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The Moon in the 1st House

These natives have a very strong intuition and a bold attitude

The Moon in the first house points to an individual of strong sentimental character. This is the kind of person who gets watery eyes when watching a "Love Story" kind of movie, listening to romantic songs, or watching a photograph of a wounded dog. These natives are the crying and jealous type, especially when the moon is decreasing.

Natural healers

When it comes to these natives, intuition is quite strong and a bold attitude will grow with the moon, turning to being dull when it is full. This effect will decrease with the moon. And it is even stronger when Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces are ascending, though it will tend to be softer with this last one. But the reactions will double if Neptune is well influenced by the Moon.

These people are great administrators and are capable of making a full banquet with just some crumbs of bread and a few spices. They usually tend to save for a rainy day and most likely they will keep a few coins or paper bills hidden away in a tin or under the mattress which they would pull out in emergencies.

Mom and son with flowers
They are good healers, natural, traditional, family motherly types | Getty Images

They are good healers, natural, traditional, family motherly types, but tend to be mean when no earth signs like Capricorn or firm planets like Saturn, Jupiter or the Sun are well-placed.

The Moon in the first house will give a woman all the traits of a goddess. With some natural magic powers and an easy flowing mind. The Moon commanding the first house will make males shy away from the center light and act low profile on behalf of a stronger, more egocentric personality. They are good counselors to rulers, executives and generals. Their personality makes them work anonymously, and prefer to work at nights with their natural alchemy.

Most likely they will keep all sorts of useful things they will never use in their garages, drawers and boxes. Even little papers, notes, letters and recipes they will never need. But when they find a missing button in their old jacket, sure enough the ascendant moon will bring an exact replica found several years ago in some drawer.