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The Ninth House of Astrology

The ninth house symbolizes philosophical beliefs, higher education and exploration

The ninth house is the house of philosophies, ventures and global awareness. It is the natural house of the sign of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.

Worldly focus and qualities

The ninth house deals with philosophy and awareness to the wide world around us. There's great inquisitiveness towards the world and the global environment, and as such, the ninth house natives often dedicate considerable time to exploring the news and getting acquainted with the issues of the day. They may well seek to explore other countries in their craving for new experiences and the expansion of their awareness to the world.

Being a falling, cadent house, similarly to the opposing third house, its natives may reflect somehow of a volatile character and will prefer to adopt, especially in their latter years, a simpler lifestyle. They have a tendency to wander from day to day with no particularly high expectations, unless more ambitious elements are apparent in the chart. Unless there are severe afflictions in the chart, this house's natives will have strong moral convictions.


A strong focus in this house is establishing fundamental beliefs and an overall philosophical attitude toward life, which will enable to define goals accordingly.

This set of beliefs will be reflected by the planets present in the house of the natives, as well as their aspects and the sign they fall in. In the absence of planets within the house, this necessity is likely to diminish. However, a certain picture or set of beliefs whatsoever might emerge from Jupiter location and its aspects.

Couple browsing on a laptop on the sofa
The ninth house natives often explore the news and get acquainted with the issues of the day | Getty Images

There is a holistic tendency to merge comprehensions regarding the surroundings into one bigger and somehow meaningful picture. Accordingly, and especially under Saturnine influences, there is rejection of any discordant aspects that do not settle with this picture.

Religion and politics

In general, this house is telling us about an individual's beliefs, and people of this house often like to engage in faith matters and fundamental questions relative to life and the world.

Even though religion is considered as a niche in the ninth house, under the influence of Neptune or Pisces, Saturn or Sagittarius we often find expressions of religious or spiritual beliefs in the natives' life. Earth signs tend to be less inclined to delve in this niche, unless Jupiter is strongly influential in the chart.

With a significant focus here, we often find an interest in politics, since politics by definition are the philosophy of State Governance. This concern is more legislative by nature, rather than actual management of the state, which may be more of a tenth house issue.

Activity within the political realm will depend on the situation of the sun in the chart as reflecting fundamental values, as well as the level of energy emanating from the whole chart. A strong Saturn may contribute to this aspect.

Someone reading a book while following the lines of thext
The natives of the ninth house may reveal a profound affection for reading | Getty Images

Law and justice

There is a pronounced philosophical interest as to what is right or wrong, what is just or unfair, and usually it will be important for these house members to remain loyal to those concepts all their life long. We might find a certain occupation with law and justice, such as advocacy or order keeping and law enforcement.

Higher education

With emplacements in this house, natives have a fervent will to reach wisdom and knowledge of the world and what beyond it. A tremendous interest will be displayed as to the ways of the world, an endless quest to consciousness and intensive will of comprehension as to processes and finality. With the Sun or Mercury in the house, an individual will reveal a profound affection for reading.

The ninth house is related to higher education, more sophisticated subjects than the third house. In a mature and broad-minded chart, the individual might find their way to university. Air sign planets are well-inclined in this domain and may use high education to really advance the individual in life.

Often, the ninth house natives can be found to engage in discussion of sophisticated subjects. This discussion can sometimes bring forth new ideas in their mind, which may fuel other niches of this house. Many ninth house personalities have brought powerful theories into the world.


There's often a strong exploratory drive in this house, a curiosity, a more energetic restlessness and yearning to experience something new: see new places, meet new people and unravel new information.

People walking at university
The ninth house natives can be found to engage in discussion of sophisticated subjects | Getty Images

The more childish charts actually tend to hook up to this niche more than the other ones of this house. Earthy personalities are somewhat less inclined to physical movement in travel, but more so from passivity rather than any lack of desire. Instead, they explore and "travel" on a mental level.

The ninth house is connected with overseas matters, since natives have an aspiration to broaden their world image, they have an intense interest in foreign cultures. Usually, it will be important and enjoyable for the individual to travel abroad and absorb a different ambiance.

When personal planets located in this house are afflicted in the chart, the individual may feel a burning urge to wander, especially when his life has not been following his desirable course. In such cases, we might find migration to other countries.

Self-promotion and big projects

In line with the philosophical outline of the ninth house, an individual will be ardently inclined to self-promoting and more intensely fostering his personal views and opinion, according to the set of beliefs reflecting from the house locations.

Consequently, people with strong emplacements in the ninth will tend to go very far with their life. In a well-focussed chart, the native can push themselves with some sort of big project, really get things going. In case of imbalance, this house will be related to propaganda and preaching of negative ideas.

Traveler woman with a backpack looking at a mountain
These natives have an aspiration to broaden their world image and an intense interest in foreign cultures | Getty Images


Many enterprises are born out of the ninth house. It usually requires a strong Mars influence, the more focussed it is the better, and other fiery indications can support it as well. In conjunction with eighth house influences, it may indicate a deeper kind of research and unearthing of information.

With Capricorn, it can take the form of a full-fledged enterprising company, but these kinds of endeavors are more expeditious and animated than they would be, for example in the managerial tenth house. The undertakings often touch on ninth house issues, especially international proceedings. The earthy signs tend to fix it more into place, but does not negate the possibility of any foreign correspondences.

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Publishing and advertising

Together with the tenth house, these are the highest visibility houses and where the tenth under Saturn's rays is more career oriented, the ninth under Jupiter's rays has been associated with "spreading the word", whatever that word may be according to the belief system or intellectual orientation.

Similarly, there are many writers of this house. Actual work in this domain is more common with the excitement-generating fire signs and Jupiter influences.