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The First House of Astrology

The first house determines whether the natives are going to be more emotional, intuitive or logical

The first house is the house of dominance and self-assertion. It is the natural house of the sign Aries and the planet Mars. Everything that is present in the first house influences the way people are going to interact in society. The planets and signs that reside here have a lot to say about how the natives are seeing the world, but also about how they are being perceived by others. This house has a lot to do with self-image.

Worldly focus and qualities

The first house reveals what qualities should have been fostered very early in a person’s life. Even more, the first house is strongly related to the more influential personality traits of the natives and the way they handle personal affairs. This house seems to influence how the natives go after what they dream of in life, helping them to focus on their special talents, though at times it seems to prevent opportunities from unfolding.

People with prominent first house locations can be quite dominant, especially in the areas of the rising sign, and the sign in which those elements appear. They tend to seek full expression of the qualities of their sign. They have a tendency of being superficial and they share a selfish element, although with some signs this may be less apparent.

The planets of the first house could make anyone discover themselves. Therefore, those who wonder who they really are, what will become of them, and how they will achieve success, should study their own potential by analyzing the dynamics of the first house.

Girl getting her make-up done professionaly
People with prominent first house locations can be superficial | Getty Images

Early childhood

This is also the home of early childhood, the period between the first steps of life and also the first opinion that a person has had. Everything about development and points of view starts here, which means that the first house indicates what people are becoming with each passing day, both inside and outside. 

Obstacles may be encountered when you are very young, such as problems with parents, low self-image, and difficulties dealing with others. A dark childhood can make life very difficult for a person, giving them a very difficult start.

In the first house there are many things that can help children become strong and expressive adults, so everything that resides here must be exploited and studied. Both the negative and the positive attributes revealed by the first house make people more aware of their potential and of the obstacles on their path to success. 

People’s personality can be altered by the energies present here, for example childhood illness, a situation that can change the whole game for any individual. The natives of Aries have probably acquired, from a very young age, that the only way to move forward in life is to be aggressive. Therefore, people with ascending Aries should focus on being more independent and open to learning rather than just applying force.

Baby girl with her hands and face painted
In the first house there are many things that can help children become strong and expressive adults | Getty Images

Ego and individuality

The first house deals with the individuality of human beings, their appearance, their personality, their dreams and their strategies for success. This is the house that influences people to be unique, determined and strong. Those who have their birthmark in the first house will try to look amazing all the time, not because they are selfish, but because this is what makes them feel good.

Therefore, it is the house of ego and naturalness, the section that reveals how the natives present themselves, how energetic they can be and what they secretly desire. When studied in conjunction with the sixth house, the first house begins to reveal many details about a person’s health and energy levels.

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