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July 5, 2020 - Full Buck Moon in Capricorn: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you on this full moon in Capricorn on July 5th, 2020

Full Moon
July 5, 2020 - Full Buck Moon in Capricorn: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

On July 5, 2020 the astrological phenomenon of the full buck moon, also known as thunder moon, will take place  when the visible face of this celestial body will reach its maximum brightness in one of the most special moments of the year.

In this case, the Full Moon with the Cancer-Capricorn axis adds more energy to the planets and becomes a call to build a more solid inner world. It will be a moment for solitude, introspection and reflection, to put things in perspective and face up to the conquests that are to come. Find out how the July Full Buck Moon affects you.

Full Buck Moon in Capricorn: How does it affect you?

Capricorn represents the predominance of the practical attitude and the awareness of your true goals, so when the Moon, the celestial body that modulates the emotions and your relationship with the unconscious and motherhood, reaches its full moon in the region of Saturn, the reflection on the vital purposes acquires more intensity.

Through this Full Buck Moon, your emotions are linked to the goat personality, which will connect you to the earthly world and increase your mental capacity. During this lunar phase, perseverance and a high sense of inner morality will guide your steps toward the fulfilment of your objectives and arise questions that you will feel compelled to answer.

What short and medium-term objectives can you set for yourself? Are you doing everything in your hand to achieve them? What tasks must you perform to reach the goal? The Full Moon in Capricorn is above all a call for the realization of reasonable goals  and the rejection of unattainable dreams that only add more frustration.

As far as emotions are concerned, your relationship with others can be affected by conflict, and the lunar cycle requires you to take control of your feelings and move away from self-sufficiency to a less frivolous and more responsible attitude.

What influence will the Full Buck Moon in Capricorn have on you?

The effect of the Full Buck Moon on the person in general terms is determined by the influence of each regent, which also takes on different nuances. Discover how the full moon in Capricorn affects you according to your zodiac sign.

aries logoARIES

The Full Moon in Capricorn opens up a dilemma between your practical needs and the open conflicts in the face of the influence of other people's opinions. Any interference in your affairs by others will cause you suffering and negatively influence your decision making. It's time to become strong and concentrate on your inner world, trust your personality and follow your instincts. Don't turn it into excessive pride, but don't submit to false humility either. Build step by step your way to the realization of your goals. 

taurus logoTAURUS

Lately, Taurus is having a hard time finding emotional stability and managing lunar energy. This is a good time to find the centre, but to do so you have to move away from temptation and frivolity. The moment demands seriousness and responsibility, inner strength and denial of pleasures. Along the way, you will find rewards and new skills you didn't know about, and in the long run, they can become very useful tools for getting to know yourself better and building a new being more satisfied with yourself.

gemini logoGEMINI

Gemini's wisdom will reach its maximum height thanks to the influences of the full moon in the transit between Saturn and Mercury. This also frees up the communication channels that demand to be led by the paths of ethics, honesty and sincerity. At the same time, there will be a renewed desire to conquer, but the accelerated path towards desires is full of obstacles that can cause you serious harm. Gemini thus finds themselves between prudence and anxiety, and only the lunar trial can tip the balance. 

cancer logoCANCER 

The Full Moon in Capricorn reveals the principles and values of moderation and righteousness and opens an excellent opportunity for Cancerians to close their eyes and ears to open the understanding of the soul and the wisdom of the spirit. Meditation and reflection allow Cancer to finally reach an understanding of their destiny, and when they do, they will feel absolutely free to take any risk without fear, and they will trust in themselves to follow their own path without doubts or renunciations.

leo logoLEO 

Leo's self-esteem is more threatened than ever, and astral tendencies warn of falling into a world of confusion obscured by a lack of solutions. The return to strength and balance lies in abandoning the past and the future to concentrate on the present. This lunar cycle invites you to persist in the essential questions that allow you to deduce which paths you will have to choose to reach your destination more easily and quickly. Your journey must go from dispersion to concentration, from expansion to concreteness.

virgo logoVIRGO

The world of Virgo is shaken by the influence of lunar energies in its emancipation process. There will be setbacks in their desire for freedom and old addictions and dependencies may reappear, both in habits and in human relationships. In the realm of love, relationships become hot and toxic and make the need for the immediate suffocate principles and personality. Furthermore, frustration in the work environment forces the exploration of new, unknown but viable paths.

libra logoLIBRA 

Librans who are in need of change will find motivation in moving home, but they must find the ideal place that is in line with their goals. The Full Buck Moon warns the natives of this sign of the dangers of giving in to passions and forgetting about rationality. Don't make your decisions depend only on what your heart dictates. You have to be a little selfish because you're in crucial moments in which the decisions you make will decisively determine your most immediate future.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

Negative tendencies such as revenge appear in the bewildered spirit of Scorpio, subtracting energy and bringing dissatisfaction. The Full Moon in Capricorn invites you to move away from these dark feelings and offers a light  that guides you towards a much more pleasant path where you will discover the strength of love, the reward of humility, the satisfaction of effort and peace in the spirit of generosity. Don't let Pluto's influence be stronger and resolve conflicts using dialogue.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

The increased tension in the immediate environment of Sagittarius will unconsciously lead to the opening of doors that have long been closed, and that can be painful and frustrating. The natives of Jupiter must learn from this full moon how to deal with the old and returning traumas of the past, and loneliness in this chaos can be distressing. Criticism may lead to a loss of confidence, but very pleasant loves and friendships will appear, and they will carry with them very good advice.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

The Full Buck Moon in Capricorn leads the children of Saturn to conflict at home, where bad energies will accumulate and favour tendencies towards selfishness, vanity, injustice and lies. The Capricorns have to make an effort to calm their most primal instincts and reject these states of mind through observation and contemplation. The Full Moon opens the channels for the reception of spiritual teachings: your heart must open to the wisdom offered by the meditative disciplines for the perfection of the spirit.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

In these hours of the full moon, there is an opportunity to give a boost to your projects. Everything seems to depend on you now and you will feel the full weight of responsibility on your shoulders. Nevertheless, you will feel driven by powerful inertia that leads you towards the fulfilment of your objectives. Be careful, because you are willing to do anything to get to the end, even trample on those around you, and you run the risk of turning a sweet professional victory into a bitter personal defeat.

pisces logoPISCES 

The reparation will have in this lunar cycle healing effects for the soul of the Pisces, which through humility, forgiveness and altruism will reduce the anxiety and dissatisfaction that these days flooded their state of mind. People who until now seemed far away are coming closer again, and people who were close are moving away, perhaps forever. In these crucial hours, Pisces will receive the illumination of the Moon to discern more accurately what they must give up to follow their path with more relief and decision.

Ritual for the Full Buck Moon or Thunder Moon on July 5

The Full Moon comes to offer light and blessing to all beings, and also to you, but to receive it, it's important that you claim your part through a spell for the Full Moon of July 5, 2020, which will help you connect your being with the astral elements and nature.

On the night of the Full Moon, you must fast and take a relaxing bath to prepare yourself to receive its blessings and its energy more relieved and in inner peace. Find a lonely place, put on comfortable clothes and sit in a secluded spot to achieve a meditative state.

The Buck Moon in Capricorn can help consolidate your goals and walk safely and confidently towards success. Light a golden candle, the symbol of material wealth, a green one, the symbol of hope, and a white one, the symbol of purity. Burn laurel and sage leaves, and write down on a piece of paper those goals you want to achieve, and what you want to leave behind.

Visualize the realization and pronounce the magic words: "Light of the Full Moon, come to me and fill me with your goodness and your blessing. May the angels lead me on the path of success and fulfilment, help me to leave behind the confusion and find the centre. May your plans bring me peace.