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Composite Chart: Your Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Find out more about this particular birth chart compatibility.


In astrology, a birth chart is a sky map of the day of your birth. It shows how the positions of the planets determine your way of being and your character. However, there is another version, called the composite astral chart or the composite chart, which determines the identity of a couple

What is a composite chart?

The composite chart is a way of representing, through the symbols of astrology, the psychological and energy interaction between two individuals. It is very useful to develop a better understanding of the other person so that you can identify the source of tension in your relationship or your marital problems. Therefore, the composite chart is a very useful tool for conflict resolution. Its analysis shows the goals of the couple and the resources that can be used to achieve them.

The composite chart is widely used to understand a husband, a girlfriend or even an ex-partner. However, it also helps you to understand your parents or children, your friends as well as a co-worker or a boss. In astrology, relationships are omnipresent at all levels of your life, whether they are related to your love, family, social or professional life. 

Its purpose is to represent the interaction between two people involved in a relationship (whether it is a love one or not) as if it were a third person, and to discover its identity.

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How to construct a composite chart?

The composite chart works out the planetary midpoints of two individuals (it is the sum of the lengths of the Suns, divided by two, and so on for each point of the people involved in that relationship). This data may reveal weaknesses when it comes to some couples issues.

The composite chart provides information on the nature of the relationship between two people.  Each planet in the composite chart is found at the midpoint between the positions it occupies on both birth charts.

Unlike an actual birth chart, the composite chart may show the compounds of Venus or Mercury as opposite to the Sun or opposite each other. A composite chart should be read as a usual birth chart, but only planets, angles and houses should be considered.

Above all, you should remember that the aspects of the composite chart are interpreted in the same way as those of a birth chart, bearing in mind that what is defined is the relationship of the couple as a whole, not the person or the individuals involved.

The meaning of the astrological houses in the composite chart

The zodiac is divided into twelve houses and each one of them corresponds to a sphere of your life: money, work, love, family, etc. Find out the meaning of the astrological houses in the composite chart.

  • The first house represents what the couple values.
  • The second house shows how the couple handles money and material goods, and how important they are.
  • The third house indicates how the couple communicates. What is their daily environment (siblings, friends), as well as their education and learning in general.
  • The fourth house shows what their home is like; what their roots are and what type of home they will create. 
  • The fifth house mainly refers to children, to the ones you already have or the ones to come. In the usual birth chart, it points out love affairs, hobbies and talents.
  • The sixth house is related to the obligations and responsibilities of the members of the couple, how they work together.
  • The seventh house talks about the perception that others have about the couple, how they judge the relationship.
  • The eighth house lays emphasis on sexual intercourse, passions, and carnal needs.
  • The ninth house talks about the philosophy of life as a couple, about what the common psychological field is like.
  • The tenth house shows the social position of the couple in the community.
  • The eleventh house refers to friends and collective projects, to social preferences.
  • The twelfth house reveals how the relationship will end. In an individual birth chart, however, it talks about enemies, problems, loneliness and secrets.