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August 3, 2020 - Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you on this full moon in Aquarius on August 3rd, 2020

Full moon
August 3, 2020 - Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual | Magic Horoscope

On the night of August 3, 2020, the eighth full moon of the year, known as the Full Sturgeon Moon, will be seen. With this astrological phenomenon, the change of the lunar cycle with the Full Moon in Aquarius takes place, a moment loaded with great emotion with implications in love life and also in relationships and creativity.

The full moon is a moment in the lunar cycle when the Earth lies between the Sun and the Moon, leaving the entire astral globe visible and 100% illuminated. Find out how the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on August 3, 2020, affects you.

Full Sturgeon Moon: How does it affect you?

The fishing tribes called the August Full Moon: the Sturgeon, in reference to these hardy fish that were more easily caught during this month. It's a moment of great inner vulnerability that, by coinciding with their position in Aquarius, opens up the links between the person and their creativity. 

Aquarius is not a particularly romantic sign, but its convergence with Venus opens up a new phase of your sensitivity-laden relationships. The Full Moon invites you to accept this moment and turn it into an opportunity for love, in all its dimensions.

The full moon in the realm of Uranus opens a moment of attraction in which you can imagine everything you want to bring into your life to bring about the change you need.  Aquarius is the sign of community, goodness and altruism, so it is also a golden occasion to review your place in relation to others and your social relationships.

Take advantage of this Full Moon to deepen your human relationships and set new priorities in your life. Meditation and the creation of a special and direct bond with the stars will help you to intensify all the positive things this magical night can bring.

What influence will the Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius have on you?

The Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius brings with it important emotional transits that will affect your relationships with others and your own feelings. Find out how the August 3, 2020, Full Moon in Aquarius affects you according to your zodiac sign.

aries logoARIES

The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates with a special light the feelings in the depths of Aries. It's a moment to dare to go deeper into your emotions, without fear of knowing some parts of you that might surprise you. Be on your guard against certain manipulations that come from the outside and take charge of your own being with authority. The natives of Mars are at a level of superficiality too high for the inner demands of this moment. Release your most spiritual dimension.

taurus logoTAURUS

The full moon changes the perspective of Taurus' gaze towards itself. The harshness with which you have been treating yourself lately can be turned into indulgence, and this will make you feel freer to face your challenges in a better disposition. The changes in the lunar cycle are also an open door to change in the emotional dynamics of the person, and in the case of Venus, it can favour a tendency towards romanticism and sexual passion that consolidates the strength of married life.

gemini logoGEMINI

The astral influence combined with this full moon distorts the perception of reality in the world of Gemini. Driven by an unexpected current of optimism you may find yourself fantasizing about your own future, and although this relieves the pressure of these difficult times, deep down it makes you live in fiction.  Let your heart guide you and rely on the advice of the most important people in your life, those who never fail you. Otherwise, the Moon will whisper some advice to you if you are willing to listen to it with your soul.

cancer logoCANCER 

The astral moment triggers your desire to live and accelerates your activity. You feel so overflowing with energy that moments of anxiety may arise. You can ease the anxiety by exercising reason:  learning to understand your heart helps you to master its impulses.  This way, you will convert the energy into a positive fluid with which you will feel ownership of your actions and you will be able to direct them towards fulfilment. This Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius also opens the channels of humanism and altruism in the satisfied heart of Cancer.

leo logoLEO 

In this change of lunar cycle, Leo must go from dispersion to concentration. Relax your mind for a moment and let your heart and soul take centre stage. The daily chores and concerns reduce the reserve of energy that you can devote to yourself, your emotions, your thoughts, your desires. Put your desires in writing and claim their arrival to become a more satisfied being. If you put everyday problems into perspective and connect with another dimension, the lunar fluctuations will do the rest.

virgo logoVIRGO

Virgo's challenge for this full moon in Uranus is to increase confidence in oneself and also in others. To believe in your possibilities now is to multiply your potential to achieve success in the personal, professional and economic areas. You can review the bond that keeps you together with a very special person and open yourself up more to others. In order to receive all the positive things that others can offer you, you have to eliminate resentment and distrust, an essential step in creating spaces of hope and friendship.

libra logoLIBRA 

Laughter can be a very powerful weapon for Libra in this very special astral transit. Looking at life in a more compassionate way and at yourself with more indulgence can be a very rewarding release. This is a moment to deepen the magic and esotericism in the world of Venus, which opens up to a hidden dimension of knowledge with great receptivity. At the same time, some contradictions appear with the people in the environment who can intercede in a negative way in one's own experience of the full moon. The best thing to do is to postpone it.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

If until now the scorpions felt pain as a burden, this full moon makes it an opportunity. The traumatic experiences lived recently and the accumulated pain in the soul of this water sign can be a healing cure for the soul. Honesty with yourself leads to seeing things in a much clearer way and clears the obstacles to the realization of a new dimension of your being. Explore your inner self and release your emotions without fear. Only true friends will be by your side to accept you.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

This full moon invites the loneliness of Sagittarius to metabolize some feelings that have not found their solution so far. The contradictions and tensions within you disappear to emerge in a peace and humility ideal to put your life in order.  By being at peace with yourself you can build much more human relationships, but the moment of transition demands a moment of solitude and a momentary detachment from your surroundings. You will return stronger as a being of light willing to meet with others.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

Temptations and occult forces can disorient Capricorn and lure them into a stage of confusion and dissatisfaction. Along the way, you will lose the opportunity to open your soul to someone close to you, from a new perspective and with renewed hope. In the realm of love, the full moon awakens your eroticism and removes some of the brakes. Take advantage of it. In the realm of friendship, the full moon attracts strong and powerful personalities who bring learning and good advice. Reject bad influences and walk towards the light.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

The changes around you are circumstances beyond the power of the moon, but the full moon gives you the ability to see problems from various points of view. Broadening perspectives, strengthening intelligence and multiplying sensitivity make Aquarius powerful during this Full Sturgeon Moon. Wonderful ideas will emerge that must find their way into reality but don't become obsessed with success. In this lunar transit, dreaming and having hope is enough to satiate your spirit.

pisces logoPISCES 

The moment demands that Pisces connect with the past. Recent experiences can be highlighted and find a reason to reflect on the present moment. The Full Moon in Aquarius helps you to relativize and move towards positive change without a traumatic revolution. You will learn to let go of what isn't good for you and embrace what helps you to thrive.  Focus on your goals and trust yourself to overcome apathy and insecurity. The stars invite you to a more conscious life.

Ritual for the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on August 3

This full moon brings very good things to you. Besides knowing how the full moon will affect you according to your zodiac sign, it's important that you attract its energy through prayers. This is a ritual for the Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius on August 3, 2020.

The Sturgeon Moon is intimately linked to the natural environment.  You can find an ideal place in nature to connect with the environment or surround yourself at home with a relaxing atmosphere and elements of nature and incense. In this ritual, you will learn to claim the goodness of this full moon and to be grateful.

You can take a relaxing bath and start the ritual on an empty stomach. Sit down in a comfortable place and take three candles: a pink, a purple and a yellow one. Then write down on a piece of paper your wishes, what you want to change in your life, the dreams you would like to fulfil. 

Burn some laurel and sage leaves, and then burn the paper with your wishes by dropping the ashes while reciting a petition and thankful prayer. "Mother Moon who lives at night, who wraps us with your rays, lady of silence and darkness, keep away from me any evil, protect the people I love, encourage the realization of my wishes, give me love, peace, health and prosperity."