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Libra: Main charcteristics and compatibility

Find out which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Libra natives

Libra is the most friendly, socially minded sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Venus, on its airy side. Its natural house is the seventh house. Libra is based off of the Air element.

Main characteristics

Libra is normally a very sociable sign. Its natives are quite concerned with their social environment and seek to impact. Normally, they aim to bring some sense of balance. They are somewhat intellectual in demeanor, and surely do not like boring people. This sign has a natural flirtatious inclination, and these natives are usually charming in character (unless the astrological chart is very difficult). 

Libras like to see fair play, and usually do not take well displays of unkindness. Like Taurus (both are ruled by Venus), the sign of Libra generally reflects refined senses, which normally do not bode well with unsightly things With heavy negative indications, the Libra individual may lose the balance of this sign, but this often comes at a price of internal torment. Libras often have a rather ostentatious appearance.

Libras tend to be quite indecisive, often taking too many things into consideration, and procrastinating making decisions or acting on them. A strong influence by Mars can assuage this with some restless impulsivity, but then the person may wind up making mistakes. A strong Mercury set-up in the chart can help to override these natural Libra issues.

Rich woman in a wardrobe
Libras often have a rather ostentatious appearance | Getty Images

They usually draw to people with open, fun personalities who are not prone to acting disagreeably. Normally, they try not to act immorally, even if this involves bending the truth to a degree. In romantic partners, looks usually take on a great importance.

Libras can sometimes reflect other people's behavior, and although they do not usually like conflict, they can find themselves acting in ways they do not like around negative people, often rendering them extremely unhappy (especially in a chart with sensitive elements).

Libra is usually quite a considerate sign, unless Mars is prominent which can make the individual only appear to be so, or reflect the individual's use of diplomacy as a tool to get what he wants. This sign's natives tend to love themselves, and can have a somewhat supercilious demeanor.

They can be a bit too delicate and take things to heart. Not only that, but they can be a bit silly sometimes, and are fascinated by art. Libra is usually an open-minded sign, willing to listen to what others have to say.

Compared to Aries

There is a naturally high-strung 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Aries, Libras are much more considerate and fair. They can be attracted to Aries' firm confidence, enthusiastic and assertive character, but these natives' inconsiderate, infantile and insensitive ways can strain such association. There are often many arguments between these signs in close relationships. Otherwise, an Aries can be rather exciting for a Libra.

Couple having an argument
There are often many arguments between these signs Aries and Libra | Getty Images

Compared to Leo

Libras are ofthen attracted by Leos, as its natives are usually into strong individuals, that way Libra natives balance their own indecisive nature. Usually, Libra natives seek fun and excitement in their relationships, and that is a thing that Leos can easily supply. Nonetheless, Libras can have a problem with Leo's somewhat selfish demeanor, and may sometimes be embarrassed by certain lacks of manners in their personality.

They can also be annoyed by Leo's adamant mentality and dominance in decision-making. In some instances, there may be some issues of trust, as both signs have flirty inclinations. Nevertheless, these signs tend to match up alright.

Compared to Pisces

Although both signs can be quite considerate, Pisces tends to be more self-effacing and passive in the face of many things that would set off Libra. Libras like Pisces' considerate demeanor, but may be dumbfounded by its puzzling emotional nature. Libra natives want to understand people, but these signs seem to have a hard time understanding each other. It may sometimes seem as if they are talking Chinese to each other.

However, there is often something magical in this association, although there may be more fantasy than substance. There is often an issue of decision-making between them, as neither sign is especially decisive.