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Cancer: Main characteristis and compatibility

Find out which are the main personality traits and the compatibility with other signs of Cancer natives

Cancer is the more familiar, sensitive and protective sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is the Moon. Its natural house is the fourth house. Cancer is based off of the Water element.

Main characteristics

There is a touch of shyness in the personality of a Cancer native, but it is finely mixed with a more assertive side, which can have them appear somewhat authoritarian in some situations. Even so, these natives are usually quite emphatic and responsive to the needs of their surroundings.

The Cancer sign can have some underlying narcissistic elements to it, which can find a more problematic expression in unstable charts. There may be some gravitation to the spotlight, and these natives often like to think of themselves as a kind of princes or princesses.

This sign has active emotions that are constantly changing from one mood to another. At their worst, they may be cranky, sensitive, sometimes even aggressive. It can be difficult to understand them, they are highly influenced (positively or negatively) by emotional patterns. As such, these natives can be rather whimsical and quite unpredictable at times. It is not uncommon for Cancer individuals to have a change of heart half-way into things. 

Family having fun
Family is very important to Cancer natives | Getty Images

They usually have strong maternal, protective instincts, a kind of mother hen. Family is very important to this sign, and these tend to be quite patriotic. They are clingy and do not react well to disloyalty. Furthermore, they usually make bonds which they expect to last forever. Of course, they invest a lot of themselves into these bonds. They are not superficial in most of the things they do.

It is one of the more loyal, conscience-ridden signs. Cancer natives are quite thoughtful, at least while everything goes well. They tend to be rather conservative in its demeanor. Cancer people often long for something exciting and "magical". They are often conflicted between a certain pull to the spotlight and the timid, self-protective side of their nature. They can be pretty dramatic, which can work well for the former.

Cancer is actually one of the stronger signs of the zodiac. In aggressive circumstances, it is normally no less capable than the other creeper, Scorpio. However, they can sometimes be too aggressive in protecting that which is dear to them, perhaps unnecessarily so.

Compared to Capricorn

There is a naturally stressful dissociative 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Capricorn, Cancer is more tuned to immediate physical needs of their surrounding. Capricorn's cold, unemotional stance can sometimes be a bit discomforting for Cancers, but they can appreciate a rather conservative demeanor.

Compared to Scorpio

Although these signs share the same element, this can be a tough relationship as both of them are somewhat domineering and highly emotional, and there may be some clashes between them.

Affectioned couple
Both Cancer and Scorpio have clingy attributes | Getty Images

This can however hold up as both are rather forgiving: Cancer natives seek to forgive and smooth over arguments, while Scorpio's do not get so alarmed over conflicts. In romantic relationships, both are rather appreciative of each other's clingy attributes, which makes them feel assured in the relationship.

Compared to Pisces

These signs share the same element and are usually able to relate to each other. Cancer tends to be the dominant one, and Pisces is more inclined to adjust itself accordingly. Both signs have a compassionate side to them, and are not turned off by excess emotion, with which this association tends to be brimming.

Both sides are rather considerate, although put together there may be such a thing as too much consideration. Cancer is able to excite and motivate the melancholic Pisces. This association tends to be comfortable for Cancer, as it is able to dominate. Pisces may get annoyed now and then by Cancer's bad moods and dominion, but usually appreciates the excitement factor.

Compared to Taurus

Although these signs appreciate each other's more conservative and mindful nature, Taurus tends to be a bit too fixed, perhaps boring for the more dynamic Cancer. Cancer is able to appreciate the reasonable nature of Taurus, and its considerate side can mellow Taurus' more rebellious personality.

This disposition may change when the interpersonal contact is more extensive: When Cancer's moody and dominant side shows through more clearly, serving instead to exacerbate Taurus' rebellious and difficult side. In friendly associations, these signs are usually able to come to an understanding.