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Mercury in Pisces: How it affects your life and personality

Natives with Mercury in Pisces are good at communicating and very perceptive

Pisces is a more hushed, secretive, mysterious and somewhat confusing location for Mercury. The natives with Mercury in Pisces can be quite tendentious in their opinions and communication methods, and may sometimes be misleading. In a more aggressive chart, they can be quite dishonest.

Personality traits

People with Mercury in Pisces are perceptive and sensitive, which means that they are sometimes attracted to psychic science, like telepathy. Their sensitivity helps them connect with the supernatural world and forget about rational facts and arguments. When they are dreaming, they are able to see things the way they are. Their imagination is their best arm.

These natives are always day-dreaming, and that can make them seem distracted and lazy. However, they are extraordinary at absorbing information and have a wonderful intuition when it comes to other people's feelings. This allows them to be gentle with emotions and to see only the good in others.

They are not the most work driven natives, they have a hard time concentrating on a task for a long period of time. Not to mention that they live in a world of fantasy and are very impressionable, so the smallest distractions will undoubtedly make them lose track of what they are doing.

Woman working with a laptop
These natives have a hard time concentrating on a task for a long period of time | Getty Images

Communicative and open

Generally, natives with Mercury in Pisces will get the chance to comprehend the art of communication, better than anyone. In addition, they are open to try and learn about psychic abilities. They are able to see auras and gather information just by being in the same space with someone. They are open when it comes to talking about the things that upset them. These skills will help them on their way to become famous poets or musicians.

Apart from that, they are very talented listeners and can empathize with anyone that is brave enough to talk with them about feelings. People look forward to chatting with them when they feel anxious or stressed because these natives always know how to relate to someone else's pain.

It is difficult for them to process and store what they consider boring facts, like shopping lists, historical dates or presidents' names. This can cause them real problems if they forget something important related to bills or work. Nonetheless, they are excellent narrators, they are the best story tellers and they always surprise and impress their audience.

These natives have trouble remembering logical facts, and that makes it harder for them to understand how institutional things work. At times, they may feel sad about this because they feel like people take advantage of their ignorance.

Two friends chatting
These natives are very talented listeners and can empathize with anyone | Getty Images

Men with Mercury in Pisces

These natives are intelligent and distracted. They struggle to make decisions and to decide on a short time notice, this is due to Mercury's influence. Because of their communication skills, these men will always know what to say to make their lover feel better, and it is easy for them to know what their partner is feeling.

Women with Mercury in Pisces

These natives have a strong maternal energy and have amazing emotional intelligence. They can make people feel better just with words, and are really interested in what others have to say. Furthermore, they are great with confrontation and uncomfortable situations. These natives have learned how to defend their ideas and convince others that they are right. 

These women are curious about spirituality and science. They believe there has to be a higher power, but they have not decided what or who it is yet. They try to avoid drawing quick conclusions, but they are naturally emotional and impulsive people.