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Leo: Main characteristics and compatibility

Find out which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Leo natives

Leo is the more impressive, playful sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is the Sun. Its natural house is the fifth house.

Main characteristics

Leos are mostly social, self-confident and playful individuals. They tend to be more simpleminded and lighthearted, more interested in having a good time than hard work or precision. This often makes them less sophisticated, although Neptune may alleviate this.

They tend to be rather enthusiastic, fun and usually have a good sense of humor. Leos may be a bit unrefined or lack some manners, and often have more of a rural character, which gives them much charm. They usually say what is on their hearts, and do not believe in holding back.

The ego is strong in this sign, and although there are signs much more sensitives than Leo, these natives may respond aggressively when they feel that their ego has been bruised. They are naturally self-centered, having a strong need to be the center of attention, although they can be rather big-hearted when in a good mood. They need to feel loved, or they can become irritated and quite frustrated.

Woman and kid hugging
These natives are usually very good with kids | Getty Images

Leos tend to be dominant in most social settings. They tend to be boisterous, especially when both the sun and Mercury are in this sign, and often draw much attention to themselves, good or bad. There is often some form of arrogance in the Leo personality, which can sometimes annoy others and in a problematic chart, perhaps contribute to a downfall. There is much pride in this sign as well.

They usually have a childish twist to them, and quite a creative touch. They are the natural showmen of the zodiac, always craving attention and wanting to play. These natives are usually very good with kids and young people, as they are themselves a child at heart.

These natives do not like hard, or complex work. They want to enjoy life, and will always seek to bring something fun into their life. They can grow quite dissatisfied with difficult life circumstances, especially when their romantic life is dull, and in its frustration may seek satisfaction in inappropriate venues.

Desires are strong in Leo, as it is quite a passionate sign. It also tends to be more romantic in its nature. These natives are usually rather colorful, sometimes even dramatic. Leo tends to be confident in itself and in its abilities.

Compared to Aquarius

There is a naturally high-strung 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Aquarius, Leo natives are more focussed on enjoying positive social interactions, which can clash with Aquarius' rebelliousness. The problem in such relationships is that both signs have something stubborn in them and want to have things their way, which can create much stress.

Couple holding hands at a picnic
There is usually much attraction between Aquarius and Cancer natives | Getty Images

On the other hand, Leo is usually less critical than other signs, and this fits well with Aquarius natives, who despise being criticized. In romance, there is usually much attraction between them.

Compared to Libra

Although these signs may appear to have much in common, especially in their friendly and rather sunny style, Leo is less repelled by vulgarity, in the way Libra is. Leo can at times be a bit embarrassing for Libra. Libra is also more intellectual in its demeanor than the more simple-minded, childishly playful Leo. Nevertheless, this association can be workable as it usually has something fun in it.

Compared to Capricorn

Interestingly, this relationship tends to work alright. Capricorn is well inclined to bring the more adult side of Leo, although Leo never completely gives up the childish, playful side. This works because both signs are on the same level. Capricorn likes to associate with strong, prominent individuals that are well-established socially, and Leo often attracts to Capricorn's exclusive and mature personality.

In a close relationship, this association can become a bit lusterless for Leo natives after a while, even if they make an effort against it. It is not so idyllic for Leo long-term, but this has a way of holding on.