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Neptune in Sagittarius: How it affects your life and personality

Natives with Neptune in Sagittarius wish to live a life without any concerns or responsibilities

Natives with Neptune in Sagittarius are childlike people who wish to live a life without concerns and responsibilities. They are addicted to social interactions and will encourage everyone around them to adopt their point of view and just unwind. They take part in activities that other people may consider outrageous, but the truth is they have a very flexible personality open to new opportunities and with a lot of potential growth.

Personality traits

Those born with Neptune in Sagittarius look for perfection. They have a hard time appreciating the flaws in others, but they should come to terms with the fact that those imperfections can be admired too. This lack of perfection encourages the appearance of pessimistic tendencies and anxiety attacks, which these natives are very prone to experience. 

The only thing that can really impress them in life is to have an epiphany or a spiritual rebirth. This happens when they reach a point where they are very open about religious and philosophical debates. It will do them good to focus on these skills and to establish their goals and desires. This way, they can forget about everything they hate and work towards their dreams.

Experiencing new things is always a good idea, it helps them fulfill their fantasies and makes life more gratifying. It also provides them with a better sense of self awareness and overall enthusiasm.

Three people competing
Natives with Neptune in Sagittarius can be very competitive and impulsive | Getty Images

These people can be very competitive, and they are always waiting to see what will be their next big thing. They love being impulsive, and they get easily inspired by people who are able to have a diverse and fun life. When they engage in a conversation, it can quickly turn into a debate that they are determined to win. They are very passionate about certain topics, and they will discuss them at any given chance, even if by doing so they are offending others.

Phylosophical and personal beliefs

Those born with Neptune in Sagittarius have the potential for realizing the higher levels of communicating in the areas of intellect, philosophy and religion. They are infused with the vision of enlightenment in the realms of religion and philosophy, and they use worldwide media with the purpose of sharing their constructive ideas.

On a more personal level, they expect automatic emotional fulfillment to come from following a philosophy. It offers them the choice of accepting or denying the commitment to rise above blind philosophical belief and finally stop relying on others. They will reach fulfillment if they allow personal experience in the real world to transform and expand their philosophical ideals.

Relationship issues

These natives can be very pessimistic and that can affect their romantic relationships. They overthink everything their partner does or says, but they never analyze their own actions. When they suspect that there is something wrong with their partner, they try to find out what it is and fix the issue right away. 

Couple holding each other
These natives are hopeless romantics and they wish to have a relationship based on respect, love and tenderness | Getty Images

They tend to base all these theories on mere intuition, but they should focus on facts and arguments to support their accusations. All these issues would be immediately solved if they lowered their unrealistic expectations, and that way they would stop getting disappointed.

However, they are hopeless romantics, and they wish to have a relationship based on respect, love and tenderness. Life never gets boring when you are with someone with Neptune in Sagittarius: they will invite you out every week, plan travelling trips and adventures and brighten up your mood with a flower bouquet every once and then.