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Pluto Direct in October 2019: How Will It Affect You According to Your Date of Birth?

Find out what your life will be like according to the generation you belong to

Pluto Direct in October 2019: How Will It Affect You According to Your Date of Birth? | iSTOCK

After months in retrograde transit, on October 3, 2019 Pluto's direct movement finally begins. Scorpio's regent star takes up again its walk forward, detonating with it our authentic most transforming power. It will do so with the intensity that characterizes the sign of the sting: incisively, deeply and irreversibly.

This astrological event erupts with such force at the beginning of the month of October that the Scorpio energy will be felt weeks in advance of its time of validity. It is an influx that will mobilize all of us, that will shake with power the foundations of our life in its diverse parcels, but depending on the year in which we were born, each one of us will be transformed into a different personal environment.

Do you want to know what area of your life will be affected by the influence of Pluto direct? We'll tell you how to find out.

How will Pluto direct affect you?

The key to discovering how the direct transit of Pluto conditions each one of us is found in our natal or astral chart: it will indicate the house in which this star was located at the time we were born, as well as the sign that gave traits to the house and the aspects that were involved with Pluto.

But if we don't have this powerful self-knowledge tool that the birth chart represents, we can also discover how this profound transformation will go according to the generation to which we belong.

Pluto is one of the so-called "transpersonal planets" along with Neptune and Uranus. What does this imply? That although their movements and interactions affect us all personally as individuals (like the rest of the planets), we could say that the transpersonal ones, with their slower (but forceful) movements, have a greater influence on the true transformation of the collective consciousness, of the great social masses, and influence the detonation of the great events that mark the history of humanity.

Thus speaks Pluto: "Tell me in what year you were born and I will tell you how you will be reborn from your ashes this time." 

Since Pluto takes approximately 12 to 30 years to change signs on the zodiacal wheel, we could talk (broadly) about how its direct transit will affect each generation, according to the year of birth of each person.

We will travel through six different generations, marked by Pluto's stay in six different zodiacal signs over the past 82 years:

Pluto in Leo: from October 1937 to August 1957 

All people whose birth is between these two dates, if they saw a representation of the sky at the time they came to this world, they would find Pluto located in the Leo area of their birth chart.

If you ever felt that it was too late to do something you had to live, Pluto's direct start will bring a new touch that will make you want to undertake that adventure again. What is it about? The answer is within you. Listen to it: the moment has come.

Pluto in Virgo: from August 1957 to October 1971 

For those who were born in this period of time, Pluto was in the Virgo area of its birth chart.

If you have lived denying yourself your more spiritual essence, clinging to the more tangible, realistic and even materialistic side of this world, your own subconscious will open up in various ways for you: You will finally know your most spiritual facet.

So listen to your intuition, pay attention to the signs, wherever they come from, because they will be showing you that reality is made up of much more than you thought at first glance. The hidden will come out of the shadow.

Pluto in Libra: from October 1971 to November 1983 

Those born over these years had Pluto in the Libra area of their natal chart. What brings therefore the start of their direct movement for the natives of this generation?

There is no greater revolution than the personal one in each individual, when from believing that it was in a certain way, the internal metamorphosis is so complete that it leads you to self-discover as a new being.

There come revelations about you that will mark a before and an after in your life. It will be a moment you will not forget. Empower yourself: you will be reborn stronger than ever before.

Pluto in Scorpio: from November 1983 to January 1995 

In this case, the Scorpio zone was Pluto's residence for those who were born in this period of time.

As expected, for those who have this star in their own house (since Pluto is the regent of Scorpio), they know that the direct start-up of this star will remove its foundations with absolute forcefulness: Deep evolution that can promote a change of vital stage, passions that are unleashed in a totally unexpected way from the hand of encounters with those who did not count at this point ...

Sometimes life brings this kind of surprises, doesn't it? Now it's your turn. Enjoy it, feel it and live it intensely as if the world ended tomorrow.

Pluto in Sagittarius: from January 1995 to November 2008 

If you are one of those born during this period, you will find Pluto occupying the Sagittarius zone of your natal chart.

Those who belong to this generation will feel energies that have to do with those areas that build stability in their lives: your job begins to occupy a position on your horizon as a path that unfolds in order to take you, slowly but steadily, to everything that shapes your security.

What changes are you experiencing inside you? Maturity: you will notice that you are another person (and the others, too)

Pluto in Capricorn: from November 2008 to January 2024 

Finally, the youngest and those yet to be born until the beginning of 2024, will have the presence of Pluto in the Capricorn area of their birth chart.

The direct start of this star comes to remove the deepest interests of this generation: As if from a ball with snowflakes inside, after shaking, slowly everything falls to the right place.

Observe, for now. It's still early to see the forms defined, but it won't take you long to realize what really motivates you, what would make you happy to achieve. When you know, go for it.