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The Moon in conjunction with Mercury

Find out about the planet conjunctions and how they affect your life and personality

The Moon in conjunction with Mercury reflects a vision and communication style that is clouded by emotion, often creating a more dramatic effect.

Main personality traits

Under this aspect, the natives' communication tends to be more intense because of the emotions invested, and they may be considered a bit aggressive or overwhelming sometimes. These are usually more open people, more willing to discuss their feelings. Naturally, discussing emotions can be more dramatic in nature because of the intensity of the charges involved.

Similarly, it can be said that these natives are unable to separate their feelings from their tongue and accordingly, they may say the most inappropriate things at the worst time. Their communication style tends to be very spirited, with touches of childishness to it, and may not be everybody's cup of coffee.

These natives' feelings also affect immensely the thought and perception, which are influenced from their past and may seem out of context. Their thinking can have more traditional or conservative undertones. This aspect can make it hard to be truly objective. However, Uranus sometimes helps. These natives may make decisions on an emotional whim, and live to regret them.

Girl talking
These natives are unable to separate their feelings from their tongue | Getty Images

They are usually quite confident in their opinions, even when they are unbalanced. On a more positive note, the memory can be enhanced by the retentive effect of the moon on Mercury, and so serve them well in some contexts, although they may also hold on to viewpoints even after these lose relevance. Similarly, they may have a hard time giving up the image they have of other people and really forget the slights.

They are able to make normal decisions even when emotional, although they may generally have difficulty making solid cases because their convictions are mostly emotional. There may be some tendency to jump to conclusions in order to give credence to what they feel.

The natives may be picky with the facts. They can be poor in judging other people's intentions, and may take offense from something that was not intended to be offensive. The aspect may make them more sensitive to criticism.

Their communication style is usually more emotional, perhaps dramatic, which can make them entertaining. Unless the Sun reflects a more skewed value system (e.g. Neptune influences to The Sun), communication tends to be more authentic in nature, although they can get carried away in exaggerations. They may be fascinated by history and cultural things. People's welfare is often on their mind.