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Saturn in the 7th House

Discover what effect does having Saturn in the 7th house have in love and marriage

The seventh house of astrology governs romantic relationships, that can later turn into marriages, and friendships.

People born with Saturn in the 7th house take love very seriously and put a lot of thought into their relationships. They may attract older people because they are very responsible and mature. Although they are very careful not to marry the wrong person, they can commit themselves to the point of no return, even if they are unhappy in the relationship.

These people want a disciplined type of love and will be able to marry because they need the sense of security that this type of connection offers. It is as if every relationship in their life has been calculated, and they are looking for a lover to help them become more responsible and at the same time purposeful or successful.


Some people with Saturn in the seventh house are too reserved to sit down and have a personal chat. They are also way too shy to make new friends or start a relationship from scratch. The planet Saturn infuses them with lots of patience and wisdom, which makes them seek to bring peace and balance to the world. Their relationships will always be harmonious and stable, and they will have partners who trust them and the decisions they make.

Girl balancing on a rock
Natives with Saturn in the 7th house seek to bring peace and balance | Getty Images

When it comes to their social life, they are anxious and struggle to be themselves in the company of people. It feels like they are always building barriers between themselves and others, they never trust those they love the most and have an intense irrational fear when it comes to relationships.

People who have Saturn in the seventh house are good at rationalizing conflicts and want everyone to know the difference between right and wrong. They believe that what it is fair is the most important thing, and are able to determine how to end an argument and find a way to compromise depending on the situation.

To make up for the fact that they tend to be insecure and feel inferior to others, they will work hard to succeed in professions related to law, politics and business.

Dedication and validation

People with Saturn in the seventh house can feel overwhelmed with the idea of committing to a relationship, that is because once they fall in love with someone they put all their efforts into the relationship.  They do not rush to commit, but in the end they do.

The natives who have Saturn in the seventh house are faithful and dedicated, they dream to stay with their other half until they die. Saturn influences them to settle and to never run away from love.

Couple at their wedding
These natives dream to stay with their other half until they die | Getty Images

They may also find it difficult to form deep connections with others, which can keep them as far away as possible from any kind of attachment. They should not let this get in the way of the opportunity of loving someone. However, when they take relationships seriously, they can become amazing partners.

Natives who have Saturn in the seventh house are looking for someone who is functional and relaxing to share their life with. For that reason, they are not in a rush to find love, and they usually marry after they are thirty with someone older and with social status.

Saturn's influence can bring these people to choose the wrong person to be with and, when this happens, they will try to stay with them no matter what through developing a deeper connection with them. They will have to learn some lessons and trust their gut when it comes to choosing a partner, that way it will be easier for them to find true happiness.