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December 30, 2020 - Full Cold Moon in Cancer: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you on this December full moon

A full moon surrounded ba snow flakes and stars
Special Prediction for the Cold Moon on 30th December 2020 | iStock

The new lunar cycle opens with the Cold Moon in Cancer on December 30, 2020. It's the last full moon of the year which implies renewal to look to the future with illusion, but it's also a full moon that brings tenderness and protection.

How will the Cold Full Moon in Cancer affect you? What changes does it bring for each zodiac sign? How can you make the most of it? Discover the new things this full moon brings to you and a very inspiring full cold moon ritual.

Cold Moon in Cancer: How does it affect you?

On December 30th a new lunar cycle is born, marked by the arrival of the moon in Cancer, its ruling sign. With this transit, it awakens all its energy in a more intense way giving rise to sudden changes and unpredictable reactions. The inner world becomes disordered to bring about a change, which invites you to stop looking back and focus on the future.

This full moon reveals secrets and uncovers mysteries. It's an invitation to explore this year that is coming to an end and draw positive conclusions that will be useful in the future. The Cold Full Moon is always a harbinger of the abundance to come.

But this full moon will also remind you that to achieve the coming benefits you must first strive and work, and not just in a material way. It opens a moment to recompose the scale of values, to reconstruct one's identity and to do a work of inner knowledge and meditation to be reborn with more strength.

In addition, the Full Moon in Cancer is full of tenderness, a parenthesis in the difficult moment you live to give you a break. The moonlight will help you to relativize your problems and feel more comfortable. It's also an invitation to meet again with loved ones, to rebuild broken threads, to strengthen trust and love in friendship and family.

Love will find a truce. New adventures full of hope are born, but also toxic and unproductive relationships die. The Full Moon in Cancer is complicit in the new journeys of the heart and is also medicine for those who feel melancholy and loneliness. Take advantage of its motherly love, move away from darkness, and move towards the light.

What influence will the Cold Moon in Cancer have on you?  

The Cold Full Moon in Cancer comes with very positive things and also with some warning. To make the most of its energy, find out how the December Full Moon affects you according to your horoscope sign.

aries logoARIES

The Cold Full Moon in Cancer comes to the world of Aries with many surprises and a hidden love. The moon energy threatens to mess everything up, and the secret isn't to ask why but to move away from cold rationality to let oneself be carried away by instincts. This December Full Moon unleashes the wild, groundbreaking, all-around Aries, releases its creativity and increases its love potential. But the astral conjunction also prevents you from being over-confident: beware of the bad intentions of third persons.

taurus logoTAURUS

The light of the moon illuminates with special intensity the attraction of Taurus towards the beauty, but with the risk of being caught in the superficiality. The inclination towards pleasures can involve some risks. That is why it's good to find the balance between desire and prudence. Excesses lead the natives of Venus to cling to the past and toxic things, while temperance brings clairvoyance and allows opening a space to abundance. The Cold Moon in Cancer will unveil unknown secrets for Taurus.

gemini logoGEMINI

This lunar phase will help Gemini to calm thoughts and to abandon stress. It's the perfect moment to get closer to others and to deepen human relationships. Life as a couple becomes active, and friendships are strengthened. New bonds also appear although you need to take it easy. The moment asks for patience. This quiet interlude will help Geminis look back on some of the recent past and face the coming months with the lesson learned.

cancer logoCANCER 

The astral conjunction is not very favorable for Cancer, who expects some health problems and instability in relationships for this end of the year. However,  the Cold Moon on December 30th blesses the crabs with tenderness. It will be a very productive period in terms of work and creativity. But it will also bring out intuition and intelligence, which will help to see things much more clearly. It's an ideal time to make important decisions, trying always to look at the future. You gain personality.

leo logoLEO 

Leo's weak point during the full moon on December 30 will be family relationships, which are entering an especially turbulent period. But with serenity, you'll also be able to find a way to solve unfinished business. In addition, this full moon will strengthen your self-esteem and this can propel you to successful projects at the beginning of the new year. Take this opportunity to approach others with a more positive attitude. It's a good opportunity to leave behind the rancor and let yourself be guided by more noble values that will fill you more.

virgo logoVIRGO

After a difficult time, Virgo will enter the new year with renewed energy thanks to the Full Moon in Cancer. In this new dynamic, the job prospects will improve. Optimism takes hold of you: turn it into ideas and strength for action. It's the beginning of a new business, where purposes must be accompanied by method and constancy. In the realm of relationships, the Full Moon in Cancer will awaken sexual desire and free the mind to explore new and exciting territories.

libra logoLIBRA 

The Cold Moon will teach the path of strength and independence to Libra. Suddenly, you'll feel that any challenge is little and that allows you to set ambitious goals. But beware. Libra is in a delicate astral phase, with a lot of vulnerability, and frustration will be hard to handle. Any challenge must be accompanied by a careful balance between self-confidence and humility in the face of mistakes. From the inner growth will spring a light that will amaze others. A good occasion to seduce.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

The full moon on December 30th draws Scorpio away from others to induce a process of retreat. It's a time of great energy, but you must channel it within yourself to transform it into something positive to give back to others. The Cold Moon will reveal some mysteries  that will disassociate you from the past to propel you into the future. Anxiety can easily arise, but by knowing yourself better you'll gain confidence and you'll crush fear. Space for meditation and knowledge.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

Sagittarius changes its lunar cycle and this will be noticed in the orientation of tastes and interests. In this new period, the new and unknown will be exciting and will awaken the soul of travelers of Jupiter's natives. A greater attraction to the esoteric will appear, which can induce meditation, cultivation of the soul, and intellectual growth. But also there will be very intense days that make you prevent stress and frustration. The key to the full moon for Sagittarius is to shun loneliness, trust others more, and be more benevolent to yourself.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

Love awakens in the sign of Capricorn in a sweeping way, but it can bring both pleasure and conflict. It also opens an identity crisis in the goat world. These are days to reflect on the goals in life, on the environment, on life as a couple, on attitudes. The Full Moon in Cancer will illuminate Capricorn  to make important decisions that can bring about far-reaching changes. Loneliness will be necessary, but without abandoning the bond. The full moon will bring rewarding surprises related to someone close.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

A scenario of remembrance for Aquarius opens up, where everything is linked again to the past. The Cold Moon strengthens memory and recall  but also introduces melancholy for Aquarius. These are days of great sensitivity in the Aquarian world that may tend to destruction. You need to focus on the present, set yourself a task, and unfold your genius to connect to your full inner potential. You'll discover a powerful renewal within yourself. Honesty will be one of the keys for the Moon to give you all its help.

pisces logoPISCES 

Pisces abandons the state of lethargy in which the previous lunar phase had left them and enters a new wave of very positive energies. The Full Moon in Cancer offers safety and guidance to the fish, who will become protectors and advisors. It's a good opportunity to open up to others and offer help. It'll comfort you and accumulate more well-being. Quiet activities, such as reading or music, will be inspiring. On the other hand, rushing and chaos can bring up old ghosts.

Ritual for the Full Cold Moon on December 30, 2020

This Full Moon opens an opportunity to thank the divine star for the rebirth of nature and its fertility, symbolized by the rebirth of the Sun whose power will increase until the spring equinox. To make the most of this moment, you can repeat this ritual for the Full Cold Moon.

It's an ideal night to meditate and relax, filling your spirit with hope for the abundance that is to come. To do this ritual for the December 30th Full Moon find a quiet place where you can sit in a meditative attitude surrounded by incense, some laurel leaves, and a blue candle. 

Write down on a piece of paper your wishes for the future, everything you want to leave behind, and what you hope to find ahead of you. Burn the laurel leaves while you visualize the realization of your wishes. It's time to say a prayer to the moon. Say thank you and make a request. Also, burn the paper and bury the ashes in a plant pot.