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January 28, 2021 - Full Wolf Moon in Leo: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you on this January 2021 full moon

On January 28th, 2021, the first full moon of the year will take place, the Wolf Moon in Leo. With it, a new lunar cycle is inaugurated which is marked by enthusiasm and dynamism, by a renewed energy that brings self-esteem and success.

The Wolf Full Moon will be seen at its fullest at 19:16 PM UK time and at 11:16 AM western time and 14:16 PM eastern time in the USA.

Do you want to know how the full wolf moon in Leo will affect you? How does the full moon on January 28th affect you according to your Zodiac sign? What ritual can you do to attract the benefits of this full moon? Find out below.

Wolf Moon in Leo: How does it affect you?

The lunar calendar for 2021 begins with the New Moon in Capricorn on January 13, which brings strength and patience to set ambitious goals. This will culminate on January 28, 2021, with the Full Moon in Leo which helps to gain self-esteem to face new challenges, a key to open the door to success from self-confidence.

The first full moon of the year is also known as the Wolf Moon, a sacred animal and a totem of protection for many cultures. The wolf's howl in this case coincides with the moon's astral transition to Leo and its entry into the realm of fire, which translates into action, expansion and empowerment. 

This new lunar phase coincides with retrograde Uranus in Taurus, which causes changes of direction and brings bewilderment. But the Full Moon in Leo gives you precisely that direction towards your goals. It's a charge of energy that asks you to focus on the goals and walk toward them with determination. With it, you begin to recognize your will.

And you recognize yourself as well because the Full Moon in Leo on January 28th is self-awareness for the will of realization to emerge. It's a call to take care of yourself, to close the circle around you in order to accumulate energy and put it at the service of your decisions. It's the possibility of gaining power over yourself. 

During this lunar phase, you'll gain security but you'll also need recognition and praise to feel powerful. Ambition will increase and the desire for material wealth and social prestige will grow. An interesting space opens up for self-knowledge. It's important to learn to accept criticism and use it to grow. Discover how the Full Moon in Leo affects you according to your zodiac sign.

What influence will the Wolf Moon in Leo have on you?   

The renewal of energy that comes with the entrance of the Full Moon in the sign of Leo opens a stage with much potential that you can take advantage of. Find out how the Full Wolf Moon in Leo affects you and how you can take advantage of its benefits.

Aries LogoARIES

The universe of Aries is shaken by that source of energy that increases momentum and can lead to precipitation. The Full Moon in Leo demands Aries that ambition be curbed in order to assess the risks.  One shouldn't confuse self-esteem with vanity and complacency. New opportunities for triumph are opened, but humility must be placed above all. Before expansion, you have to favor introspection, asking yourself some questions about yourself again. Make sure you know your desires before trying to satisfy them.

Tauro LogoTAURUS

The Full Moon in Leo brings an awakening of sexuality after an inactive phase for Taurus. A renewed sexual energy that will revolve around the knowledge of one's needs. The moment requires opening the mind and experiencing. On a professional level, this full moon reinforces the creative side of Taurus and opens up the knowledge to new, unknown but very attractive areas. This will encourage intellectual growth, which can bring body sensations into line with each other, more than ever before.

Géminis LogoGEMINI

Gemini's sensitivity is triggered. The Full Moon in Leo can throw confusion to the carefree world of Gemini and bring out the nerves and depressive states. But if you're patient enough to face this moment with maturity, you can draw lessons that will stay with you for a long time. Many questions that remained unanswered until now are resolved. It will trigger a turbulent phase in human relations. Avoid making decisions. On the other hand, a very productive period begins at work.

Cáncer LogoCANCER 

Cancer will be pushed to make important decisions in this vertiginous astral phase where the planets are allied in their favor. The moonlight pours wisdom on the Cancer universe, which will be favored by successful decisions. The influence of the Wolf Moon in Leo for Cancer will be felt in greater harmony in family and love relationships and also friendship. You'll learn to better relativize problems at work and with money. As the stress disappears, you'll gain confidence in yourself.

Leo LogoLEO 

The Full Moon in Leo brings a renewed confidence in one's own abilities for Leo natives, but at the same time, the danger of miscalculating risks. An excess of confidence can lead to not meeting expectations, and that translates into frustration. An unbearable frustration for Leo, who these days more than ever needs reinforcement from the outside in the form of applause and admiration. From the inside of Leo, magnificent feelings will spring up these days to share with loved ones, such as generosity and empathy.

Virgo LogoVIRGO

Caught between responsibility and desire, Virgo these days feels an enormous internal tension that brings anguish and weakness. But the Wolf Moon in Leo is healing for Virgo, and ignites the inner light of consciousness that inspires and opens up paths. You'll know what you need in every moment  and you'll have the determination to do what it takes to get there. It's also a luminous power that hardens the soul and heart, and although it can make you more secure, it also blocks your relationship with others.

Libra LogoLIBRA 

For Libra, the Full Moon in Leo comes with the disorder that gives rise to a greater dynamism to make freedom and creativity flourish. Very productive days at work, but above all in carrying out activities that fill you in your free time. The new lunar phase awakens curiosity and ignites action. Others will see a very different side of Libra, but you, who knows what you are capable of, will recognize in it a new force. It's an exciting phase in which Libra grows and evolves.

Escorpio LogoSCORPIO

Scorpio will need the protection of the environment in this phase of the Full Moon in Leo that translates into insecurity. The full moon places the scorpions in the center of attention, but this causes them nervousness and anguish. For Scorpio, this Full Moon in Leo requires a greater concentration on short-term goals and a greater awareness of one's own qualities. Self-confidence is the key to consolidating your outward image. Sensitivity grows, but you'll learn to accept parts of yourself that you have previously rejected.


This Full Moon in Leo is a charge of energy that sets the action in motion, but for Sagittarius natives, it will be a call for restraint, for containment. The new moon phase offers a pause for reflection, sorting out ideas, and planning new goals. The Wolf Moon in Leo allows you to have a look at the past and learn from mistakes. It helps you accept failure as a tool for growth. It also awakens curiosity for the unknown, and in the realm of human relationships, it implies an expansion of social life.

Capricornio LogoCAPRICORN

Capricorn is in the middle of an evolutionary phase that brings them closer to success, so necessary to feel safe and with its feet on the ground. But after so much work and effort, the soul of Capricorn dries up and needs some dynamism. These days, the new lunar phase revolutionizes the world of Capricorn with the arrival of new loves, a greater closeness with friends, harmony in the family and passion within the couple. This moon is a shock at all levels for Capricorns, but it will bring much satisfaction and pleasure.

Acuario LogoAQUARIUS

Aquarius' goals remain the same, but have been blurred, and the astral phase has plunged natives of this sign into confusion. The Full Wolf Moon in Leo will grant more power to the individual to recognize their own place and discover their desires and needs. Aquarius will detach themselves from the collective to focus on themselves for some days. The soul will be filled with positive feelings and learning, very necessary to return later to social expansion, solidarity and surrender to others.

Piscis LogoPISCES 

Pisces will find the manifestation of some values that they believed were forgotten, such as effort and tenacity. No matter how lazy they may be at first, they need to get back on track. But once the inertia is taken, the results will soon appear and Pisces will revindicate themselves with triumph and satisfaction. Pride can create problems with others. These won't be easy days for relationships. In the relationship, above all, Pisces has to face conversations with more humility. The Full Moon in Leo calls for patience, Pisces.

Ritual for the Full Wolf Moon on January 28, 2021

On January 28, 2021, the first full moon of the year will take place. The Full Moon in Leo brings new energy to face professional challenges and personal problems. To make better use of its energy you should perform this Wolf Moon ritual.

To perform this ritual place the candles on the altar and smoke the space with incense or palo santo. Place seeds you have at home and a totem with an image of a wolf on the altar. Say a prayer for the protection and wisdom of this ancient animal. Then look at the Moon, thank the good things you have received and greet the new year with it.

It is time to express your wishes. Write down on a piece of paper all the wishes you would like to have fulfilled, fold the paper, and put it under the white candle. Then put the seeds in an envelope and say a prayer for the favor of the moon. Put them next to the other candle. The written paper expresses your wishes, and the seeds symbolize fertility. Stay in a meditative situation.