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The Fourth House of Astrology

The fourth house represents the past, family, and tradition

The fourth house is about personal living and care. It is the natural house of the sign Cancer and the Moon

Worldly focus and qualities

During this stage, people of the fourth house must put together all the pieces and integrate them in their value system in order to grow and evolve. This process will shape their identity. Some people manage to keep learning throughout their lives, others do not make any effort and their identity ends up frozen. 

It is not rare for these natives to focus too much on one aspect of their life and forget about everything else. However, this can result into loosing their self awareness and not paying enough attention to their necessities.


The fourth house reveals how much our family influences our personality. Natives of this house usually grow in quite a tight-knit familial situation. There tends to be some complications and entanglements, which make it difficult to break away while keeping a balanced self. Even if they manage to move out of their family home and found a place they can call their own, they will never be able to erase the past, it is who they are.

The type of household they grew up in, the experiences they lived during their childhood, and the relationship they developed with their parents are important factors that shaped their future. Being aware of this can be really useful to fix their personal problems.

Family having dinner together
The fourth house reveals how much our family influences our personality | Getty Images

This house bestows a great desire to help and to heal, to care for people and other beings. It has some association with healthcare, effective especially when the moon is strong and supportive of this direction. There's often an interest in psychology, and indeed this house can be in itself quite the emotional quagmire. Sometimes the focus is more in the direction of life philosophies and even mysticism, especially when Neptune is strong.


When we think about the word "home", we think of the place where we are rooted, our sanctuary, a place that brings us comfort and keeps our loved ones safe. Natives of the fourth house can be too attached to their home and barely leave it.

There's a retiring tendency here, and a great importance placed on privacy. Their home is their shrine, and much attention is directed there. Afflictions to personal planets in this house can reflect dissent and conflicts in the family.

On another hand, they should take care of their "internal home", that involves their emotional needs, worries and fears. It is important that they reflect on their past to find out what to change in the future.

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