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June 5, 2020 - Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

Find out what the stars have in store for you on this full moon in Sagittarius on June 5th, 2020

Strawberry Moon
June 5, 2020 - Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius: Special Prediction and Magic Ritual

The human being is integrated into nature and as such is influenced by natural processes in the state of mind. Among them, the moon exerts a very intense influence on us, as it is a star with a feminine sign that regulates emotions and has power over the home, family and feelings.

We are preparing for a very intense month in terms of the lunar cycle, which will open with the full moon in Sagittarius on June 5th. The alignment of the Moon with the Sun and Earth will open an energy field that you can take advantage of if you go deep enough.

Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius: An open door

The Full Moon in Sagittarius announces the entry into the nodal zone which accelerates the exchange of time and stirs up emotions and feelings, precipitating feelings of confusion and insecurity that must be wisely controlled.

This happens because, with the arrival of this Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, the karma nodes are opened, which are like open doors through time where we can connect with the past and the future in a very intense stream of sensations. But in astrology, time is not quantity, but quality and the secret is knowing how to interpret the signs and take advantage of the energy.

This Full Moon will be special because it comes with a Moon eclipse and will be in the aspect of exact quadrature with the planet Mars, with Venus retrograde together with the Sun, and this indicates the arrival of abrupt changes that can generate restlessness and much tension. It will be a time to take advantage of lessons from the past and project future experiences.

The influence of the Full Moon on you varies according to the needs and astrological characteristics of each human being, so it is best to go deeper into the wisdom of the stars to know your own needs and the potential you can release to channel their flow. Discover how the full moon in Sagittarius on June 5 affects you.

What influence will the Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius have on you?

The days before the full moon with eclipse  you will see how everything seems to accelerate and events accumulate around you, but far from being overwhelmed you should learn the positive things of the energy, and put them into practice.

aries logoARIES

With this lunation, Aries feels pushed to look for the truth and to do so they have to go back to the past, no matter how painful it may be. There are lessons from the past still waiting for your attention, doors that were left unlocked and open wounds that now Aries has the opportunity to close.  You enter an ideal phase to recover broken family relationships by misunderstandings. Put your humility in the centre, and open your head and heart. This full moon will shake your daily life but will reveal important messages to find peace of mind.

taurus logoTAURUS

The new process for Taurus natives demands the submission of instincts and passions ruled by temperance, which will make you evolve towards a more peaceful state of mind and soul. From there you will be able to acquire another perspective on things, abandon your worries and focus on the realization of your true desires. These days you can finally discover those things that are essential in life  and will make you evolve. Esoteric knowledge will penetrate your mind and heart to unlock the paths to happiness.

gemini logoGEMINI

The lunation in Sagittarius overflows the curiosity of Gemini, which is invested with a new force, full of dynamism and call to action. Caution can save you from disappointment, but don't let fear deprive you of new and exciting sensations. The doors of love are opened and the scope of friendships is renewed. Remember that sometimes, to receive, you have to let go, and this your challenge these days. Free yourself from the weight of the past. You will discover the true essence of love thanks to the illuminating ray of the moon.

cancer logoCANCER 

There is a strength within you that you cannot release for many reasons, and you can take advantage of the nodes to make it flow more intensely. Do a ritual for the moon and concentrate on releasing those energies, for if you do, you will know the power of realization.  Focus on the desires that can be fulfilled, those that would really make you happy, the most human ones, and open yourself to the happiness of their fulfilment by leaving all the evil behind. The Full Moon will teach you to leave non-important things aside and go deeper into what compensates you.

leo logoLEO 

Leo has to change the order of priorities to give more prominence to human relations. The accumulation of worries in other areas is blocking the release of very human sensations that will eliminate anxiety and enrich the spirit. This is an ideal moment to stop being the centre and open space to other people, learn from them and let them transmit all their strength, energy and light to you. Explore the paths of humility to find a better fit within family relationships.

virgo logoVIRGO

Virgo can release all the negativity accumulated in recent weeks and receive renewed energy to meet the challenges of the immediate future. To do this, you have to connect with your more spiritual side, open yourself up without giving up the magic and mysteries, and let yourself be surprised by new knowledge that can give you another perspective on problems. Change the way you communicate with your partner and your friends to break the blockages. Virgo enters the realm of familiarity, a time to strengthen broken bonds.

libra logoLIBRA 

The Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius allows Libra to turn pain into wisdom  and that can fill your soul with peace and calm. You will feel comforted if you think that everything you can do now is the realization of all you have learned. Recognizing yourself as a new being offers an inexhaustible potential of possibilities to put stress, frustration and blockage aside and turn it into fulfilment, progress and satisfaction. If you face the difficulties of the present with patience and strength, you will enjoy future successes more intensely.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

The here and now takes on a new dimension for the natives of Scorpio, who can begin an exciting path of inner discovery if they change their perspective on life and the world. Learn to think of time and life as a circular, non-linear process, and you will be able to give new and special intensity to the flow of energies surrounding you. Take advantage of the momentum to do things you didn't dare do before. Lose your fear. The Full Moon helps you take a more important position in relation to others.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

The Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius brings conflicts in the love sphere of the sign of the centaur, and suddenly old grudges can appear that bring out mistrust, reproaches and misguided sincerity. These days it will be better to offer space to your partner, air the relationship and avoid saying hurtful things in heated discussions. In friendship, on the other hand, magical moments will happen that can lead you to very profitable exchanges. Projecting the hopes of the future will fill the soul of Sagittarius and heal the wounds of the recent past.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

The lunar cycle heralds the arrival of episodes of tiredness and frustration in Capricorn, which can lead to depressive and melancholy states. The goats have to make an effort to recover their dynamism and be active, but they will only achieve this by exploring new hobbies in hitherto unknown areas. Human relationships become very complex and take energy away from you, but you can strengthen the bonds within the love relationship. Capricorn can discover in their partner virtues that until now were not shown.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

Aquarius will be especially tense during this lunar phase, but they may find an escape valve in a lost relationship from the past, someone who was lost along the way and whose reappearance can bring back very rewarding feelings to the present. Don't be afraid to return to the past, Aquarius, for it is where you can find the keys to what makes you unhappy today, and the energies of the full moon provide the possibility of learning from mistakes. Aquarius can strengthen your self-esteem with the renewed forces of this full moon.

pisces logoPISCES 

Everything that until now was hidden from the understanding of Pisces suddenly acquires a very special light that shows them the vision and understanding. These are moments to open the mind to knowledge, slow down and absorb those lessons that can make you grow internally with humility and acceptance. Not only will you discover new parts of yourself, but also another way of relating to your environment, everything that others and your surroundings can offer you to become someone better.

Celtic ritual for the Full Moon on June 5

To take advantage of the energetic modulations of the Strawberry Moon on June 5th you can resort to a ritual rooted in the Celtic tradition, whose animist spirituality was very connected to the stars and the elements of nature.

To do this ritual on the night of the full moon, it is best to fast in order to free the body and mind and encourage meditation. Create a relaxed atmosphere where you can connect body, mind and spirit, take a relaxing bath and surround yourself with candles while you concentrate. 

Begin with a prayer: "Tonight I will renew my energy, leave all the evil behind and receive the good that comes from the future, I will clean everything that spoils me to shine with my own inner light. I ask the divinity to make my renewal possible, and I thank the universe for allowing me the possibility of opening myself to a new beginning."

Then concentrate on the candle flame and think about how strong your inner light and your connection to the moon is. Write your wishes on laurel leaves and believe they will come true, burn the leaves slowly, one by one in the flame while thanking the moon. Leave the candle burning all night, and the next day, plant the ashes of the laurel in a pot.