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Mars in Gemini: How it affects your life and personality

Natives with Mars in Gemini are playful and smart, they are never unprepared

Natives with Mars in Gemini are playful and sporty. These individuals often have a seething, restless pool of energies and are often on the move, playing games and doing exciting things. However, their impulsivity may have bitter fruits.

Therey have a nervous tension that allows them to be good at sports. Their muscular coordination is good, especially their hand-eye coordination. They have agile fingers and manual dexterity. Their arms tend to be strong as well.

On the other side, they may be less gifted in activities that require subtlety and caution, as their attention may waver. A strong Mercury with no difficult aspects to these planets may help assuage this. In a misguided chart, they may use their personal power in mischievous ways. These natives do not take well to boredom, and usually lack patience

Personality traits

These natives are always on guard, they are constantly trying to avoid confrontation. They come up with crazy excuses to leave when things get difficult. They like to be prepared before an argument and to know what they are getting themselves into. Likewise, they rarely make decisions based on what their heart tells them

Those born with Mars in Gemini are smart and resourceful people. They like to research and compile every piece of information in order to find a strategy and help them proceed. This means that these people like to be prepared for any kind of situation.

Group of people discussing some documents
Nothing excites these natives more than a good discussion | Getty Images

Nothing excites these natives more than a good discussion, they love to interact with other intellectuals. One of their favorite activities is brainstorming. However, they have trouble expressing their emotions and talking to other people about things that are not academic related. It can be hard to have a conversation with them, because their mind is way faster than average.

They do not care about leaving things unfinished and start new projects right away. Their enthusiasm motivates them to keep going and to keep boredom away. However, they play it safe when it comes to work and finances. Nonetheless, if they want to obtain great things in life, they need to concentrate and try to be more organized.

Love and relationships

Love is something that the natives with Mars in Gemini value deeply. In order to have a good life, they need to socialize and keep their mind active. The qualities they look for in a partner are intelligence and spontaneity. They tend to change lovers pretty often, so they never spend much time with the same person. For them, sex is just one of the many things in life that are fun, they do not really take it seriously.

They are known to be very good kissers, and they enjoy dirty talking. They will be attracted to anyone who is able to stimulate their minds and, therefore, impress them with their thoughts. Not only that, but they will probably cheat on their partner and will never be able to remain completely faithful in a relationship. If their partner tries to put them in a cell, it may result in aggressive fights, and they will not hesitate to leave as fast as they are done arguing

Man staring a ta woman with at the beach
These natives tend to change lovers pretty often | Getty Images

Women with Mars in Gemini

These women are so smart that it is difficult to find something that they do not know. These natives are very good observers, and they are able to tell if someone is being real with them or not. Some people find these natives intimidating, because they have a lot of confidence and will always make the first and boldest move.

They may have two different personalities at once. The first one is very mysterious and reserved, and the other one is sweet and sexy. This last one will show when they are with the right person. Privately, they will love their partner with all their heart and try to adapt to their desires, but they need to remember that no one has to pressure them into changing.

Men with Mars in Gemini

Men with this combination are friendly and enthusiastic, they know how to talk to people, and people will love them because of their fun nature. These natives are very respected by their friends and family, but they can be very reserved with their thoughts and emotions.

Once they fall in love, they will learn to open up and trust their partner. Usually, these men do not wait much to pop the question, and soon they will be engaged to their other half.