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Sagittarius: Main characteristics and compatibility

Find out which are the main personality traits and the compatibility of Sagittarius natives

Sagittarius is the more philosophical, faithful sign within the zodiac. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter. Its natural house is the ninth house. Sagittarius is based off of the Fire element.

Main characteristics

Sagittarius is the more cheerful, spirited sign. Its natives are curious, adventurous and enterprising. They can sometimes be a little restless, perhaps impatient. Personal freedom is quite important in this sign, and these natives do not appreciate suffocating or oppressive situations.

These usually love travelling and have a natural disposition to go. Being rather confident in themselves, in a difficult chart they can become quite patronizing, conceited, strongly opinionated or dogmatic.

It is mostly a learned sign, focused and enthusiastic in whatever piques its curiosity. These natives tend to be visionary and far-sighted, able to go to great lengths and make things happen. These natives can be quite bold in this aspect. On the other hand, they usually have a certain childish tantrum-throwing habit, although this is also the source of this sign's great comic ability.

In this light, they can be seen as strongly passionate about their desires. However, they may step on other people's toes in the process. Sagittarius natives are social creatures by nature, but a more reserved focus in the chart can cause an exception to this. There is a philosophical inclination in this sign, and often a positive and optimistic character. A sense of fair play is usually prominent here, and with serious Saturn influences it often seeks to find its vocation in judicial affairs.

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These natives are confident in themselves | Getty Images

Unlike other signs, notably the earth ones, Sagittarius natives do not require a lot to feel good with themselves. Nevertheless, they can get distressed by unusual adversity. Even if everything is good, they do like to dream and push themselves to get something better. 

This sign is usually well-disposed to culture and religion. There is often a conflict in this sign between personal freedom and spiritual convictions. Whichever will prevail depends on other indications in the chart, and this can have extreme expressions in either side. Normally, a modest middle ground is often sought here.

In the more extreme expressions of this sign, one can find: party animals, especially in individuals where a strong Uranus influence prevails in the chart; and religiously pious and preaching individuals, especially those under more pervasive Saturn influences. Some may transmute between these extremes, especially under a strong Neptune influence.

Philosophical beliefs

Sagittarius natives like to look at the big, all-encompassing picture. They are philosophical, and want to understand things from the core up. Therefore, they are not interested in bits of information which do not complement some larger idea. These are the basis for this sign being the number one skeptical sign in the zodiac as it relates to things that are difficult to understand.

A popular exception to this is a Sun-Neptune conjunction, which often makes the person more integrated into mystical convictions, although the house location should be considered as well. A Sun-Uranus conjunction can also make the native embrace a more radical, experimental worldview, which is often more permissive towards exceptional ideas.

In the more extreme expressions of this sign, these natives can be party animals | Getty Images

Compared to Gemini

There is a naturally high-strung 180-degree angle between these signs. Unlike Gemini, Sagittarius is more focused and adventurous. Sagittarius natives can have a hard time with the ration, more calculated demeanor of Geminis. There can be conflicts on the basis of faith, of which Geminis usually would have none of.

Compared to Aries

These signs share the fire element, and so are able to relate. They are strongly passionate and attracted to each other. These are pretty strong signs, and so are able to weather each other. Although there are often disagreements between these natives, as both are quite opinionated, there are some similarities in their value systems.

They are also able to get over arguments without bad blood. They tend to share a similar energy level and pace, and their association tends to be rather exciting. Individuals with the Aries sign tends to be more dominant in the decision-making process, as they are more assertive and stubborn. Furthermore, they are usually able to keep Sagittarius natives interested, and less inclined to drift away.

Compared to Aquarius

Although these signs may have many similarities on the surface, Aquarius is much less conventional than Sagittarius, and tends to have a controversial twist to it, which can be a bit uneasy for Sagittarius. Aquarius has more of an edge, but is usually less focussed and ambitious.