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The Air Element and the Zodiac Signs

Air represents a positive, creative and extroverted personality and governs the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The air element reflects an inconsistent construct, mostly given to desires. The signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are formulated out of this element.

The characteristics of the element air

This gaseous element is strongly permeable, unstable and volatile, and is often changeable. They have an issue with consistency. Strong air influenced natives tend to have unpredictable attitudes and responses, although this can happen without them actually realizing it.

Natives of air signs are intelligent and know how to manage abstract thinking: they love long discussions and mental challenges, debates and exchange of ideas. They process information in a very analytical way. When faced with any dilemma, putting it in the hands of an air sign conducts to its resolution. Air people often fill the interpersonal space with their presence, establishing communication and changing things up.

Mercury in Gemini

Due to the influence of the planet Mercury, named after the god of commerce, Gemini natives are sociable and eager to acquire an extensive network of contacts, for the simple delight of communicating and learning. You will find them at parties and events. They are sometimes accessible and sometimes elusive, but generally they are people who want to initiate relationships.

Girl at the dessert with the wind blowing her hair
Gemini is a changing sign in permanent need of stimulation | Getty Images

They have a very childish component, because they are passionate about new challenges with the same ease with which they rapidly lose interest. It’s a changing sign in permanent need of stimulation.

They have great vivacity in their mind and they are very versatile. Furthermore, they have a good general knowledge and great intelligence and creativity. But at the same time, this is their own trap: they are often exposed to their psychological intensity, and they tend to suffer from nerves and anxiety.

Venus in Libra

Libra shares the goddess of love with the Taurus sign. This influence makes individuals of these signs patient and equilibrated beings, who wait to see before judging or acting. Undoubtedly, for this reason, out of the elements of air, Libra is the least unstable, possessing the virtues of creativity, seduction and balance.

Libra natives are people governed by solid principles that are challenging to overcome, although initially they can be cynical and distant. These natives are elegant people with a great sense of aesthetics, although driven by the ways of sobriety and measure. Apart from that, they are extremely seductive people.

Uranus in Aquarius

Natives of the sign of Aquarius are generous and selfless. In Greek mythology, Uranus is a titan who personifies the sky. Thus, its natives are singular, original and independent beings.

Those born under the sign of Aquarius are usually intelligent people and often understand things faster than others. Their creativtiy guides them through the road of extravagance and experimenting. 

Girl in a field
Aquarius natives are singular, original and independent beings | Getty Images

Aquarius natives are not afraid to investigate new ways and adapt them to what they were traditionally taught, and they are free from intellectual prejudices. Their boldness and passion for their ideas lead them to security, resoluteness and sometimes also to stubbornness. 

Love and the air signs

For the natives of the air signs, there is no space for improvising, they need to calculate every possibility and think about all the consequences, even when they are in love. They sometimes lose opportunities because they are too focused questioning if there is a real attraction. Furthermore, they may have trouble trying to express their emotions, even if they mean to be more open. This instability can affect negatively their relationship with their partner.

However, their lovers appreciate their sense of humor and their ability to fight back. This flirtatious attitude is irresistible. All of these natives have truthful feelings, although sometimes they are disguised by carelessness. Basically, you never know what to expect from them.

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