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Dream Dictionary: What it Means to Dream About Dirty Water

Find out the meaning of dreaming about dirty water

Water is life. People, like the rest of living beings, cannot live without this special combination of oxygen and hydrogen,  which is so essential for our lives and that we use in many different ways. Of course, its main use is that of drinking it, of quenching our thirst and allowing our body to reach the levels of hydration it requires.

We also use water to wash ourselves, the dishes and the clothes, to cook, water plants and do all kinds of daily tasks. Moreover, water can be found in different places, as common as the sea, rivers or waterfalls, even at the water tap in our kitchen or the hose in our garden if we turn it on.

Due to its wide use, water can easily leak (quite literally) into our dreams,  those messages that we receive while we are sleeping, which were considered by our ancestors as warnings from heaven, a message from God (or the Gods, according to the culture), which should guide us in our way of living.

For this reason, the Magic Horoscope’s Dream Dictionary will analyse the meaning of dreaming about water, but in a rather peculiar way: about dirty water,  since its meaning is different from that of rainwater, for example.

Dream Dictionary: What Does It Mean to Dream about Dirty Water?

The first thing that has to be remembered is that water is one of the four essential elements of life, together with earth, air and fire. It is very common for water to appear frequently in your dreams, for both men and women.

In particular, dreaming about dirty water (as mire, for example) is a sign that could be considered unfavourable. Therefore, it predicts a process of uncertainty. It can also mean that the dreamers can be materialistic and that they should think about this when it comes to their actions.

According to the Dream Dictionary, anything that looks dirty in your dreams (like your face, clothes or an animal) is a bad omen.

Dream about Dirty Water: Different Types of This Dream

If we go more deeply into this topic, it can be said that dreaming about dirty water is related to feelings and the way they are handled. Next, we will explain the way you can interact with water in your dreams and which is its most accurate interpretation.

Dreaming about Stagnant Dirty Water

Do you dream about a large surface of stagnant water, such as a lake or a natural spring, where the water is muddy? The bigger the surface you dream about, the greater your worries and problems,  even though you deny their existence. That thorn in your side is hurting you, so you should take it out as soon as possible in order to be happy. Moreover, if you dream about water that smells bad, it means that you are being deceived and that you will get involved in an argument in the future.

Dreaming about Running Dirty Water

Do you dream about a river of dirty water that runs steeply? Then, you should control your anxiety, because you are not dealing with it well, and this is how it shows up in your dreams. Dreaming about a sea of dirty water is also a sign of anxiety, and it suggests that you should free yourself from it.

Dreaming about Cloudy Dirty Water

You may dream about a river carrying dirty water quietly, but also about one of cloudy dirty water, which will increase the feeling of turbulence. Is this your case? The Dream Dictionary advises you to relax, to analyse your decisions well  and to deal with your bad thoughts so that you do not get stuck in your daily life. You must work in order to achieve some inner peace!

Dreaming about Dirty Rainwater

If you have a car, you know that rainwater is not always clean and purifying, but it can also be muddy rain, which can leave your car in a terrible state. According to the Dream Dictionary, dreaming about dirty rain is a representation of something you have done wrong, of the remorse that crosses your mind; it may be because of your bad behaviour towards a loved one, which you are regretting now. How about trying to mend your mistakes when you wake up?

Dreaming about Dirty Water that Springs Up (from a Tap or a River...)

When you think about a river, for example, you imagine it having crystal-clear waters, in a friendly environment. However, in your dreams, the river accidents may carry dirty and cloudy water, perhaps as a result of the mire, or even of pollution.

According to the Dream Dictionary, this is a sign that you are looking for a new beginning, a starting over  of some kind. The meaning is the same if the dirty water comes out of a tap.


We have already explained that dreaming about dirty water is strongly related to your feelings according to the Dream Dictionary.

Be careful, because in general dirt is interpreted as a negative element in your life. However, it may also be your psyche’s way of showing you your soul, those feelings that stain your inner self, which you do not know how to manage,  or what is the best way to get them out and face them once and for all.

This is usually the case with love affairs and family issues when you do not know how to give your brother a hand (or a son, or a father) so that he takes the best path in his life and finds out which doors to close forever and which to open in order to be successful.

In this sense, the feelings represented by the dirty water would be some as basic as anger, sadness, envy or even heartbreak,  which is so difficult to deal with.