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Full Moon In Leo (February 9, 2020): Special Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

Find out what the stars predict for you on this February Full Moon

On February 9, 2020, there will be a Full Moon in Leo,  which is interesting to know if you want to make a change in your life.

Next, you will find out what the Full Moon in Leo is like, a special prediction for that day and a magical ritual that can be very useful for you.

Full Moon in Leo: A great ally for magic

The Full Moon in Leo of this year 2020, which will take place on February 9, is very exciting when it comes to making wishes to the universe, as well as to bringing out all your magical power.

During this day, you should be careful with what you say and do. Secrets will be difficult to hide and many comments can have a greater impact than expected.

This day is very good if you want to change your job  or you are planning to move and start your life in a new place. Teamwork will be very useful, as will partnerships with others in order to achieve a common goal.

The downside of this Full Moon in Leo, on February 9, is that it is not a great ally if you want to start a diet or lose weight; the expected results will not be achieved.

Thanks to the Full Moon in Leo, those who are single will be able to find someone to share dreams and concerns.

Special prediction: How will the Full Moon in Leo influence each zodiac sign?

Find out what the Full Moon in Leo predicts for you. Look for your zodiac sign and pay close attention to what the prediction of the stars reveals to you!


The Full Moon in Leo can make you more fickle than usual. There will be quite a few Aries natives who will show a frown. This type of Moon causes mood swings.

So, you will have to pay close attention to this aspect of your life, especially if you are opening the door to love.


Nostalgia could prevail in your heart with the arrival of this Full Moon in Leo on February 9. The prediction points out that things might not be as you wished, that your circumstances are different from those before, but they are not worse!

Chin up,  and you will see that you have plenty of opportunities to change what you do not like, especially in your professional life.


On this day, it is forbidden to surrender. The Full Moon gives you good energy to achieve those goals you had set for a long time. 

You will understand that throwing in the towel is not an option, no matter how many tasks you have to do. If you pay attention to the signs, you will see that your goal gets closer and closer.


Right now you accumulate more tension than you should. Try to spend this day of the Full Moon in Leo more peacefully, and make plans only for those activities that are strictly necessary in your life.

Let everything flow around you, stop looking constantly at your mobile phone or watch, and you will disconnect from what keeps you from moving forward in your life.


On this day, February 9, you can meet someone who gives a breath of fresh air to your life (and even to your heart, in case you are a single Leo). The Full Moon is in your sign and that should be synonymous with good news!

Something you have long hoped for could happen; so, go with the flow and receive surprises with a big smile.


You will be able to manage your time very well.  Also, you will be able to finish some issues that are lasting longer than necessary, according to the prediction of the stars.

Being in a hurry is not your thing, but neither is resting on your laurels, because your level of demand is quite high thanks to the Full Moon in Leo.


The Full Moon fills you with romanticism, and you want to take big steps in love. Be careful, because you could lose your sense of the nearest reality.

Thinking positive has many benefits for you since you like to believe that everyone is friendly and sincere. However, it is not bad to see things from an objective point of view, accepting other people’s flaws (so you will not get unpleasant surprises).


It is time to start saving,  since you have been dreaming about a great trip for a long time, or about a treat that you cannot easily afford.

You assume that your most longed-for projects can become a reality; you just have to give up little everyday things. The Full Moon in Leo will help you in that regard.


On this day, you can invest part of your time in  training yourself in new academic disciplines, which will allow you to aim at a better job, in which you can feel more valued or be better paid. 

The Full Moon in Leo also  gives you a push to achieve new goals in love. If you are single, you will soon see a ring on your finger.


When it comes to finding a partner,  you leave your fears behind as well as that conservative Capricorn. The Full Moon in Leo encourages you to be more daring when you feel attracted by someone.

You have to understand that taking a defensive position all the time and keeping your distance is not the best way to give your heart what it deserves.


On this February 9, 2020, you manage to relax thanks to the Full Moon in Leo. You will be able to forget any kind of conflict that has kept you from sleep.

You know how to change your way of thinking to have a good day (by doing what you like), and that makes you feel like a more fulfilled person. You will know how to create very pleasant moments.


The Full Moon in Leo will place in your path a person who is (or may be, in the future) very important to you; someone who knows how to push you to achieve your goals, or to make you stay afloat in the most difficult situations.

You will be a very grateful person, who will make those people around you feel filled with good energies, and you will show a very marked generosity. 

A magic ritual for the Full Moon in Leo

It has already been emphasized that the Full Moon in Leo of this year 2020 allows you to make wishes to the universe. In that sense, you can do a very common magic ritual to ask for money in the coming months.

You only need to have your wallet close at hand, empty of bills, coupons, credit cards or other items. You must go outside your house, to a place where you can see the Full Moon, and then, shake it for a reasonable period of time (for as long as you see fit), greeting this celestial body with the same intensity with which you would greet a loved one.

You do not have to mutter any spells, just shake your wallet.  In case the sky is cloudy, just shake it. Although, of course, you can say whatever you think is right, or invent new ways to attract luck and abundance with your own rituals.