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Capricorn: Main characteristics and compatibility

Discover which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Capricorn natives

Capricorn is the most complex, self-collected and aspiring sign in the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Saturn. Its natural house is the tenth house. Capricorn's temperament is based on the earth element.

Main characteristics

Capricorn natives are always doubting, everything seems to be under a question mark until it shows undeniable proof of its validity. This dynamic often serves to undermine their own confidence, making them very anxious about change or taking chances. 

The natural tendency is to look somewhat negatively on things, contemplating at the reasons why things do not work. They naturally have a strongly critical eye and this makes them perfectionists, but helps them avoid dispensable hardship and failure.

As a result of these internal processes, these natives tend to avoid impulsive changes or risk-taking, and usually make an effort to conserve what they have built without risking it. The combination of fear, ambivalence and unaffected nature makes them stay passive in situations where other signs will be more mobilized to action.

This sign is also very sensitive to its image in the eyes of others, and a shyness may reflect off of their terrible fear of making a fool of themselves. They need to be taken seriously, as they usually have some issues of low self-esteem.  This often serves to drive them to big achievements, so it may not be so disadvantageous after all. Likewise, these natives can be somewhat self-conscious and timid at times, and they are essentially reserved, but usually they do not let this interfere with their goals. 

Man looking in the mirror
These natives usually have some issues of low self-esteem | Getty Image

Capricorns are emotionally complex, and this gives rise to the rest of their basic characteristics. The Capricorn influence is rooted in basic deficiencies, which served to mold this personality type. It usually rises from an early setting where love and positive emotional interaction was insufficient, or at least not openly expressed. Often, a parent was too busy or too remote to give proper attention to their child.

The result is a person that attempts to fill their heart with alternatives to love, as it feels kind of awkward to them. This results in Capricorn natives becoming career-oriented, seeking to be respected instead. Although they tend to be more conservative, they do not let society mold them in ways that go against their beliefs and world views or that limits their personal goals, whichever these may be. 

They can be a bit stubborn sometimes, but they are usually willing to consider hard facts. Capricorn individuals may be a bit difficult to delineate, as they tend to evaluate things too much while missing the big picture.

Strong and serious

Although there is often an underlying issue with insecurity, Capricorn individuals tend to have a strong and enduring character, and are usually rather self-reliant. Their personality is more stable under this sign, it is cool and less sentimental. There is also a good degree of self-restraint, certainly when it is in their favor. Capricorn natives are able to withstand great adversity. In fact, in a weak astrological chart, their personality may react badly when life becomes too easy.

Capricorn is a more serious sign. These natives are usually quite ambitious, although not as obsessed as Scorpio, and have a more responsible attitude. They have a no-nonsense demeanor and a sharp wit, and can be rather critical. They have a rather sarcastic humor. Not only that, but they tend to have a professional demeanor, and dislike incompetence or foolishness. They can become mad when other people's shortcomings reflect badly on them.

Woman at the gym
Capricorn individuals tend to have a strong and enduring character | Getty Images

Compared to Cancer

There is a natural, dissociative and stressful 180-degree angle between these signs. Primarily, Cancer and Capricorn differ in their emotional responses to life. While Cancer is driven by the heart, Capricorn is much more driven by the head.

Thus, the more sensitive Cancer native tends to find Capricorns too cold, calculating and unreachable for comfort. In a love match, Cancer and Capricorn are bound to be one of two extremes: they may be opposites in the Zodiac, but they can create an unbreakable bond if they overcome their significant differences.

Unlike Cancer, Capricorns are more concerned with getting external credit, such as in the form of prestige in the work force, than necessarily giving direct care to the needs of the family. Like Cancer, Capricorns tends to be more traditional in their desire for a family nucleus, but Capricorn often fails to give proper attention to this domain, which may bring tensions in such relationships. Furthermore, Cancer is the representation of maternity within the astrological signs, whereas Capricorn is the representation of paternity.

Compared to Aries

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. These signs are fundamentally contrasted in temperament, and it can be quite a funky mix. Aries tends to be more childish and adventurous than the cautious, timid Capricorn. This is an association that brings out the critical side of Capricorns towards Aries' attitudes, which can be quite annoying to Aries.

However, Aries can bring some excitement to Capricorn's usually more bland life, and these natives often share their humor together. This can be workable if Capricorns do not annoy Aries too much. All that considered, together they can really get things moving.

Couple argument
This is an association that brings out the critical side of Capricorns towards Aries' attitudes | Getty Images

Compared to Libra

There is a natural, frictional 90-degree angle between these signs. There can be a problem of tastes between these signs, and both of these natives can be rather critical when they do not like something. Libras are more social, friendly and considerate, and may have a problem with Capricorn's more aloof, calculated and interested demeanor.

Capricorns are much more selective in his social contacts, and can have a problem with Libra's flirty mannerism, which may erode their confidence in the relationship. Both can be quite sharp and snazzy, and often attract on this basis. Their strongest commonality is that of concern with social status and materialism.

Compared to Scorpio

These signs appreciate each other's private, reserved nature and enjoy having someone they can open up to. They share a somewhat dark, calculated and ambitious nature and may well relate with each other. The problem between these natives is mostly with Scorpio's messiness, whimsical and less than reliable nature. Nevertheless, this association tends to be strong and outlive many bumps in the road.

Compared to Gemini

Both signs have a cool and calculating nature, but there are fundamental differences that often make this a weak association. Geminis are more socially active and less conservative, which is the opposite of Capricorns. Gemini's more childish demeanor often gives serious Capricorns a hard time feeling they can really trust a Gemini, and Geminis have a hard time penetrating Capricorn's remote façade and may quickly get discouraged.