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The Perseids: This is how the 12-13 August meteor shower will influence you

Discover how the Perseids influence us and how to make the most out of this meteor shower

This astrological phenomenon can be seen from all over the world and  has a powerful influence on our lives. How will their near-Earth trajectory affect us? In this article, we will delve into the details of this prolific meteor shower.

What are the Perseids?

One of nature's most beautiful spectacles is around the corner,  a meteor shower which will light up the dark sky, the Perseids. They are also called the 'Tears of Saint Lawrence' because of a Catholic Saint who was literally grilled to death over hot coals and whose tears burned on the coals. It is said that he had the audacity to tell his torturers that he was "done" on one side and that they should flip him over before his death, it is because of this that this meteor shower is sometimes referred to as 'The Burning Tears of Saint Lawrence'.

These shooting stars are visible from July every year.

How to observe the Perseids

The Perseids can be seen from anywhere on Earth. The best way to see them is by following these guidelines. Firstly, if you want to be able to witness this spectacle properly, you need to distance yourself from anywhere with light pollution. Ideally, you'd have done this a while before you begin stargazing so that your eyes have enough time to get used to the darkness.

It's very important to be comfortable in order to really enjoy the experience. Spending many hours out in the open air means you will need warm clothing so as to not freeze. It's possible that in one moment, many meteors pass by and that the next moment, none pass by.  So searching for this meteor shower is a perfect excuse to surround yourself in nature for extended periods of time. And if you can do this in good company, it will be much more enjoyable.


The Perseids and their influence over our energy fields

The entire universe is in constant vibration and due to this, this astrological event will resonate somehow in all of us, bringing with it energy and determination. As they zoom by quite close to Earth, the Perseids will affect our energy fields, and because of this, they are perfect nights for getting rid off bad energies and for focusing on making our most cherished dreams come true.

Regardless of whether we observe the meteor shower or not, their energy will affect us all.  If you are unable to venture into nature to observe them, you will still be affected by this highly positive astral event. We can maximize the positive effects of this phenomenon by filling our actions with intention, no matter how small.

2 rituals for the Perseid meteor showers

In the following paragraphs, we will suggest some simple rituals which maximise the benefits of the Perseids in our lives. You'll notice the effects right away!

1. A ritual for the Perseids to purify our homes

Lots of different energies accumulate in our homes. They can be positive vibes, such as those that love brings, but also negative vibes, such as anger, or illnesses we may have caught, etc.

These energies both affect, and are left by us and our family members. The people who visit our home also leave a part of their energy in it.  Afterwards, our subconscious is affected by the energies.

How do you know if the energies in your house are positive or negative? We can check, for example, if there is a doorway we walk through where our sleeves constantly get caught, or if we tend to discuss in certain places, we'll notice that dust tends to accumulate there. We may also get a random headache for no apparent reason. When these things happen, it is usually a good idea to clean, tidy and cleanse as soon as possible.

The cleaner and tidier our house is, especially from negative energies, the more comfortable we will be  and positive energies will flow through the house smoothly and easily.

In order to clean and purify our house efficiently from these residual energies, we'll need a bit of salt and mineral water. Once you've mixed them, we must spill some water from the centre of the house to the entrance. We mustn't forget to also put some salted mineral water in the drawers and wardrobes.

While we are doing this, we must visualize the light of the universe in our interior. Through deep breathing, we let the Perseids' vibrations penetrate our homes, renovating and rejuvenating our energy fields.

Once we have finished the ritual, we spill what's left of the water over the house door and imagine the negative energies leaving to make space for all the positive energies that are yet to come.

If you prefer, we can also purify the environment in our homes by burning incense sticks, In order to do this, we must sit down with our feet touching the floor, feeling the tranquillity in the house. Once we reach a state of calm and serenity, we take the incense all around our house. Once more, we must really try to picture the energy being cleansed. A ritual devoid of intention is completely ineffective.

I must point out that after either ritual, your awareness will increase, with which you  will attract the events you seek in your life.  I'd recommend stating your intentions or what you'd like to achieve in your life while completing these rituals.

2. Prepare your amulet to absorb the Perseids' energy

The Perseids carry very powerful energy with them, so on the 12th of August, at night, we can "charge" an amulet using the Perseids. It's important that the stone or stones we choose to use that night fit our individual needs.

How do you get that stone to fill up with the Perseids' energy? It's very simple, all we have to do is place the minerals on a window sill, a balcony or a terrace and leave them there to fill up with the stars' energy.  We should do this just after sunset, but before the moon appears on the horizon, during the night that stretches from the 12th to the 13th.

After we have done this, we must take into account that the strength and intensity of our dreams will be noticeably potent these days.  We mustn't be scared although we must pay attention to them, as they may reveal clues about the events yet to come.

Make the most of all the magic in our environment so we can focus on positive thoughts and that way bring the stars to our side, as they can be our strongest allies!