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Moon in Aries: How it affects your life and personality

These natives are emphatic, energetic and have difficult relationships with their mothers

Natives with the Moon in Aries are rather emphatic, energetic and powerful. This location places importance on activity and getting things moving.

Personality traits

The emotions of these natives tend to be strong and somewhat aggressive. Emotional responses can be quite powerful. Therefore, it can be a difficult location as these natives are quite excitable. There is an independent streak that has been developed as a result of a childhood that required them to spend time alone. These natives are not fainthearted, and usually do not avoid conflict.

They can be quite vocal themselves. This aspect can prepare the native to get into sports. Furthermore, it can make their personality a bit overly dramatic and restless at times. They are in danger of burning themselves out. When in a bad mood, they tend to be rather destructive in the sense of acting against their own self-interest, especially in interpersonal relationships. In this context, they tend to conduct themselves in a less than civilized manner.

Mother issues

This location usually reflects that the mother has been rather dominant, assertive, vocal and somewhat independent. In some cases, the mother abandoned the child altogether. The natives with Aries in Moon often have difficulties getting along with their mothers. However, if Aries is particularly strong in the chart, they may actually relate to her under their own Aries qualities.

Blonde mother and daughter
The natives with Aries in Moon often have difficulties getting along with their mothers   | Getty Images

Major Sun-Moon contacts may also have the natives give in to their mother more often, keeping a higher esteem towards her. Neptune contacts can have a similar effect. Whatever the case may be, these people usually do not hold resentment towards their mother. They are usually not ones to hold grudges, they just draw away from people they do not get along with. Nonetheless, if they have a difficult chart, these natives may be more contradicted and less passive about this.

These natives' motherly side is big-hearted, but also quite demanding. This can potentially lead to much arguing, especially if the native does not feel appreciated. There tends to be issues with guilt, as they have a certain sacrificial element in their personality. They want to help people, especially their families, but may get bogged down and feel exploited in that way.