sagittarius who, however, runs the risk of spoiling everything by an excess of energy. When you relate to others, when you execute your actions, when you prepare your projects or when you do what you like in your free time, the key is to measure your strength. On the other hand, this Moon will help you to return to the origin of things, to overcome the superficial look at what surrounds you, and to discover its essence to enjoy everything with much more passion.

Capricorn LogoCAPRICORN

Unfamiliar feelings will awaken in the heart of Capricorn during this full moon in Virgo, and that can lead to bewilderment. The astral transition itself will offer you the understanding to comprehend these changes, and then you'll discover a power within you that will be very beneficial to you and others. You'll acquire a protective power that you should use to bring you closer to your loved ones. The mistakes you have made in the past no longer matter, but only the good you can do for others from now on.

Aquarius LogoAQUARIUS

The Aquarian world remains in a positive dynamic because of the energy it's radiating to others and receiving in return in the form of gratitude. This energetic exchange can create excesses that aren't easy to manage, but the rational world of Virgo turns this Full Moon on February 27 into a containment tool. Aquarius will thus regain lucidity about decisions and judgment about feelings, and on that self-confidence, human relationships will return to the path of harmony.

Pisces LogoPISCES 

Changes produce panic in Pisces and although the New Moon in Aquarius meant a small revolution in your professional world and your economic expectations, the full moon in Virgo brings calmness. Everything stops again to catch your breath. The impulse that will come from there comes from the hand of hope and illusion, which you have to transform into positive actions. In your love life, in your family and with your friends, it's important for you to learn to listen and to measure your words. This Snow Moon heals Pisces' health.

Ritual for the Full Snow Moon on February 27, 2021

February 27th brings the second full moon of the year: the Snow Moon in Virgo that transforms explosive energy into control and awareness. To face this harmonization process in a more intense way, you can perform this ritual for the Full Snow Moon.

Just take a relaxing bath and, while fasting, find a comfortable place to sit in meditation mode. Light a yellow candle, which is the symbol of abundance and wealth, and write on a piece of paper everything that is preventing you from fulfilling your desires and that you want to leave behind. Burn the paper while saying a prayer of gratitude to the Moon. 

Stay in a meditative state visualizing those changes you want to make in your life and opening your mind and soul to the messages this full moon has for you.  Getting in connection with the full moon in Virgo will help you to achieve all that this astral phase is demanding from you.