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New Moon In Sagittarius (November 26, 2019): Special Prediction For Each Zodiac Sign

Find out the influence of this November New Moon in Sagittarius on your zodiac sign.

New Moon
New Moon in Sagittarius: Special prediction and ritual | Magic Horoscope

 Are you wondering about the next Moon phases? Then pay attention to November 26, 2019. At that moment, there will be a New Moon in Sagittarius and, if you wish, you can benefit from the influence of that lunar energy to improve things related to couple issues. In what way? Certainly, not in any manner: the stars encourage the creation of new relationships, but of sensible ones that are destined for success.

The following article will explain what the arrival of the New Moon in Sagittarius entails and how it influences each zodiac sign. In addition, you can find a small and simple ritual that can be performed at home if what you really want is to attract love to your life.

New Moon in Sagittarius: A new era for love

The New Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, November 26,will be very positive for all love relationships as well as for any matters related to feelings of affection, family relationships and friendships.

This is an ideal opportunity to examine your current situation and find out the things that are wrong as well as to wonder what path you should follow next when it comes to those issues. Do not forget that every act has a consequence, and that you cannot act on your first impulses if you do not want to mess things up.


Special prediction: How will the November New Moon influence each zodiac sign?

Would you like to know how this Moon phase will influence your zodiac sign? Then pay attention to what we explain below.

aries logoARIES

This new era allows you to reconnect with lost love contacts, Aries. You have the feeling that a fleeting romance of the past could turn into your future happiness. Even if things go well within your married life, remember that it is not bad to show yourself vulnerable at some point, and that you are not immune to mood swings and jealousy.

taurus logoTAURUS

Sometimes you think about getting into new love relationships, Taurus, perhaps for fear of getting bored with what you have right now. Due to the influence of the New Moon in Sagittarius, you will be afraid of superfluous relationships that become more serious. To minimize the risks in long-lasting marriages, you should bring more tenderness and fantasy to your relationships.

gemini logoGEMINI

The New Moon on November 26, 2019 offers you a great opportunity to enjoy your daily life, Gemini, as well as the pleasure of your relationship. You become more liberal, forget jealousy or quarrels, and give your partner more space. It is time to renegotiate some rules that have become obsolete and make it clear that pleasure should not be feared.

cancer logoCANCER

Your ambition, Cancer, is awakened with the arrival of this New Moon in Sagittarius. You want to impose your point of view and opinions on love at all costs and you find it hard to be flexible. You will not be the best negotiator. In fact, your spirit becomes somewhat rigid and dictatorial. A little humility would suit you in this cycle, because, even though you have all the right in the world to be successful, you must admit that you do not have all the odds in your favor to achieve it.

leo logoLEO 

Be careful, Leo, the path to love is not clear during this New Moon in Sagittarius.  You will have to be wary of your surroundings and find out who are those people that are trying to make your happiness incomplete. There are envious quarrels of the past, perhaps jealousy. You will have to keep in mind that your heart may not be in the best moment for a new relationship. Only take that ship if you are certain about the destination.

virgo logoVIRGO

You will have good mental strength from this November 26, 2019, Virgo. The New Moon gives you a stroke of luck and, thanks to it, you will overcome the fact of being lovesick, painful break-ups and everything that stops you from smiling. Your morale rises, you will love yourself more and you will avoid toxic people.

libra logoLIBRA 

You will worry more about your current relationship status, Libra, since you fear that the glory you taste now will not last forever. Calm down: there is no need for you to put a Band-Aid before you have a wound. You should know that the November New Moon will bring a fairly favourable period for you, although you will have to work on the virtue of patience. Your love relationship will become stronger, but it will happen little by little... as long as you play fair and frankly.

scorpio logoSCORPIO

You will notice how the New Moon on November 26, 2019, pushes you into the delights of love, Scorpio, while you are waiting for the arrival of more serious and intense matters. Sometimes you will also be interested in people related to your work field, which can complicate some situations. In general, you are a lucky zodiac sign and you will do your best to maintain an atmosphere of sweetness and harmony in your married life.

sagittarius logoSAGITTARIUS

You will have little room for error when it comes to this November New Moon, Sagittarius: your partner will not let you mess things up, so be very careful about indiscretions, dangerous seduction games and jealousy. Single people will know how to take advantage of the situation to steal the heart of the person they want, just at the right time.

capricorn logoCAPRICORN

This stage will make you dynamic and enterprising, Capricorn. You will be willing to give and receive affection. You will be successful when it comes to love affairs, and you will know how to manage both your family and work life very well. At the same time, you will grow your own secret garden, because you know that you need your own space. Your sociability will allow you to initiate new friendships, and some of them will come to stay until the end of days.

aquarius logoAQUARIUS

You will work much harder to take good care of your children, Aquarius: you will give them good advice on how to lead their lives and you will teach them valuable lessons from your own experience. This New Moon will encourage you to show greater toughness when it comes to human relationships and a tendency towards conservatism. Beware of being extremely possessive.

pisces logoPISCES 

You will have a hard time dealing with your emotions, Pisces, since you can be an extremely jealous zodiac sign, even tyrannical, towards your spouse or partner. With such an attitude, it will not be easy to find a person willing to have a relationship with you if you are single. You will have to relax, for only then will you know how to show your magnetism and your brilliance.

A magic ritual for the New Moon in Sagittarius

When we enter this phase of the New Moon, it is possible to feel the change of energy in the atmosphere. Those people with a high level of consciousness will feel an elevation of their mind as well as the feeling of being recharged and ready to undertake new challenges.

As it has been mentioned before, this New Moon in Sagittarius is all about love influences, so if you want to take advantage of this, get a red or pink candle, which is the most suitable one when it comes to love relationships. 

Burn some incense and, using a pin, write on the candle your name and that of the person you love. In case there is no one in particular in your heart, if you are opening yourself up to a new opportunity to love, instead of the person’s name, write: “the perfect person for me”. Light the candle and say out loud:

“Moon, messenger of love, be my guide in life. Bring me the right person and the happiness I hope for”. 

Wait for the candle to be completely consumed and bury its remains in a flowerpot or in your garden.