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The Fire Element and the Zodiac Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs and that is why they are impulsive and passionate

The fire element reflects an energized construct, strongly based on lower elemental reactions. The signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are formulated out of this element.

The characteristics of the fire element

Fire signs native distinguish themselves in their great warmth, and their ability to provide light in dark situations. Their warmth and light can be very supportive of life, but when out of control, they can become quite destructive. The inner light of this element can make fire individuals quite self-reliant, confident, self-assured and quite dogmatic. It also makes them self-expressive and highly enthusiastic. Their glowing nature can be quite hypnotizing.

It is the more powerful element, and when used prudently its combustive nature can be harnessed to move mountains. It is strongly reactive, and can be set on rather easily, but when too intensive, the "burning" can be difficult to extinguish or brought under control. 

The fire element can be quite contagious. One fire person is most set-up to light up another fire person. Fire individuals are the least inclined to complicate themselves with excessive thought or calculation. Their responses are instinctual and immediate. They come as they are, and do not question themselves too much.

Mart in Aries

Since Mart is the god of war, these natives are realistic and combative. On the other hand, natives of the Aries sign are impulsive and passionate lovers. The natives with Mart in Aries tend to be very reactive to everything around them, and they show it through their feelings and emotions.

This combination brings a strong desire to live the present. They love to be spontaneous and free. However, when they are not capable of controlling their emotions, they can inevitably become furious and authoritarian.

Couple huging at sunset
Natives of the Aries sign are impulsive and passionate lovers | Getty Images

Sun in Leo

People with the Sun in Leo have the ability to stare with a dominating and penetrating look. They are hungry for respect and they crave the gratitude of others. They need to feel as powerful as possible. These natives shine with the Sun's light and that makes them great guides of the path of life. 

Natives of the Leo sign are great leaders, they know how to firect and organize any space. Furthermore, they are very inclined to the arts, such us painting, theatre and music. They are alway looking for new experiences and emotions.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Out of all the fire signs, Sagittarius is the one that controls better the flame of impulse. These natives are able to restrain their impulsive instincts through the search of spiritual knowledge, that is why they are interested in philosophy and religion.

They are very intelligent and constantly trying to expand their mind. People with Jupiter in Sagittarius have a desire to reach the truth no matter what and to help others. Sagittarius is the most optimistic out of all the zodiac signs.

Magic tricks with fire
Out of all the fire signs, Sagittarius is the one that controls better the flame of impulse | Getty Images

One of their biggest virtues is that they easily learn useful lessons from their experiences. These people need to have adventure in their life, otherwise they get bored and frustrated. For them, it is really hard to understand the meaning of life unless there is fun rewarding after every effort.

Love and the fire signs

The fire signs are passionate because their love is born from impulse. These natives love without having to give it a thought, and that sometimes be good, or bad. To summarize it briefly, their concept of love is extremely linked to fun. What these signs fear more than anything is boredom. Therefore, they put great effort in trying to surprise their partner, and they can be really risky in their relationships.

Their relationships can end up looking like they are out of a romantic novel, because of their ardent passion, but it will only have a happy ending if they do not establish a routine.

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