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Mars in the 9th House

Natives with Mars in the 9th house are very enthusiastic and live life to the fullest

People with Mars in the 9th house are very interested in practicing intellectual activities. These natives are always open to share their opinions, they would stop in the middle of the street and talk to the first person who is willing to listen to them. They are constantly thinking about travelling, although they do not always plan a real trip to their destinations, but they are happy imagining themselves there.

These natives are open-minded  and in love with heated arguments, but at the same time they do not always respect the opinions of others. This can make them seem cynical and mean, especially when they use their honesty and make cruel jokes. Some people will like them for this, while others will think they go too far. 

They are always looking to fight for a cause until they no longer burn-out, they can be fanatical when it comes to their beliefs. It is easy to recognize them, because their laugh has a special sound, which comes across as very sincere and contagious. They are very likely to succeed in their career and live a very honorable life.


Natives with Mars in the 9th house wish to spread their wings and fly away. Always moving around and planning trips, they may forget to attend meetings or that they had plans with someone.

Girl laughing
These natives have a special laugh that sounds very sincere and contagious | Getty Images

These people will always make good jokes and make others laugh, their passion for life will be unparalleled. It is as if they could change the world with their optimistic and careless character. They know that you can only live once. For these reason, they will jump out of a helicopter, go skydiving and take all possible risks just for the fun of it.

Discipline is a word that is not in their dictionary, so if they want everything to go smooth, they should take a break and organize their schedule every day. However, they have infinite energy that can be very useful if they decide to do something constructive and interesting with it. 

Desire to explore

The natives with Mars in the 9th house will be more honest and open to sharing their opinion  when others consider their ideas important. This can be a good thing if they influence others positively, especially if they do not try to change people’s minds.

These people love to talk about different topics  and even contradict what they say. They want to travel to discover new cultures. If someone wanted to take to space in a ship, they would not hesitate to accept and make the best out of it.

Person at the top of a mountain
They are the type of person that wants to travel to discover new cultures | Getty Images

Every country is a new opportunity for them to learn and develop their personality. The job of explorers suits them very well, because it is one of the biggest pleasures of their life to find out how things in a completely different part of the world.

They may want to move to a remote place, a city or town that makes them feel interesting compared to those who stayed in their hometown. When they move, they may adopt a new religion or learn a new language. What they will discover on their trips will make their mind richer, and they will get to know people's behaviors better through all the experiences they get along the way.

They must be careful not to impose their beliefs on other people, and to understand that there is no absolute truth that works for everyone. If they respect this, they will be able to satisfy their thirst for knowledge in a more efficient way.

Love life

When it comes to sex, they love to play, and they have a lot of resistance, attempting to make love a sport. Sometimes they can be way too honest and raw. They can make people laugh with a good joke, but also make them cry with a hard truth. Many will find them attractive because of this and the way they express their feelings. The person who makes them laugh with all their heart will quickly become the love of their life.