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Pisces: Main characteristics and compatibility

Discover which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Pisces natives

Pisces is the most perplexed, empathic and otherworldly sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Neptune, although the traditional ruler was Jupiter. Its natural house is the twelfth house. Pisces is based off of the Water element.

Main characteristics

Pisces is a sign of perplexed emotions, so its natives tend to be meditative and rather hushed and secretive. This sign reflects somewhat of a bland, remote personality which tends to be rather going with the flow, although Uranus' and Leo's influences can alleviate these to some degree. 

These natives are ambivalent, in the sense that they are split between wanting to go with the flow and please others, since they have a certain rebellious side. They mostly act on their more rebellious side when they are encouraged. Uranus influences also strengthen the rebellious side and make it more intensive.

On the face of it, it can be an extremely empathetic and compassionate sign. However, it should be noted that in a more negative chart, these natives may come to act in a heartless way. They can also be carried into such a situation by their environment or negative social circumstances. It is important to examine the Moon as it can do much to counteract this. Strong Neptune influences also amplify the empathic side.

This sign tends to refine the senses, and makes one more emotionally responsive to music and the arts. Unless Saturn strongly influences the sun, Pisces can have a bit of a childish or immature twist to it. In fact, these people have a strong spiritual side, although strong Mars influences can diminish from this a bit. They like mysteries and are attracted to scientific fields.

Woman driving
These natives have a certain rebellious side | Getty Images

This sign has a certain melancholic element to it, which makes these natives need contact with other people, although harsh charts may repel such contact. They want to do exciting things, but unless the chart is particularly strong, they lack the motivation to actually go ahead with it. As a result of this, they may seek motivational relationships to compensate for it.

There is often much charm, a "magical" element in the personality, although harsh charts can do much to diminish this. This sign's more empathic, gentle nature often attracts other people's empathy and affections. Usually, it has a certain childish element in it.

Impressionable and sentimental

It is perhaps the most dynamic sign in the zodiac, and thus the most intricate to delineate. Natives with the Pisces sign tend to be influenced by their surroundings, and may change fundamental qualities of their personality depending on who they are with. 

This sign's natives are sensitive to undercurrents in many situations, and may have feelings or inclinations which are difficult to explain. They are emotionally impressionable, and can be influenced by "vibes". In a strong chart, they can be even more intricately aware of these, sometimes even using them to their advantage. Strong Mars influences can even make them manipulative and hypocritical.

The basic Pisces personality structure can lack self-confidence, reflecting a certain fainthearted character, which these natives may attempt to hide behind a strongman's façade. On the other hand, Uranus' influence can do much to help by adding some boldness and audacity to the character. Strong Aries influences can also help bring some balance there.

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The basic Pisces personality structure can lack self-confidence | Getty Images

Natives with Pisces tend to be strongly influenced by emotions, which they often have a difficult time putting a check on. There are often sentimental connotations to the things they do. They usually find it more important to be true to what they feel rather than making other kinds of calculations. This sign tends to have a romantic bone in its body, although a harsh Venus situation can do much to counteract this.

Compared to Virgo

Unlike Virgo, Pisces is much less practical, orderly and calculated. These natives find rather transcending the details of daily life. Pisces does find common grounds with Virgo in that both of these natives are usually quite willing to help other people, and Pisces magical and mysterious ways tend to be quite attractive to Virgo. Natives with Pisces do not like the pedantry Virgos display, and think they are arrogant.

Pisces otherworldly view is very likely to clash with the pragmatic and earthbound view of Virgo. These natives can introduce new perceptions and thoughts to Virgos, making their lives more meaningful, as earth signs tend to dry themselves out in getting things done, never really looking for the spirit behind everything. While Virgos can help Pisces natives to feel more grounded.

Compared to Scorpio

Their association often begins in the most mystical way. They will communicate without words, being so sensitive they will feel for each other's moods and reading body language. Natives with  Pisces will meet more than their match of emotional depths in Scorpios. Thus, these two can connect soul to soul. Pisces' passiveness allows Scorpio to take charge and will likely help the aimless Pisces find a path.

When Scorpio is in one of their extremes, Pisces will coax Scorpio into a more peaceful mood. While Scorpio, being very protective, will do all that they can to make sure Pisces is not taken advantage of or hurt. Scorpio should not take Pisces' passivity for granted to the point of controlling their every move, as they may unexpectedly rebel in a very willful way.

Happy couple
These natives can connect soul to soul with Scorpios | Getty Images

Also, while Scorpio and Pisces have great emotional depth, Pisces can get so immersed in their fantastic imagination that Scorpio feels they are out of reach, as if they are floating away. Both seem to have an otherworldly outlook to life, going beyond society's demands and expectations, bringing out a rebelliousness to the establishment.

Due to their attraction to art and the mysterious, they are likely to revel in these subjects together. In their journey through the undercurrents of life, they can find themselves out of touch with reality, although Scorpio is likely to find lost ground more quickly. If they are not careful, they will sink under rock bottom together if they dwell too much in depressive attitudes.

Compared to Leo

Pisces tends to be strongly attracted to this sign, as it is charged by Leo's enthusiasm and playful side. It also finds Leo's confident nature, a refreshing change from its own indecisiveness. Leos like to feel appreciated by Pisces, who tends to put them up on a pedestal. It is possible for Pisces to eventually grow sick of some of Leo's self-centered attitudes and less considerate nature.

Compared to Taurus

Although these signs share a more refined nature and great sensory appreciation, this association is somewhat problematic in that both signs are rather reserved, and both have an underlying melancholic element which often does not mix that well long-term. Neither brings lasting excitement to this relationship, and so it may lack substantial cohesiveness and may ultimately fade away.

Taurus tends to belittle Pisces' impractical and overly emotional ways, and Pisces may feel misunderstood by Taurus. Despite that, Taurus can help ground Pisces when it does float out of the zone. All in all, the relationship is workable, but it can be much better if they can also find something exciting to do together, to break that dreaded monotony.