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Full Moon in Gemini (December 12, 2019): Special Predictions and Its Magical Ritual

Find out how the full moon in Gemini on the 12th of December will affect each sign of the zodiac

Full Moon
Full Moon in Gemini (December 12, 2019): Special Predictions and Its Magical Ritual | iSTOCK

The full moon is a lunar phase whose uniqueness lies in the fact that almost the entire surface of this terrestrial satellite (considered a planet in astrology) is illuminated by the sun. On December 12, 2019, at 06.12 h (GMT +1), the Full Moon of December, or Full Moon in Gemini will occur, and we explain how it will affect each sign of the zodiac.

Full Moon in Gemini: The Old Gives Way to the New

The one of December 12, 2019, 06.12 h (GMT +1),  will be the last full Moon of the year and will be marked by the magic typical of the Christmas festivities.

At the root of this full moon in Gemini you will feel a collection of emotions because you know that something good is coming. The full-blown December Moon is the culmination and fulfilment of the promises and purposes that were made at the beginning of the year.

The full moon in Gemini promotes wisdom and abundance and invites us to seek our sources of inspiration. We learn to discern truth from lying, and we provide creative solutions to our most immediate conflicts.

The motto of this full moon of December 12, 2019, is that  the old must disappear to make way for the new. If you have experienced various tensions in your life, in any of its spheres, it is time to liberate yourself completely.

Special Prediction: How will the December Full Moon affect each sign?

It's no coincidence that the December Full Moon coincides with Christmas. And it is that their influence renews positive energies and helps men and women to find full meaning to love and union, to goodwill. This will affect each sign of the December Full Moon.

aries logoARIES

The grudge comes out of your heart,  no matter how much damage they have done to you, whether in the present or in the furthest of the past. Forgiveness is liberating and repairs any cracks in your spirit starting this December 12, 2019.

Some natives will once again have a relationship with their ex-partner as friends, wishing that everything will work out for them.

taurus logoTAURUS

You will have the opportunity to complete old projects so that they flourish in the direction of your current desires. In addition, you will maintain some independence that will help you dye your atmosphere a beautiful harmony.

You will focus your energies on your work, and  your efforts will undoubtedly bear fruit  thanks to this full moon in Gemini.

gemini logo


The power of the Full Moon of December will make you be better off with yourself,   temporarily parking some resorts.

Your family relationships will be easy and you can give each other wise counsel. You will learn to take quality time to enjoy yours.

cancer logoCANCER 

The full moon of December makes you very dynamic and ingenious. You will know how to  relativize your problems, and many things whose arrival troubled you will pass without any difficulty.

Your growing vitality and optimism will be your best assets to maintain a dazzling shape.

leo logoLEO 

Your chances of success will be pretty good, and you might be surprised with an unexpected bonus or a business that fills you with excitement.

For some Leo, the full moon of Gemini will have an impact on their nervous condition, and therefore they will be more sensitive and irritable.

virgo logoVIRGO

With the full Moon of December (06:12 h GMT +1 on the 12th) your love will go through a clearly euphoric phase.

Couples' lives will be more passionate. You're going to give and get the courage it takes to be fully intimate in relationships, no more, no less.

libra logoLIBRA 

From this December 12th,  you will be more in love than ever for your partner,  of life, of everything around you.

The full moon of Gemini puts charming people in your way;  let yourself go to make things easier.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

The mistakes you've made in your life have haunted you for a long time, but now you're changing your point of view  and transforming those experiences into lessons.

Now you'll know how to solve certain delicate business problems  that you'd rather leave in the background, looking the other way.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

The full moon in Gemini fills you with vitality, and will look after your health. You start an excellent stage  to take stock of all the small evils that bother you.

Plus,  you start fulfilling the purposes of the new year,  and you'll try harder than ever to accomplish them.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

You will be one of the signs of the zodiac with less trouble  reconciling private and professional life. Surrounded by your loved ones, you will regain your strength on the toughest days.

You will have a melancholy feeling, as you would have liked to share some special moments with some loved ones who are no longer there.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

Those who feel a little lonely right now will change their minds; The full moon in Gemini will help  your partner give you the comfort you expected.

You will be able to avoid misguided reactions, and you will change the grudge for indulgence.

pisces logoPISCES 

You will develop your personal affairs with the common sense that  characterizes you, and feel a little more comfortable in certain social relationships that left you without oxygen.

You'll avoid the risk of maintaining useless controversies that would only torpedo your most ambitious projects.

Magic Ritual for the Full Moon in Gemini

To attract abundance and renewal of energies, at dusk,  light a white candle next to a window in which, preferably, the Moon is visible. Write your name with a pin on one side and recite the following magic sentence.

"On this full moon night in Gemini

I ask to enjoy all its splendor.

With this ritual I ask with longing

may its powers guide me

and fill my life with color.