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Aries: Main characteristics and compatibility

Discover which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Aries natives

Aries is one of the boldest signs in the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is the planet Mars, and its natural house is the first house. Aries is known for confidence. These natives are brave and combative. They can also be fast tempered, but they usually do not hold resentment. They can be restless, sometimes intolerant and contentious.

These natives are quite vocal when they dislike something. They can become aggressive when strongly annoyed, although Venus influences can mitigate this. Even though they do not consider themselves so energetic, they tend to be very active and on-the-go, and can be quite hard-working.

Main characteristics

Aries is an assertive sign, and its natives can be very stubborn in their way of looking at things. These natives are direct, and hate keeping things inside, but sometimes may resign to this out of necessity, which can make them feel sick. These people seek to bring problems out into the light, so that they can be dealt with properly and effectively.

Likewise, these people often have a kind of raw authenticity to them. They tend to be rather impulsive and adventuresome. This sign is mostly sharp and to the point. It has an intensity to it, and its natives tend to be completely invested in whatever they do and feel. On the other hand, they may be too intensive and dramatic at times. A strong Taurus influence can help soothe it.

Group of friends laughing and talking
These natives tend to be impulsive and adventuresome | Getty Images

Aries tends to be all-out and strongly marshalled when putting out effort. However, these natives may prefer to use a more brute force as they sometimes lack the patience to deal with small, subtle details. Not only that, but  Aries natives tend to be more humorous, and have a certain childishness to their character, although Saturn may take away from this.

They often have an affinity for games, and they keep a certain youthfulness as they grow up, which can give them great charm. These natives tend to be rather simpleminded, but may sometimes look at things a bit too simplistically. They can be quick to jump to conclusions, which may often be bad for them.

They tend to be rather generous and big-hearted, and can become very annoyed and stirred-up with what they consider an injustice (which may be rather subjective). Furthermore, they tend to have a soft spot for the underdog, but in a harsh chart they can act aggressively when irritated.

Although they are often considered strong, Aries people are actually quite sensitive at their core. This sign's natives have great difficulty in dealing with the loss of their family and friends. They may especially take a beating when several of these happen together, which in a weak chart may end up in a nervous breakdown.

Compared to Libra

These signs are in a high-strung 180-degree angle, there is a natural opposition between them. Unlike Libra, Aries is more focussed and decisive. Natives with Aries are less politically correct and less sensitive to their surroundings. They are raw and powerful, and have difficulty with Libra's wishy-washy manner. They do not like to curb their style to suit another, and they can be a little too much for Libra.

Woman in nature
These natives are raw and powerful | Getty Images

Compared to Cancer

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. Aries can be quite exciting for Cancer. Although both can have difficult moods which often make for a fiery relationship, Aries natives tend to forget rather quickly and Cancer's soon change their mood as well. Both have a degree of underlying narcissism, and interestingly they are able to relate on this basis.

The problem is that both are egotistically sensitive and may have problems with misinterpretations. This relationship often works well as both signs are robust enough for it, although in some associations there have been serious problems between these signs on the basis of values. In romance, both can be quite affectionate for each other.

Compared to Taurus

These signs are adjacent to each other. Both signs can be very headstrong, which can make this relationship difficult to get moving. Taurus often attracts Aries because of its more exciting and energizing qualities, but both may find something annoying in this association. These signs have quite a differing idea of justice, and of what is right and proper. Taurus natives are more coldly calculated and specific, Aries has more of a compassionate side to it.

Taurus is more passive in this respect, but Aries natives quickly become argumentative and inflamed when they perceive injustice, which in turn can bring out the more difficult, rebellious and neurotic side of Taurus natives. Such conflicts may in some cases escalate and can potentially become dangerous if the association is too close and there is no possibility of (at least temporary) disengagement.

Couple after a fight
These natives quickly become argumentative and inflamed when they perceive injustice | Getty Images

As Aries natives do not keep accounts and usually gladly give a helping hand, they tend to assume the same of other people, but often get rebuffed by Taurus, which tends to feel demands are too high and rewards too low. In romance, Taurus may be a bit more inclined to give in, as infatuation has a way of relieving this rebellious side.

Compared to Aquarius

Although Aries natives tend to go nuts for Aquarius, they have clashes over Aquarius unbridled and contrarian nature. Natives with Aries like things to go their way, and especially have difficulties understanding the unconventional behaviors and thinking of Aquarius.

Both can be headstrong, which can drive them mad over the long run. They can make good friends, as both tend to be rather big-hearted and playful. Both have a good, mostly compatible sense of humor. Both can be a bit childish, but in a way that can be compatible.