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Aquarius: Main characteristics and compatibility

Find out which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Aquarius natives

Aquarius is the most original, unruly and wild sign within the zodiac. The modern ruler of this sign is Uranus, although classically it was Saturn. Its natural house is the eleventh house. Aquarius is based off of the Air element.

Main characteristics

Aquarius is a bright and quite intelligent sign, although it has a crazed, unruly side, that is willing to experiment with anything. These natives are intellectual in nature, but can become too involved with abstract ideas or theories, unless there are strong earthy influences. Aquarius is quite restless, and tends to be socially active. This sign is usually very opinionated, and it can be a feat just to change their minds.

Although they often consider themselves misunderstood geniuses, other signs may find some madness in their ways. It is true that they bring something very innovative, perhaps unheard of, as they are highly experimental and original.

They usually have a strong independent streak, and may sometimes take a contrarian approach, just to be different. These individuals tend to play by their own rules, and do not appreciate being urged otherwise. That said, critical locations in the fourth house may counterbalance this by making them more family-minded.

There is a very distinct way of looking at things, an originality which cannot be duplicated. Nevertheless, these natives tend to gravitate toward fantastic theories and opinions, and as such some earthiness in the chart would serve them well.

Woman looking at herself in the mirror
These individuals tend to play by their own rules | Getty Images

Furthermore, they tend to be critical towards society, sometimes even secretly enamored with anarchy. Their criticisms usually centers around interpersonal relationships. Being rather unsentimental and progressively-minded, this sign usually has a dislike of insipid, banal or ordinary things.

There are some tendencies toward humanism in this sign, especially with Neptune influences, although the chilly, airy nature of this sign can make it inconsistent in this domain and nevertheless come to act in a cold, calculated manner, especially when annoyed.

There is often a lack of tact in this sign, as it is not as subtle and cautious as other signs may be, although Saturn can counterbalance this. On the other hand, it is often quite bold. There is some childishness there, and often an exciting and enthusiastic element which most people find endearing, especially when both the Sun and Mercury are in this sign.

These natives can be a bit emotive and unpredictable at times. They have a tendency to misjudge other people's intentions and motivations. They usually do not take well to criticism, often taking it too personally and making a scene, although Saturn may alleviate this. Naturally, their experimental nature often comes at the expense of responsibility and caution, which often fuels such external criticisms. This sign's natives are intrested in conspiracy theories.

Their privacy is quite important to them, and they usually dislike any unapproved encroachment. Aquarius blows like the wind. It can be extremely stubborn and resolute for a while, but then suddenly give up, disappear or even completely change direction. Then, after a while, it can resume its stubborn streak again.

Emotional woman
These natives can be emotive and unpredictable at times | Getty Images

Reliability and predictability or security are not present in these natives' lives. Saturn influences and earth elements in the chart can help to make it more solid and amend the inconsistency.

Compared to Leo

There is a naturally high-strung 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Leo, Aquarius is much more intellectual, which can easily clash with Leo's simple-mindedness. Leos can be vain in their eyes.  Both place great significance on social contact and interaction.

Aquarius natives often like it that Leo is not as critical as other signs may be. This can mellow Aquarius in this association. Both signs can be quite headstrong, which may bring some tensions in such relationships. At least it does not become boring.

Compared to Scorpio

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. Aquarius natives have a big problem with Scorpios in that they hate being told what to do, and Scorpios tend to be dominating with their desires. Both signs can be quite stubborn, but in different ways.

Scorpios fail to consider that Aquarius natives may feel trapped due to their overbearing demeanor. This often leads to Aquarius natives becoming distant and rebellious. They are more progressive, since Scorpio has a conservative element to it. Aquarius can be fond of the crazier side of a Scorpio, which can be quite exciting.

Compared to Capricorn

When dealing with the relationships between an Aquarius and a Capricorn, there is an infatuation born betwween these two signs. However, when a Capricorn involves itself with an Aquarius for more than a couple of weeks, they create elements of destructiveness. Both signs have a true, abundant, fearless nature.