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How is your Spiritual Guide talking to you through the Mirror & Reversed Hours

Do you see strange coincidences in the clocks or in the numbers? Discover what are the angels and you spiritual guide are trying to tell you

Have you ever noticed a strange coincidence when checking the time? Have you seen it perfectly matches both the hour and the minutes? Are they symmetrical? Or, may them are exactly reversed numbers? How true is that when you see both symmetrical or asymmetrical hours, your spiritual guide or the angels are talking to you? 

We have the answers of these questions and more! Discover what mirror and reversed hours mean and how to know its meanings and messages from the Universe.

What are mirror and reversed hours?

Let's start from the top: what are these puzzling terms of mirror and reversed hours?

A mirror hour is the reflection of the same number  in a digital hour when it comes to hours and minutes, separated by the colon, such as 10:10. Instead, a reversed hour shows two numbers inverted, such as 02:20. The climax of this phenomenon is when your watch dials 00:00.

This article intends to solve a mystery that comes before many people who usually see mirror hours and reversed hours unusually frequently. Raising your eyes and watching the clock just when a mirror or reversed hour shows up could be just a funny coincidence, but... what happens when this coincidence occurs repeatedly?

No wonder you're starting to question why are there so many coincidences, and whether there's an actual higher power, maybe the angels, trying to convey a message. You're not too far off... Keep reading.

The messages behind mirror and reversed hours

There's a plan from God that sets your fate and mission in the world, but the bustle of daily life and your duties often stop you from paying attention to that plan's signals. That's why those clock coincidences are a wake-up call through which heavenly forces are trying to send an important message across to you.

And now, you're wondering how can you know what the angels are trying to say through mirror and reversed hours.

There is a whole theory around numerology and the meaning of numbers, and this can be applied into your relationships with others, your love life, your projects, dreams, behavioral patterns and personality. You just need to apply the meaning of numbers into the mirror or reversed hour of which you catch a glimpse.

The messages behind mirror hours

Every hour there's a mirror hour, and if you're lucky enough to see them a few times, pay attention to their messages through number meaning. To make it easier, here's  a guide on the messages behind mirror hours. 


0 represents nothing but also limitless potential. Your guardian angel is sending you a message: get rid of the weights that condition you, because you need to make a crucial choice.


Within the world of numerology, 1 is the number of ambition and leadership, and if you look at the watch at 01:01, that's a call on you to take on your projects more decisively. Also, your angel's telling you that someone loves you, but it also signals isolation and loneliness.


Number 2 represents duality, couples, love and friendship. In this case, your relationship with others grows intense, and if you match the mirror hour of 02:02, listen to your angels: someone could be hiding something from you. Be very wary of ambiguity.


Seeing this hour on the watch hides a crucial message: don't trust people around you. Number 3 is the symbol of communication and sociability, but your angel wants to warn you about toxic relationships, and encourages you to get aware and active.


This mirror hour is a symbol for warning, a game of power, strength and violence. Number 4 represents stiffness and a lack of flexibility. If you see this hour plenty of times, don't think twice and guard yourself: someone's conspiring on your back.


Attention, because this hour has a very interesting interpretation: someone's dying to win your heart over! Yes, someone you know is in love with you, but number 5 is also connected to expansion and pioneer ideas. Keep your feet on the ground.


Number 6 represents sensitive, loyal, loving people. When you see this hour many times take it seriously: your guardian angel is encouraging you to love yourself better in order to evolve, and tells you that someone cares deeply about you.


7 is the number of intellect and wisdom, so through matching that mirror hour, your angel advises you to use your self-knowledge and make the most of it. And pay attention, because a light-eyed person feels something special for you.


Be the kings and queens of your own life. This is the message behind the mirror hour of number 8 (a symbol for money, ambition and boldness). You're close to a great change, but you can't be too trusting, because everything could turn against you in the blink of an eye.


Research and humanity usually hide behind number 9, the symbol for altruism and idealism. Your guardian angel encourages you to stop being so vain and offer more good things to others. You're on the path to get a beautiful friendship.


The mirror hour of 10:10 has a very positive message: the time has come for love! It points to self-confidence and fortune coming your way, and your angel is communicating with you to tell you someone's in love with you, and that you need to find the right path.


As it happens with 00:00 and 22:22, they are crucial times because 4 digits match each other. Hour 11:11 is the boosting of love to the extreme, and the angels are warning you that you run the risk of suffering greatly.


Attention when this magic hour comes, because it's the right time of day to make a wish. This hour opens up endless opportunities, and the angels advise you to sharpen your wits and intelligence to make the most of your potential.


Mirror hour 13:13 materialises the realisation of wishes and gets you closer to your dreams. Your effort is rewarded, and you feel satisfied with yourself. You also need to connect with your inner self and be more spiritual.


It's the time of persistence and restoring your self-confidence. If you feel frustrated or have experienced failure and you see this time on your watch, pay close attention: don't stop trying, because persistence is the key to success.


When you see this mirror hour plenty of times, you're forced to get rid of laziness and excuses, and unleash your passion to the fullest. The time has come for pleasure and attraction to come into play. And be careful, because your ex is back in the game...


When this mirror hour shows up on your watch, your angel is giving you a great piece of advice: there's too much negativity inside you, and the more you get rid of foul feelings, the more you'll attract others.


Pay close attention to this hour, because it points to sudden relationship issues.  What can you do? Your guardian angel is trying to tell you to use your inner strength to overcome all your issues.


Matching this hour is a synonym of understanding everything that love means, the sacrifice it entails, and how to enjoy it. Use your maturity wisely and live your relationships under a more relaxed vibe.


Patience has its rewards, and when you match 19:19 you need to understand your angel's message: be more patient and take things more calmly. Remember that your angel is always there to listen. 


This hour calls for discretion: the less flashy you try to be, the more you'll call attention. In fact, if you see that time, listen to your angel's announcement: someone you like will show you what requited love is.


The appearance of 21:21 is not just a coincidence, but the prediction of the arrival of something big, a change that can bring success into your life. Receive your rewards after plenty of effort with full hopes in your heart.


This mirror hour comes before a very important call from the person you love. But it also demands you to keep up with your constant effort to help others. You'll receive anything good you give.


This hour is a wake-up call: your partner needs your attention and you need to be closer and more communicative. On the other hand, you should continue to believe in yourself.

The meaning of reversed hours

When you look at the clock and there's a reversed hour, you can also use the advice that angels send you from another dimension when trying to communicate with you. Here's a practical guide to use that to the fullest.

A hand clock open on a wood table
Which are the main mirror hours and how to know its meaning | Canva


This hour sets the arrival of love and kindness into your life, blessings you should humbly embrace to extract all the good things they can give you. Your life experience will be shaken by a positive event.


If you're expecting medical results, a trial's resolution, the data from a professional project, or an important decision as far as your love life is concerned, matching this hour predicts there's good news coming through.


You send out a tremendous sense of attraction, and you're so attractive that someone looked your way,  but for some reason you ignore them. Get rid of complimentary elements that stop you from seeing what's really essential to your life.


This reversed hour tells of betrayal, but this time you're the main culprit. Heavenly forces demand that you give up on trickery and disloyalty. Be honest to others, because betrayals can end up turning against you.


A nice surprise is about to burst into your life, and it'll turn your daily life into a special, awesome adventure. But you need an open mind and a ready heart to receive everything that's about to come.


A warning call comes from the afterlife if your eyes fall on 10:01, because there's a message about your partner or crush thinking of someone else. Make an effort to get their attention back.


There's a conspiracy lurking behind you, and you don't know, but a person from your environment is talking badly about you. If you see this on your watch, open up your eyes and be careful, because the angels are warning you that you're the object of betrayal.


Careful with this reversed hour, because if 13:31 is on your watch, you need to know that something bad's about to happen. Nothing you can't overcome with your willpower, but you need to stay alert.


If you're looking at the watch and it says 14:41, the angels are calling on you because you'll soon find a valuable object, either materially or sentimentally, and you can use it to fill your life with abundance and satisfaction.


If you stumble against this hour out of the blue, listen to the angels' message: you're creating a feeling of love and desire on someone else's heart. Someone wants you to fall in love.


You have a powerful force inside you, you're wonderful, and somewhere in the world, perhaps real close, someone's missing you dearly. If you still don't know and see this hour on your watch, you'll find that someone's missing you.


When you see this time on your watch, think of your guardian angel: they're watching out for you, your safety and bliss. You'll feel them closer than ever, and a special connection will occur between you and your guardian.


Highly useful advice is hiding behind the reversed hour of 23:32. Although you feel extreme love for someone, they're toying with your feelings. Don't let anyone make fun of your emotions,  and love yourself a little more.