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Jupiter in the 7th House

How does having Jupiter in 7th house affect your career and relationships?

Individuals who have Jupiter in the 7th house will marry beautiful people. They are generous and usually more successful than their parents. Jupiter makes them fortunate, and they become the best students of life. They really know how to speak, and probably they will leave to explore a country far from home many times. Strongly attracted by philosophy, religion and spirituality issues, they tend to succeed in high society.

Jupiter's natives want to enjoy life to the fullest, but they do not want to stick around when things get dreary, disappointing or just boring. This placement indicates a desire for learning from lovers, much in the way Mercury does.

These natives never have to work hard at attracting a lover or long term mate as Jupiter also represents those places where “luck comes easily”, with little effort, and in this case there is gain through partners, lovers and spouses. 

Love and marriage

These natives are very connected with their own emotions, honest and devoted, they will probably meet someone they really love and come to live a very happy marriage.

Since the seventh house governs marriage, people who have Jupiter in the seventh house can marry more than once. They will feel amazing as soon as their partner enters their life. Their wedding will be like a fairy tale because they intend to spend a lot of money on this important event. Many people will be invited to the occasion, and joy will be the word that defines their wedding day.

Happy couple at their wedding
People who have Jupiter in the seventh house can marry more than once | Getty Images

This planet is the ruler of Sagittarius, which is the sign of philosophy, travel and seeking knowledge, so they may marry someone from a different country and from a whole new culture. Their relationships will be successful most of the time because they are charming enough to convince others that they are always right. However, if Jupiter is influenced by an evil planet, like Saturn, natives may cheat on their spouse and struggle to be loyal.

Work and skills

The fact that they can build any relationship will make them a lot of money and succeed in legal matters. Expect them to work as negotiators, lobbyists, or mediators. In addition, the natives with this placement are good at persuasion and able to earn their money passively.

Individuals with Jupiter in the 7th house can always get what they want by associating with others and gaining public approval. They do not mind sharing their life with someone and can learn a lot from a partner who appreciates them for who they are. Their problems are usually solved because they can talk about things and always prefer to reach an agreement than to keep things under the rug.

Highs and lows

These individuals love to listen and can be very empathetic. This planet can really help them become more attractive to people who are very important in their lives. Those who have Jupiter in the 7th house will evolve more efficiently when they are in relationships.

When they are with someone, they see better through the other person’s eyes. It works the same with their business partners, so their success with money will be greatly influenced by the number of partnerships they create.

Two friends hugging
These natives should be aware of the fact that good things happen to them because they are good people | Getty Images

They have a type of karma that will make them more fortunate than others, but they should be proud of who they are and always be aware of the fact that good things happen to them because they are good people.

Unfortunately, they often find it difficult to be objective and decide quickly. It is beneficial to have a lot of friends, however, letting others decide for them can completely change their fate. It is true that they are not the most organized people in the zodiac, so they should find a way to set their priorities, that way they will achieve their goals more easily.

People with this placement must always stand by their decisions and face those who contradict them. After all, they are charming and able to convince anyone to do whatever they want.

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