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Scorpio Ascendant: Personality traits and personal life

These natives deal with psychological disturbances, strong conflicts and inner impulses

The Ascendant in Scorpio reflects a more extreme and intense life, often with great turbulences. It cranks up the influence of any conflict or inconsistency in the chart. This ascendant is one of the more intense influences in a chart.

Personality traits

There may be some psychological disturbances, strong inner conflicts and difficulty dealing with inner impulses. There can be issues of jealousy that they may want to work on. Intense internal psychological processes often occupy the mind. However, the person may hide much of this to the public eye. There can be periodical explosive episodes, and progress is gained similarly.

They tend to be obsessive at everything they do, which can make them more competent, but may create stress in some situations. They often want to change themselves, and can manage to do it during their lives. Not only that, but they are stubborn and grow through pain, as their essence is actually spiritual.

They tend to attract negativity with their responsiveness to harsh energies. They can be obsessive about lies, conspiracies and misinformation. Likewise, they like to dig for and uncover information, even though they themselves often have secretive inclinations. They often like to analyze and find out what people are really like and what they think deep inside. They cannot help but being deep.

Woman standing with her arms crossed
These natives can be obsessive about lies, conspiracies and misinformation. | Getty Images

These natives often bring up something controversial. They may have an affinity to testing people to their core. This ascendant usually reduces fear factors. There are often strong sexual undertones as well, but this expression depends on the rest of the chart.

A weak moon can badly integrate with this ascendant, which can intensify sensitivities and suffering, while shutting the person from important constructive interactions. They may lack the tools to deal with their emotions, perhaps needing an external source of objectivity and perspective.

There may be some self-destructive tendencies, especially when the moon shows emotional instabilities. The values of the Sun should be examined, as it can potentially enhance unscrupulous tendencies. Normally, Scorpio rising tends to deepen and darken the features associated with the Sun sign.

A Scorpio ascendant in a return chart can reflect a more intense period where difficulties and other afflictions take center stage. However, in a good chart, this intensity may be redirected to more spiritual directions, and the individual may make real internal progress, perhaps even healing. In such cases there may be great, positive disturbances and something new may cause change for the better. Nevertheless, this is an exception and it is definetely not the more common expression.

Women with the Ascendant in Scorpio

The women with the Ascendant in Scorpio have the quality to completely transform things and improve them. They control their energy and can shift any situation in their favor. Even though life may seem like a struggle, they are able to fix issues and strengthen their personality when necessary. They focus their efforts on things that will guide them into living up to their true potential.

Couple talking kind of upset
These natives control their energy and can shift any situation in their favor | Getty Images

These women are sincere and independent and have no problem getting the job they want or approaching people they are attracted to. However, they do not like to talk about their personal life and secrets, before getting to that, they need to develop a strong connection and built a relationship based on trust. Despite this, they are really sociable and usually have many friends.

Men with the Ascendant in Scorpio

Men with the ascendant in Scorpio work very hard to win. These natives are astute and brave and will succeed at anything they put their mind to. They like to follow the rules and inspire others to do the same. These men would do anything in order to win. Besides that, they are usually very calm, and they want to live a comfortable and simple life.