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The North Node: Meaning by Astral Chart House & Sign

The meaning of your North Node will give you the keys to personal growth

north node
The astrological north node: meaning by astral chart house and sign | Magic Horoscope


Your birth chart is a powerful self-knowledge tool, but it's so complex that we can only profit from it to the fullest through continuous, constant study. Today we'll tell you about the North Node, an Arabic point in the astral chart that's not very well-known, but very crucial to our life path.

We'll show you what it is, how to locate it, and its meaning depending on the zodiac house and sign where it lies.

What's the astrological North Node?

The first thing to know is that since there's a North Node, there's also a South Node, and they both make up what is known as the lunar nodes. We might not usually hear about this concept in astrology because they aren't planets, and thus don't appear on an astral chart as such. They are two mathematical points where the elliptical path of the Moon towards the Sun gets cut, from the Earth's point of view.

The North Node, also known as the dragon's head,  is connected to karmic astrology. This means that our soul takes a path on Earth, piling up on life baggage in every reincarnation. Our past experiences are stored in the South Node, which is also known as the dragon's tail. This tail is connected to our past. The North Node or dragon's head tells us about our life obstacles instead so that we can lead a fully-lived existence.

lunar nodes
The North Node is the 'dragon's head' in lunar nodes | Magic Horoscope


The goal of existence is to overcome tests to eventually reach a higher state of conscience above matter, to not reincarnate again. That's why the metaphor is a dragon: the North Node or dragon's head looks forward, while the tail or South Node flees from the path of past lives.

Therefore, the North Node's meaning is closely tied to giving up our comfort zone. We've come to this life to work on skills we haven't exploited in previous cycles. It's a conscious effort to experience new chances and progress along that path. It encourages us to stop being reactive and start being proactive, to build where life is uncertain. It takes great emotional training to break the shell.

How to calculate the North Node

The North Node is one of the parameters that show up when calculating your birth chart. Today, there's plenty of sites that show this information in a quick, easy-to-understand way.

But assuming we already know our North Node and we just met someone our age, it would be easy to find out their North Node, because the node axis takes about 18 years to move through the 12 signs. That's why generations are after similar goals. Besides, it moves backwards; that is, from Aries/Libra to Pisces/Virgo, Aquarius/Leo, and so on.

The North Node's meaning by zodiac sign 

The question to ask ourselves is, how to turn our life in the direction of our fullest development? The zodiac sign represented by the North Node gives us clues about how to realise our soul in this life.

North node in Aries

We should give up all the consideration we have for others, and focus on ourselves instead. This doesn't mean we should be selfish, but now life wants us to create more independent instances. We shouldn't ever miss out our goal.

North Node in Taurus

This is a call to stability and to leave confusing situations behind. Life will always bring unexpected changes, but it's up to us to face them calmly and with class. We need to work on properly handling our finances to reach that much-desired stability.

North Node in Gemini

Philosophy is important, but even more so to specify ideas and using them for our personal goals. We need to give up quackery so that our intelligence and training, oftentimes self-taught, help us reach new heights. Siblings have a crucial role in the growth of our path with a Gemini North Node.

North Node in Cancer

We should take the lead of our emotions. In other lives, we've been cold and authoritarian. Having learned our lesson, now's the time for the heart to grow to develop balance. Situations in life will be intense and very emotional, probably from the time we're born.

North Node in Leo

It's time to work on creativity and pride in our work. Talent should be at the service of high-aspiring gials, which we'll definitely reach with effort and a burning energy. Work can help us improve our environment and inspire anyone around us.

North Node in Virgo

We should choose our sacrifices and the people we serve very carefully. Working on our practical sense will bring ultimate bliss, while taking us away from chaotic thoughts that hurt us deeply. Even if we're after the goal of being selective, it's very important that we never forget about giving love to those who are truly worthy of it.

North Node in Libra

Our goal is to embrace the needs of others while developing our full mental potential. There's an excellent mind able to harmonise between other people's interests and our own. This makes us very likely to reach ultimate bliss. Couple relationships are an important source for enriching experiences, whether they're good or bad.

North Node in Scorpio

In our past lives we've focused on the material side of existence too much. Our goal now is to embrace the unknown to raise our spiritual strength. This position provides us with strong experiences that will make us fall into serious crises, but we'll defeat them and remain convinced that when it comes to life, the only constant factor is the ever-seeming change of reality. This Node takes us to an unparalleled sense of wisdom.

North Node in Sagittarius

We've got a tendency to adapt to everyone else in order to be accepted. There's a real need of making your own vision to life, based on the truths unveiled from a reasoned, experienced point of view. There'll be many people with great intellectual capacity, and we might even let ourselves fall under the guiding wing of a spiritual master whom we'll have to overcome sooner or later.

North Node in Capricorn

We need to overcome our childish tendencies. It's hard to grow up and give up our home's sheltering protection, but once the initial obstacles are off, we are called out to do the work of our life, whatever it takes. Professional realisation is very important, and a great deal of our energy will be focused into this goal, which is extremely satisfying. Great indexes of self-reliance will be reached, and that'll bring us a sense of mental peace.

North Node in Aquarius

In this life we should learn to develop our personality and goals, but without being arrogant about it. There's great doses of creativity, but it's also essential not to lose our main social environment, because it's the only way for humility to always stick around. We need others' help to feel rewarded.

North Node in Pisces

We should let ourselves go with the current of life, because we wanted to control everything in the past. Now we need to express our artistic skills, to give ourselves to others fearlessly, and to experience life in its most spiritual side. There'll be those that make us change our point of view, and culminating experiences with this Node are transcendent.

The meaning of North Node for each house 

The astral house upon which the Node lies refers to  the area of life where we should be more confident and balanced, because that's when we definitely leave our comfort zone behind, and then our soul can learn an important lesson or two.

House 1

Learn to trust your own personality. Sometimes, we can be our worst enemies because of self-criticism.

House 2

Learn to trust your inner resources and put dissatisfaction aside.

House 3

Learn to trust your mind and communicative skills.

House 4

Learn to trust that we have a home in the world.

House 5

Learn to trust our creativity.

House 6

Learn to trust routine, which leads us to fulfilling goals.

House 7

Learn to trust others, because relationships are an especially important learning path.

House 8

Sorting issues connected to sex and death is the main priority. Life shows itself to its full intensity, and it can be scary sometimes.

House 9

Learn to trust our own values no matter how tough circumstances get. With this Node, there'll be trips that will change the way we see life.

House 10

Learn to trust our own goals and leave behind our family's expectations for our life.

House 11

Friendship is important and we should trust that our loved ones will be there when we need them. We have to promote siblinghood and stay away from stormy passions.

House 12

We need to trust our loneliness, which can be very productive. It's the only way to progress in life, through spiritual progress.