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Mercury Retrograde: Meaning, Effects and Dates 2021

You've heard of it, but do you actually know what it means? Find out here, in the Magic Horoscope!

Perhaps the printer in your office has stopped working and you hear someone say that it's due to Mercury Retrograde, or maybe in social media, from time to time, someone advises you to do a backup copy of all your files because Mercury Retrograde is coming. The thing is that, in the last year, this astrological phenomenon has achieved a lot of fame, but it has also been surrounded by an aura of unnecessary alarmism.

But,  what does it mean that Mercury is in Retrograde? In the Magic Horoscope, we'll explain why it isn't a bad thing, but a necessary and natural one. However, before going into detail, we need to understand some things:

What is the meaning of Mercury in astrology?

First of all, we need to know what does Mercury represent in astrology. For the Romans, this planet (whose equivalent in Greek mythology is Hermes) was represented as a winged god, the messenger of the gods, characterised by his eloquence and wit with trades.

Astronomically, Mercury is the fastest planet to complete a spin around the sun (one year in Mercury are only 88 years in the Earth!).

That's why  in astrology we associate Mercury with the communication between mental coordination (both spoken and written words) and the transmission of ideas. It represents the way in which we think and interpret the things that happen to us. It rules the movement and action of moving from one place to another, too. Its field is deductive logic: it understands, but it doesn't go deeper into it.

What does it mean that a planet is in Retrograde?

When a planet is retrograde, it means that it is moving backwards from a heliocentric perspective (that is, from the Earth's view). Obviously, the planet is following its sidereal movement, but to us, it seems like it's going in reverse.

When this happens,  the energy that this planet represents will be manifested inwards (that is, within us), instead of outwards.

Therefore, it's a period of introspection in which we can reach conclusions and details regarding some aspects of our personality and abilities. We can observe our behaviour on what the planet in retrograde represents, and reflect on how to improve it.

What is the meaning of Mercury Retrograde?

When Mercury is in retrograde (which occurs three or four times a year), our oral and written expression isn't as fluent as it usually is. We have a hard time expressing and making ourselves understood, hence it is likely that we get involved in many misunderstandings. Our mental agility drops and we find it more difficult to understand simple ideas and concepts. In fact, our thinking becomes slower and more reflective, less impulsive. We'll struggle to learn and we'll tend to examine how we communicate.

There are also problems regarding means with the purpose of establishing communication between people: media, social media, digital messaging services, emails, electronic devices that allow you to have conversations, or even printers when you need to print your exposition for that so important meeting.

Commercial transactions become slow and likely to go through some mistakes in contracts of sale and agreements. That's why it's so important to read the small print of any contract that you sign during this time, so you can avoid clauses detrimental to your future.

Short distance movements will also be affected by the possibility of delays, technical difficulties or cancellations.

The professionals with the bigger impact on their careers are teachers, writers, travellers, salespeople and communicators.

Advice for Mercury Retrograde

Here's the best advice to come away unscathed and without any inconvenience from Mercury Retrograde:

- Use this energy to your advantage by  analysing your own perception of the world. That is, what are the first thoughts and ideas that come up in your head when something happens: is your approach positive and calm, or your thoughts offer resistance and judgement and your emotions become marred?

- Take this opportunity to reflect on the way you communicate with others and yourself. Are your words kind, or are you always complaining? Do you share constructive opinions and ideas? When talking to yourself, do you use compliments or insults?

- If you intend to communicate via internet, either instant messaging or email, check twice (or thrice) that the recipient is correct and the message is as clear and understandable as possible.

- If you go on a trip, make sure that you bring all the required documents with you. In addition, scan a copy of them, in case you lose the original papers.

- Confirm that your laptop and mobile phone are completely charged before leaving your house, especially if they're your work tools.

- Make sure that your vehicle is in optimal conditions before using it (check the oil, tyre pressure, petrol, etc.).

-  Read carefully all the documents you have to sign: lease contracts, employment contracts, financing, marriage, divorce, loans, etc. If you can take them home for a more thorough examination, even better.

- Inspect the purchase and return policies when you buy something.

- Try to avoid having important conversations that could lead to misunderstandings.

And last but not least: be patient. Communication, movements and commerce are the cradles and the pillars of human civilisation. The fact that our thoughts are blurry and some devices stop working shouldn't be an excuse to curse or fear Mercury Retrograde.

Dates for Mercury Retrograde in 2021

Now that you know its meaning and effects, we can finally see the key dates. Grab your diary or planner and write down when and which signs will have Mercury in retrograde during 2021:

- From 30 January to 21 February in the sign of Aquarius (22 days in total):

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius will make us ponder the inventions that we use as a society to communicate and review our plans long-term plans. It's a good time to get back in touch with old friends, despite the possible misunderstandings. This retrograde movement will definitely affect devices and technology.

- From 29 May to 22 June in the sign of Gemini (24 days in total):

Mercury retrograde in Gemini  gives us the opportunity to examine our inner dialogue, in addition to a break that allows us to revise our projects related to communicating or trading. It also brings attention to the way in which we organize our ideas and how to improve them.

- From 27 September to 18 October in the sign of Libra (21 days in total):

Mercury Retrograde in Libra involves inspecting how we communicate with our romantic partner or in a contractual relationship (for example, business partners). There might be arguments in marriages and breakups, but also reconciliations and encounters with past loves.

And remember, Mercury retrograde shouldn't be feared but used to our advantage in our personal growth!