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Mercury in Gemini: How it affects your life and personality

Natives with Mercury in Gemini consider communication and intelligence of great importance

Mercury in Gemini natives are rather fun, they consider communication and intelligence of great importance. They have a tendency to rationalize and compartmentalize everything. Later, they jump to conclusions without taking enough care in the examination of the little gray details. They want to understand things unequivocally, so they often look at it in blacks and whites, and may occasionally demonize people they do not understand.

Their mind can become overactive and can cause them difficulty in relaxing, certainly when there is much going on in their lives. In a negative chart, it can make them natural liars. Taurus influences can help soothe the mind a bit. When the Sun is in Taurus, the fundamental values tend to be more traditional, which can alleviate some of this.

When Mercury is in this sign it makes the native's mind quite dynamic, but memory is less exact, and there is a tendency to alter the original story in a way that is more appealing. This is not necessarily a deliberate process, but is more about the way these natives store things in their own memory. This makes them natural story-tellers, but less reliable.

Personality traits

These natives are very smart, everyone they meet is impressed by the way they use rich vocabulary and by how quickly they process information. Sometimes, they may express things at a too fast pace, which can make others avoid talking to them because it is difficult to keep up. However, they have very interesting things to say, and when it comes to science they support all their arguments with valid facts extracted from reliable sources.

Girls studying together
Every person these natives meet is impressed by how smart they are | Getty Images

Their mind is filled with a million thoughts at once, that is why it is hard for them to focus on one thing at a time. Now and then, they take the time to read about current events and form opinions on worldwide issues. Unfortunately, their intelligence can cause these natives to get bored really fast if their brain is not stimulated enough.

These natives have the ability to communicate their ideas and debate them with strong arguments. They have a strong sense of humor, but their logical thinking can result in insensitive jokes because they ignore other people's feelings and emotions. Even when they are making a conscious effort, it is almost impossible for them to remain in complete silence, they just are not able to close their mouth.

They are interested in various topics, which allows them to excel at any profession. In fact, they are not only knowledgeable in academic matters, but they also study human behavior and are able to identify someone's weakness right away. They do not mind being called know-it-alls because they combat criticism with sarcasm.

Men with Mercury in Gemini

Men with this combination are honest and open, but they will reveal just enough to avoid ending up too vulnerable. Eventually, they will let the other person know them better, once they are no longer nervous. They rather not talk about their emotions because if they do, they tend to lie, so it just better to not talk about it at all. When it comes to communicating with their partner, this can be seen as a flaw.

Man with his arms crossed
Men with Mercury in Gemini will attract many people with their mind and wisdom | Getty Images

Natives with Mercury in Gemini fear commitment. However, they will attract many people with their mind and wisdom. They will choose their lovers wisely and will only accept someone who is going to understand that they want some independence.

Career wise, these natives will probably work in the sector of public services or sales. Probably, the reason they would enjoy these jobs is that they involve interacting with people and getting to see new faces every day.

Women with Mercury in Gemini

Women with this combination are stimulated by intellect and need to have meaningful conversations in order to be entertained. They are able to guess what a person might like, and that is why they have lots of friends. Communicating is their talent, so they can discuss any topic, from astrology to sports. For this reason, their friends are very diverse and have different interest and hobbies.