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March 28, 2021 - Full Worm Moon in Libra: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Discover what the stars have in store for you during this Full Worm Moon on March 28th

On March 28, 2021, the third full moon of this year will take place,  the Worm Moon in Libra. It's going to be at its peak at 2:50 P.M. EDT. With it, a new lunar cycle begins that will bring the need for balance and harmony and the search for emotional and work stability.

If you want to appreciate this beautiful March Full Moon, we recommend you to do it from a place where artificial lights do not interfere.

Do you want to know how the Full Worm Moon in Libra will affect you? How does the March 28th full moon affect you according to your Zodiac sign? What ritual can you do to attract the benefits of the full moon? Find out below.

Worm Moon in Libra: How does it affect you?

After moving through Pisces with the New Moon on March 13, the moon advances towards Libra where it will arrive on March 28 becoming a new full moon. The Full Moon in Libra arrives in a very special transitional phase, marked by the spring equinox that ushers in the period of openness and abundance after winter.

It's called the Full Worm Moon because the ancient people related this moon to the spring thaw, when the ice melted and underneath there was the fertile land from which the worms appeared. Astrologically, its arrival in Libra coincides with Pluto in Capricorn and the influence of Aquarius on several planets.

The Full Worm Moon in Libra reflects its light on the Sun which enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. This is heralding a new beginning, something being born, and inviting us to become aware of the individual and collective moment. 

It presents a moment of contemplation that calls for reflection rather than action. This new astral impulse will increase creativity and the will of expression. But its transformation into deeds and words will only be satisfactory to the extent that we conjugate our desires with reality, and this requires an inner work full of patience and honesty.

In addition, emotions acquire more intensity. The Moon's way through Pisces has left a trace of humanity that is reinforced by the Aquarian influences and the power of Aries in the sun. Pluto orbiting Capricorn, a symbol of the old patriarchy, and the Moon reaching the femininity and sensuality of Libra, indicates the shift from the rigid and rational to the tender and sensorial. Find out how the full moon in Libra will affect you according to your zodiac sign.

What influence will the Worm Moon in Libra have on each zodiac sign?

The Full Worm Moon in Libra marks a transitional phase from security to searching, but this won't be reflected equally in all signs. This is your special prediction for the full moon in Libra according to your zodiac sign.

Aries LogoARIES

The Sun in your sign has revolutionized your daily life and comes from a few weeks of great activity. The full moon in Libra invites you to take a breath, pause your activities and take stock of the positive and negative. The change in the stars takes Aries from action to thought, something that won't be easy and may bring some anxiety. But at the same time it reconnects you with others, and leaning on those around you will be more important than ever. Aries will perceive in a more conscious way your desires and needs.

Taurus LogoTAURUS

The month of March has brought important changes in the sentimental life of Taurus and their future regarding their career. After the responsibility of having to make important decisions,  the Full Worm Moon in Libra brings serenity for Taurus. Adaptation to new circumstances is the key to not being left behind. In this astral phase, the full moon can confuse Taurus' thoughts, but asking for advice from others will succeed in unblocking some situations. The moon invites you to open your heart to important people.

Gemini LogoGEMINI

February has been a very rewarding month for Gemini emotionally speaking. You have felt the warmth of those around you, and that has comforted you. But you may be settling into a false sense of security. The full moon awakens Gemini's intuition and sharpens their sixth sense to detect risks and dangers. At the same time, it favors generosity and creates an atmosphere conducive to returning love with more love. You have to be very restrained with your actions and your words, because you are susceptible to excesses.

Cancer LogoCANCER 

The full moon in Libra brings a special message to Cancers:  the road is long, but it will last a little longer. We must fill yourselves with patience and continue to move forward with perseverance and hope. The full moon will give you renewed strength to not give up on your goals, and to find on this path the keys to change for the better. In this lunar phase, you should also reflect on some changes you have to make at home and in family relationships.

Leo LogoLEO 

The Full Worm Moon unleashes a sensuality for Leo that has been dormant lately for various reasons. One is the loss of self-esteem. The awareness that comes with the arrival of the full moon in the sign of Libra allows you to see the positive things in you that you were unable to observe. You'll discover new parts of yourself. You'll be surprised and even confused. But at the same time, you'll feel attractive, strong and bright again. The new Moon phase revolutionizes Leo's love relationships and energizes social bonds.

Virgo LogoVIRGO

Good news for Virgo during this full moon: it will put an end to the ties that prevented you from enjoying your achievements. All that you have achieved with effort and sacrifice during these months will finally be rewarded, and you'll be able to enjoy it without obstacles. The Full Worm Moon opens a time of abundance that will make you feel that everything has been worthwhile. Focus on your short-term work goals and go for them. You're in a time of great fortune, which will also translate into love.

Libra LogoLIBRA 

The full moon in your sign allows you to become aware of the fullness that you have reached after a difficult process. You'll recognize in you maturity, balance and evolution. You'll perceive in a more conscious way the love you receive from others, and that will make you be more grateful in deeds and words. A willingness to expand will also emerge that will lead you to want to know more, to learn and to enjoy others without restrictions. This full moon in Libra will be magical because it will connect you with your true essence.

Scorpio LogoSCORPIO

For Scorpio, the full moon in Libra brings forgiveness and compassion, and this allows you to close some wounds that prevented you from moving forward. You'll understand some past mistakes and will have new tools to avoid repeating them. Values such as honesty and sincerity are reinforced in Scorpio's world, but also a greater strength that shields your sensitive soul from betrayals and disappointments. The astral transition reveals a new beginning in personal relationships, which will come with very exciting surprises.

Sagittarius LogoSAGITTARIUS

The full moon in Libra accelerates an ongoing process in Sagittarius' world: the shift from static to movement. After a period of inactivity, you'll feel more eager than ever to get out and do things. The full moon gives you that energy that will allow you to get moving, but at the same time the understanding to assess the risks and act accordingly. The astral timing heralds setbacks for Sagittarius, but also an increased ability to solve problems and to think more about others.

Capricorn LogoCAPRICORN

For Capricorn, the Full Worm Moon is a call for patience to mature some projects that go too fast; and an invitation to stop thinking so much about business and focus on the more human aspects.  It opens a demanding stage in the emotional sphere for Capricorn and has to face some momentous changes. It's important to take work seriously, but also feelings and human relationships. It depends on this that abundance comes with happiness.

Aquarius LogoAQUARIUS

Aquarius has been radiating a lot of strength to others for weeks and has depleted its own energy reserves. But the influence of this Full Worm Moon in Libra invites you to pour more into yourself  and take a breather to regain your strength. Ahead of you are new projects and romantic relationships that will require you to be at 100%. Isolate yourself for a moment, learn to question yourself and listen to your heart. This full moon awakens the more spiritual and esoteric side of Aquarians.

Pisces LogoPISCES 

The Full Moon in Libra allows Pisces to reconcile with their true self after a phase of incomprehension and dissatisfaction with themselves. This allows them to start making important decisions that until now gave them vertigo. Regardless of the outcome, security and confidence will offer protection to Pisces to decide what it deems appropriate. The people around Pisces will be particularly attracted by this new personality of the fish, more consistent and overwhelming.

Ritual for the Full Worm Moon on March 28, 2021

The Full Worm Moon arrives this March 28 with promises of harmony and balance, and to raise awareness. To get the maximum benefits from this very relevant astral transition, it's important to dedicate time and care to the moon. You can do so through this Full Worm Moon ritual.

Before midnight, take a relaxing bath on an empty stomach to cleanse bad energies, and then write down your wishes on a piece of paper. To do this full moon ritual, sit in front of a small altar with a yellow candle to call abundance and a glass of water. Cover the paper you have written with laurel leaves, and begin a meditative dialogue with the moon.

Observe the moon and concentrate on perceiving the energy emanating from its rays. Say a prayer to thank the full moon and ask for what you want from it. Express your wishes and visualize them. The next day, keep the wishes in an envelope and burn them together with the laurel leaves.