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The Eleventh House of Astrology

Natives of the eleventh house want to make an impact through activism and journalism

The eleventh house is the house of original living and social context. It is the natural house of the sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus.

Worldly focus and qualities

The eleventh is an original house. Unusual experiences are sought in this house. There is a tendency to make unusual life choices and experimenting. Generally speaking, it is more difficult to find focus in this house because of its unstable nature, however a well-defined chart can help there. Some of the more capricious eleventh house natives can find themselves wandering from one workplace to another, often extending through several fields.

This house is essentially associated with social affairs and the course they take. Because of the inherent connection of the house with the Aquarius sign, we will find a certain disposition to rebelliousness and innovation, with a desire to advance society by blending all sorts of ideals.

There is a social aspect to this house, but it depends on the rest of the chart for this to be carried through in its full. For example, a strong Saturn personality may be less socially active than a strong Venus one.

Girl with her arms up in front of the sea
Natives of the eleventh house have a tendency to make unusual life choices and experimenting | Getty Images

The common ground is that the social context within the society they live in has great impact on them, and it often occupies their mind, so that there is at least a desire to act and impress upon society at large in some way.

We will usually find here a lot of the Aquarius sign's eccentricity and "madness", even though a favorable and mature chart might refine and transcend this aspect, carrying it into a more positive place. Furthermore, a certain sensation of mission might prevail. There's often a showmanship element in this house. Persons of the eleventh house may be lacking in self-control.


The eleventh is a very idealistic house, the natives are creating new playing rules, and it brings a unique perspective over the world surrounding them and its desired course of action. These people are living according to their own rules, and are not usually strong supporters of the dominating doctrines around them. They have their own particular way to look at things, and they may attract others who share a same vision.

Ideals here usually deal with personal freedoms, social justice or the way people and human cultures are to act. This house often expresses criticism toward the way the world and the society are proceeding. It might be problematic as far as religion is concerned, because of its more progressive aspect.


Following the strong, particular idealistic aspect of this house, we will find a tendency to rebel against existing structures. The rebellion often starts within the domestic frame, and continues into other areas throughout their lives. In a tough chart, this can lead the individual into very problematic situations.

Strong Saturn influences may sometimes stabilize this rebellious aspect, permitting the individual to lead a more or less "normal" life. Still, it will not dismiss in any way the uniqueness of this location.

Two friends having fun while drinking beer
These people are living according to their own rules and they are not supporters of dominating doctrines | Getty Images

Social activity

The social awareness is most enhanced in this house. There is an intense inquisitiveness regarding the ways of the world. However, within a chart lacking sings of distinctive maturity, the approach will be too rebellious in order to concretize this aspect.

We will find an enhanced predilection to all sort of social activities: team work, intensive participation to different social groups, which domain of interest are usually related to the nature of the house or in line with other preeminent elements of the chart. The chart also reflects the totality of acquaintances and friendship aspects of the individual.


This house has an interest for activism and wanting to impact in these things. This can be especially potent when Jupiter brings strong philosophical convictions here, when Mars further mobilizes the person in this house under such context, or when the Moon is strong and makes the individual want to help protect people through this medium.

On the other hand, Neptune tends to weaken the drive in this niche, although it can bring very high humanitarian ideals when it's not overridden by stronger planets. One of the areas of manifestation for this house is dealing with international organizations or working with them, for example the UN, the Red Cross, even Greenpeace. This is more likely with a rampant Uranus influence and other indications for going beyond the self. The ninth house influence also supports this.

Innovation and Research

There is a tendency to follow new directions in hopes to reveal something unknown to the world, a will to shatter existing frames and to bring about something exalting. The individual has an innovative aptitude in accordance with the house specific perspective.

Girl studying in a library with her laptop
Natives of this house like researching and working with international organizations | Getty Images

More stable charts often reveal an interest in advanced sciences. Especially, charts reflecting great earthiness tend to this direction. Many researchers are located in this house, particularly when Uranus is involved, or Scorpio influences combined with more serious elements such as Saturn. Those with more serious Cancer influences may be attracted to medical research. In less critical and less closed-minded charts, we may find interest in Astrology research.


An active chart and strong positions in this house might lead the individual to special or extraordinary experiences and exotic locations. There is a tendency to adventurous journalism at dangerous places. Similarly, many serious eleventh house individuals opt into the army. This house is also propitious to sportive activity. Cancer individuals possessing a more prominent Mars seem to be particularly inclined to this area.

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Media and Journalism

Communication is one of the interests of this house: bringing knowledge to the public, journalism and commentaries about the world events. They usually bring something new and unique that will allow them to be successful in this realm.

Residents of this house which are strongly influenced by Neptune, particularly in combination with the seriousness of Saturn and Capricorn or the information loving Gemini, will often be inclined to a radio or television broadcasting career. Jupiter might also help push in that direction, even though its preference is pure journalism.