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Mercury in Scorpio: How it affects your life and personality

Learn more about these natives who are determined and capable of great mental concentration

Natives with Mercury in Scorpio are active, perceptive, resourceful, determined, positive and inventive people, capable of great mental concentration. They are direct and to the point, they say exactly what they feel and refuse to keep back. This intuitive ability is strong, and they are capable, at times, of profound insights into the real nature of people and events. 

Occasionally, their mind can be dominated by strong emotional desires that can overrule their thinking. They enjoy mystery and uncovering the stark truth in all situations. It is likely that they have a leaning towards the occult arts. Their mental disposition is ideally suited to work of an investigative nature, research, psychotherapy, psychiatry, police or detective work.

Intense and intuitive

Natives with Mercury in Scorpio are known for their ability to retain information and focus on a task. They take advantage of their skills to detect the true motives of those around them. However, they do not spread this information around for everyone to know, they keep knowledge to themselves. Many people consider them mysterious and enigmatic. 

These natives are very honest and will not soften their opinions in order to make others feel better. If they do not like something, they say it. That does not mean that their criticism is not constructive, they give excellent advice and have a good sense of what emotional intelligence is. Therefore, they would make great psychologists because they have a talent for analyzing complicated situations.

Woman reading a book on stairs
Natives with Mercury in Scorpio are known for their ability to retain information | Getty Images

Communicative skills

Nonetheless, people will think that these natives are not worthy of their trust due to their reserved nature. No one ever knows what is going on inside their head. On the other hand, they do not trust other people either, they can be extremely paranoid and think that everyone around them has as secret plan to go against them.

These people value the truth more than anything. Likewise, they get really happy when they learn more about other people's feelings and expectations, even if they hate to talk about their own emotions. They love to research and be able to introduce new topics in a conversation. They may be too intense with words and cause people to feel hurt.

Men with Mercury in Scorpio

These men were born to excel at their job, but at the same time they have a great sense of balance that helps them keep their social life. If they find a person they truly love, they will motivate them to succeed in their field. They will write them the most passionate poems and make sure that their partner feels protected above all.

Men with Mercury in Scorpio have a hard time approaching people that they are attracted to, they need the other person to take the first step. Not to mention that they will only open up to someone who is educated and that can take care of them. They will need some encouragement and advice from their friends during the early stages of a romantic relationship.

Man and woman on the bus
Men with Mercury in Scorpio have a hard time approaching people that they are attracted to | Getty Images

As a partner, they can be very romantic. They love to make their other half feel important and special, but they need the same energy in return, or they will eventually give up on the relationship.

Women with Mercury in Scorpio

These natives are dangerous and fierce. They believe that the best way to punish a traitor is revenge, and will use every secret against those who have crossed them. However, it would be very beneficial for them to be forgiving and treat people with kindness and empathy.

Furthermore, these women should use to their advantage their communication skills to create relationships that are authentic and healthy. When it comes to love, they are looking for innovation, and they will look around until they find someone that is interesting enough for them.