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Bottom of the Sky: The Meaning of Your Chart's Imum Coeli

Knowing your Bottom of the Sky will reveal your unconscious hidden potential

You're probably acquainted with the concept of midheaven, the astrological point that tells us about professions. But its opponent, the bottom of the sky or imum coeli, gives us the keys to understand the unconscious thoughts that make our path towards professional and personal growth easier or harder to tread. The imum coeli will tell us about our past.

Let's not forget that work is a crucial element to our lives, because it is a way to bring our own essence into the world. We might want to stop for a minute and think about why we've come to this world.

Imum Coeli or IC: what it is and its influence on our natal chart

The Bottom of the Sky, also known as Imum Coeli (IC) or Nadir, represents our inherited identity or subjective outlook.  This is where our inner self will develop in its deepest roots, geared towards confidence. This identity is partially an inheritance; it is a subconcious image of ourselves developed across previous experience cycles before birth, involving the occurrence of genetic conditions or past lives. 

The imum coeli always falls on the fourth house of the natal chart. This astrological house is connected to the past, the home and education.  Here is where the first ideas of childhood come from, which will eventually crystallise within our adult mind. What sort of first experiences did you have and which were the first lessons you had to learn? It could be said that the imum coeli is the inner child nourishing the adult, the energy boost that pushes us into our goals throughout our life.

The opposite side is that, because these are thoughts located far from our conscience, psychologically speaking, the imum coeli is connected with what we're trying to hide from ourselves. The thoughts we reject because we think that they attack who we are, or just fly by unnoticed. At some point during growth, we skip that information.

These unconscious ideas, whether we like it or not, somehow influence our life choices. It's good to know what we're missing!

How to calculate the IC

The imum coeli has a set position on a natal chart; it always falls on the fourth house and in opposition to midheaven, which falls on the tenth house. In our natal chart's calculation we can easily find it, whether it is because the program points it out, or because it can be deduced from the midheaven's sign, because it's always diametrically opposed to it. That's why the imum coeli always lies south of the chart, at its lowest point (nadir), and is part of the 4 cardinal directions in an astral chart.

Imum coeli (IC) in each sign

These are unconscious ideas that somehow influence our life choices. What kind of unconscious ideas are they? In which areas of life will we be more interested? That's up to the imum coeli's sign. It's time to meet our inner child. 

Since house 4 is ruled by Cancer, a watery sign, certain signs will be more comfortably expressed than others. Thus, if the imum coeli falls on a watery sign in our natal chart, such as Scorpio or Pisces, it means that it'll be easier to understand our most unconscious thoughts, because it doesn't hurt to delve into the mysteries of the mind. The opposite thing will occur if the imum coeli is taken over by an earthy sign. Signs like Taurus or Virgo will be quickly upset about everything they can't understand with their senses alone.

Imum coeli in Aries

A deeply independent soul with too much of a thirst for freedom, which ends in useless rebellion. You've always been allowed to do things your way, but that can be a barrier when it comes to society. A liberating IC, but with a great responsibility behind it. You need to handle impulse better because it's hindering your long-term goals.

Imum coeli in Taurus

You always act looking out for comfort, and you've known this since you were little. You need to try not to hoard items that are apparently useless. The fight against the simplicity of shallowness takes a whole life in the making, and it's important to create a critical spirit and a sense of existence of your own. Otherwise, you'll be running the risk of falling into a critical-point neurosis. You're kind of stubborn when you want...

Imum coeli in Gemini

An extreme sense of curiosity moves you through life, but watch out! Energies can fade away without being able to set and specify anything. The rough thing about the IC is that you doubt everything, so you need to find a way to create steady convictions. If your IC falls on Gemini, your intellect will be strong, but it needs proper focus.

Imum coeli in Cancer

The home took a crucial role during your childhood, and it still has it today. Moreover, as an adult you've seen that the world is a nasty place, and that your home is a shelter, a safe haven to return to after a rough day of work. With an IC in Cancer, you might reminisce on past lives through dreams.

Imum coeli in Leo

A Leo IC gives you great creativity, but also a dangerous sense of pride. You need to watch out for arrogant thoughts. You tend to think big and your heart's bigger than ever, but you're making the mistake of expecting others to give exactly the same as you, and that's a rare occurrence.

Imum coeli in Virgo

In the past, you experienced tough discipline at home, and that's a serious influence now. There are shame-related issues that still haven't been fully resolved. If you have a Virgo IC, your goal is to reach depersonalisation and to avoid making appearances and other people's opinions the focal point of your life.

Imum coeli in Libra

You were the classic social kids. Your parents might have been diplomats, or working in the world of teaching. You tend to think of others' needs too much, but it might be a strategy to avoid thinking about yourself more. If your IC is in Libra, you'll have extra motivation to fight for inner balance.

Imum coeli in Scorpio

Intensity is your keyword. With this IC you can't play games, because you're always about to explode. Because Scorpio is a watery sign, this location makes room for great psychologists who make mental research their profession. No matter how dissatisfying life is as an experience, you can always rise like a phoenix on this node. Regeneration cycles are constant.

Imum coeli in Sagittarius

When you were little, you were always moving around; now, as an adult, that constant on-the-go feel is more mental. You like to explore every single idea you deem interesting, but watch out and don't be too arrogant, because you risk becoming a know-it-all. Controlling the fire of passion to focus it on more abstract, long-term goals is perfect with a Sagittarius IC.

Imum coeli in Capricorn

Perhaps discipline during your childhood was too tough, and now you want to see the world under the same scope. If you don't overcome this classic Capricorn rigidity, the world will be too tight a place. You need to let positive emotions have room of their own in your life. There's also a tendency for your bad mood coming out too often, so keep that at bay as well.

Imum coeli in Aquarius

Your inner child is alive and kicking, and with this IC creativity is the wind beneath our goals' wings. You can express yourself freely because, with an Aquarius IC, your family has very likely promoted originality. The problem here is that sometimes we need to focus more and deliver the right answer. You need to refocus all your available talent. 

Imum coeli in Pisces

During your childhood, you might have lived in a seemingly mystical but overly emotional environment. In your adult life, with a Pisces IC you try to make up for emotional excess by watching relationships closely. It's important not to repress the mysterious side of life, and work isn't incompatible with healthy relationships. With a node like this, you'll tend to reject sentimentalism, and there's no such thing as a good extreme.