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Mars in Taurus: How it affects your life and personality

Find out the personality traits of the natives with Mars in Taurus

Natives with Mars in Taurus are calculated and they place great importance on material things. They inherit Taurus' hedonistic side, they have a stable nature, and they are resilient.

This is a fallen place for Mars to be in, and as such, these natives sometimes feel lackluster. They have difficulties starting new projects, which causes that other people consider them lazy. However, they can feel more energized with things that relate more directly to their passions, or with things that offer instant gratification.

They are harder to get angry than those on other Mars locations, but they can be very harsh when they are annoyed. These natives tend to hold grudges, and be extremely intolerant and unkind with people who have done them wrong. This Mars' anger tends to be more rational, and it does not normally lash out without some clear and sound reason. 

They often have a difficult time saying no to their sensual appetites, although these are usually not as extreme as in other locations. They usually take great pride in their sexual prowess, and are very sensual in that domain.

Women chilling at her coach with a glass of wine
Natives with Mars in Taurus sometimes seem lazy to other people | Getty Images

Calm and methodical

These natives have a calm nature, they are not very energetic or active. However, they can be aggressive if they cross them, in these cases, they have to try to control their temperament. Something that really makes them mad is when others joke about their purchases or how much they have spent on something. They work really had to obtain what they want, and they will not let anyone take that away from them.

People with Mars in Taurus have very fixed ideas, and they refuse to listen to their friend's advice until they have no other choice. When things get ugly, they turn to those who are closer to them, family members or people they consider mentors. Since they are very methodical and independent, talking to someone else about their problems will help them to see things from a new perspective.

Securing a comfortable future

People with Mars in Taurus are known for being very hardworking. They make sure that they are doing everything that is in their power to secure a good future for themselves and their family. The influence of the planet Mars gives them the spirit to fight fort comfort and financial security. In addition, these natives are very practical and have a very clear idea of what they want in life.

They enjoy being surrounded by luxurious things, and they want their house to look like a museum, but to be comfortable at the same time. They will spend money happily if they found really original and interesting pieces of furniture or decoration. 

People at an art gallery
These natives want their house to look like a museum | Getty Images

When it comes to their career, they usually have a tradition job that does not imply much risk. Because they are really concerned about finances, they are never satisfied with their salary, but they understand that they have to go through stages, and eventually they will feel better about their income.

Faithful lovers

Natives with Mars in Taurus are looking for a partner for life. They are very patient and will not get involved with someone they do not consider good enough for them. Their ideal lover would be someone very focused on their goals, but at the same time relaxed. When they do commit to someone, they are dedicated and possessive

They are faithful and will never lose their integrity. That is why they value that their partners respect them and can get jealous if they see their other half has a special connection with someone else. When they notice that the relationship is not at its best, they do not lose faith, and they count that things will work out just fine at the end.