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The Earth Element and the Zodiac Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earth signs, learn about their traits and characteristics

The earth element reflects a solid construct, strongly based on sensory perceptions of the material world. The signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are formulated out of this element.

The main characteristics of the earth element

One of the most fundamental principles in this element is the need for security and the sense of stability. Natives of water signs do not like to feel disoriented, and need to get themselves an anchor in something. 

Their consciousness is condensed and concentrated, their experiences forged and consolidated into the personality, which becomes somewhat crystallized and more difficult to change than other elements of the Zodiac. The problem with such fixated personality structure is that restructuring negative perceptions can be more difficult to achieve. In this light, earthy personalities have a certain inactive potential.

The condensed type of consciousness in this element often creates a problem of heightened self-consciousness and sensitivity to self-image. They tend to examine every detail of their physic and have an  excessive focus on image. This type of consciousness also makes for a more calculating demeanor. 

Little girl looking in the mirror
These natives tend to examine every detail of their physic | Getty Images

In accordance with the earthy consciousness, these natives are utilitarian and seek to have real, tangible results to the efforts they put out. They do not like to waste time on inconsequential or highly theoretical things. This element is rather conservative, but also constructive in a cautious, systematic way.

A strong earth personality can sometimes feel a bit "mechanical". Peole with an earth sign may have difficulties thinking "outside the box". Similarly, there is a certain tendency for fatalism. Earthy influences tend to have deep underlying psychological complexes. These natives responses tend to be learned and relativized, instead of instinctual and they are usually tactical by nature.

Venus in Taurus

The influence of the planet Venus becomes apparent in people's patience and naturality, they have the capability to wait for their turn without exasperating. These natives are good at expressing their feelings, they can be creative and passionate. 

Taurus natives value beauty beyond everything, however they are not judgmental and they can see good in everyone and everything. Furthermore, they have great social skills and they will not have any issue trying to make new friends.

Mercury in Virgo

Mercury's influence brings great amounts of sociability for those with Virgo as their sign. They will be impatient for social events and encounters, constantly wishing to meet someone new. These natives always want to be available to initiate new relationships, just for the pleasure of communicating. Furthermore, they share a nervous nature and they are curious about absolutely everything.

Girl exploring a forest
Natives with Mercury in Virgo share a nervous nature and they are curious about absolutely everything | Getty Images

Saturn in Capricorn

Capricorns that are influenced by the planet Saturn love to be alone. They feel more comfortable in solitude and working on their discipline. They may have a somewhat serious personality, apart from being cautious. Likewise, they do not trust people easily and they do not guide their opinions on mere appearances.

Even more, they get when things get agitated or unstable, their biggest wish is to be at peace. These natives are smart and hard-working and they act on taking control of their destiny. They have a very clear vision of what they want in life and how they wish for other people to act.

Love and the earth signs

Generally, people with earth signs take a long time to decide if they want to enter a relationship with someone. This is because they do not want to risk their precious peace for someone that is not a good fit: someone who they can trust and count on forever. This does not mean that they are immune to physical attraction, in fact, they take it into great consideration.

Routine does not scare them at all, they actually thrive when things are planned and stable. They seek to start a family early on and live a family oriented life. Therefore, they can sometimes come across as controlling and possessive.

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