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Jupiter in the 8th House

People with Jupiter in the 8th house are enigmatic and very active in their intimate relationships

Natives with Jupiter in the 8th house have strong instincts and have a talent for fixing problems and finding out the main issues in an argument. They love mysteries and are very good with complicated topics and situations.

The eighth house is related to desire, and that is why it deals with sex. These natives are open to one-nigh stands and adventures, they want to have diverse lovers and to have fun in the bedroom. For these reason, they are constantly looking for new candidates.

Enigmatic and reserved

People with this combination usually do not care much about dealing with their emotional issues because these just get fixed on it own with time. Normally, all individuals who have Jupiter in the eighth house are really into mysteries and criminal cases. Learning about this topic is very can be very entertaining for them.

They really know how to create strategies and often use everything they have to bring luck to them. These natives love to study the occult and learn from any mystical teachings, so they usually transmit only positive energies, expecting exactly the same in return.

Woman working
These natives love to study the occult and learn from any mystical teachings | Getty Images

They are popular even if they do not try to be because many people find them mysterious and enigmatic, which makes them want to get to know these natives even more. They are very loyal and dedicated friends, but they never let anyone too close, so none of them friends and relatives will really get to know them. 

Negative influences

In the eighth house, Jupiter can sometimes influence the natives negatively. This means that this combination may cause them to be stuck professionally, which will lead to leaving a life full of bitterness and unhappy. They can become manipulative and careless about the feelings they cause to others. 

Jupiter’s position in this house indicates that they are really fond of children, but they may never be able to have their own. They may be friends with selfish people that will treat them poorly and ask them for money. In addition, Jupiter can influence these natives to have all kinds of legal issues, to do illegal things, and to be on bad terms with their banks and investors.  

On the contrary, if Jupiter's influence is positive, these natives will be very curious about what happens after death and will search for paranormal activity, because they are very attracted to the occult.

Lawyers signing a document
Jupiter's influence can bring these natives all kinds of legal problems | Getty Images

In fact, they will become well-known in the mystical field, and they will instruct themselves on the topic of astrology. When Jupiter is in the fire signs like Sagittarius, Leo or Aries, people with these influences will have better luck and win the lottery or inherit a fortune,  either way they will be rich.

Love life

All natives with Jupiter in the eighth house give great importance to intimate relationships and are very active when it comes to making love. They seek pleasure and will try to find meaningful relationships with their partners. For them, relationships are not just for fun, it is something spiritual that can join two people and create a beautiful union.

If, for some time, they do not find someone stable in your life, they will have sex with anyone who comes along and they will be completely natural about it. People who have Jupiter it in the eighth house are not shy in bed because this is the planet of expansion. In fact, they will focus so much on pleasure that they will forget what it really is to make love.